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I did, however, have some problems with some of the stories ending of a cliffhanger and then having to buy the next story to see how it was going to end. In one case, I bought the second story and the story line still was done.

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Some of the stories were a bit out of Overall I enjoyed this collection. Some of the stories were a bit out of my comfort zone but the title did say "naughty" so I was forewarned and that's all I can ask for. Dec 03, SL rated it really liked it. I had already read MM's story, so I won't rate that one here it was great!

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Ruth Cardello's was such a teaser that I finished, stopped reading this anthology, and bought her next book Be My Temptation-see my review. JSS's story was good but I hadn't read the previous books that introed this one, so I felt like I was missing something which I was. Skye Jordan's Renegades selection was just as great as the other book I had already read MM's story, so I won't rate that one here it was great! Skye Jordan's Renegades selection was just as great as the other books in the series.

Dec 02, Victoria rated it really liked it Shelves: I bought this anthology specifically to read Rumor by Skye Jordan. If I read others in this bundle, I'll add to this review. Glad Josh got his HEA after all.

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This series has been a lot of fun to read. I've enjoyed the characters for the most part and the writing and steam were well done. I'm only sad that this is the end of the Renegades series. It's been a must read for me since book one. L I bought this anthology specifically to read Rumor by Skye Jordan.

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Looking forward to what the author has coming out next. Whether she's writing as Skye Jordan or Joan Swan, she's always a favorite of mine Dec 05, Jamie Rhodes rated it really liked it. I enjoyed most of the short stories in this book. I didn't enjoy the ones that left me hanging and wanted me to buy the next installment.

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Overall a good price for the amount of reading that you get. Some of these are very hot. Dec 03, Tina Jenkins rated it really liked it. Enjoyable reads I enjoyed reading this box set. Read a lot of new author's. You don't want to pass on this set. Dec 10, Adrienne rated it really liked it. Off Season by Sawyer Bennett. Dec 24, Peni rated it really liked it Shelves: Please see individual stories for review.

Kelly rated it really liked it Nov 09, Tracy Benard rated it really liked it Jul 28, Valerie rated it really liked it Jan 09, Tracy rated it really liked it Jan 11, Lindsay Schmidt rated it really liked it Dec 22, Michelle rated it really liked it Oct 08, Janine Maderos rated it really liked it Dec 20, Teresa Cranner rated it really liked it Mar 17, Melody Bridgen-martin rated it really liked it Jul 17, Amy rated it really liked it Dec 31, Lucylla Morency rated it really liked it Oct 16, Heather rated it really liked it Dec 26, Rachael Fick rated it really liked it Oct 22, Jess rated it really liked it Dec 29, Nancy Savarese rated it really liked it Dec 12, Inge rated it really liked it Apr 14, Kelly rated it really liked it Dec 18, Janice Apilada rated it really liked it Jun 19, Maggie Breece thatch rated it really liked it Jul 08, Stupidlamb71 rated it really liked it Dec 21, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

She's an avid reader of all types of books and literature. Writing what she loves to read, J. Was it nature or nurture causing the girl to behave so badly? Was is possible that she was just born naughty? Have they, deliberately or inadvertently, caused their child to behave abominably? Or does their child have a medical condition, perhaps hereditary, that causes a child to behave badly. And, if so, what are they to do?

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It is these nature verus nurture questions such as these that Born Naughty, a controversial new Channel 4 series, attempts to answer. Over four weeks, the programme — hosted by Dr Dawn Harper , one of the resident experts on Embarrassing Bodies — will follow eight children exhibiting extreme behaviour and attempt to establish their causes — and how to cope with them. Examples of extreme temperament can include being very active, hyper sensitive, overly intense, impulsive or inflexible — symptoms that, says Janis-Norton, can be further exacerbated by environment.

The most commonly diagnosed and controversial behavioural condition is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD , which is believed to affect one child in It can be diagnosed by the presence of a number of tell-tale signs, such as short attention span, hyperactivity, sleep problems and impulsive behaviour — but without a blood test or brain scan, neurological conditions such as ADHD are difficult to diagnose and, crucially for parents, to have taken seriously. Channel 4 documentary's are always great. Looking forward to 'Born naughty' as its something very close to home.

Congratulations to C4 on their new show: While we are much more attuned as a society to spotting behavioural problems in children, the evidence also suggests that there may also be more of it about to detect. A Dutch study suggested that there could be a link between premature birth and emotional and behavioural problems in children. Some researchers believe that behavioural problems may arise from the subtle effects of damage caused to the developing brain when the foetus is separated too early from its protective womb and subjected to the trauma of premature birth.

And then you know you have to do what a movie does best, as well Yeah there will be balance in this one, this one is a very great adventure, and it's just a matter of pulling out the the [ sic ] very cool intense stuff that works for the film story, and making sure the story supports those elements and also makes us really connected to the character.

On August 23, , Burger dropped out to work on another film and the studio hired the husband and wife team of Marianne and Cormac Wibberley to rewrite the film. In an interview with IGN , Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg said they were asked to write the film multiple times, but declined all of them. In April , the script written by David Guggenheim was leaked, having been obtained in the Sony Pictures hack. In July , director Allan Ungar posted a fan-made minute short film, starring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake, who for years had been campaigning for the role.

Druckmann, vice president of Naughty Dog, tweeted a heart emoji towards the fan film, with Shawn Levy also praising it, [64] while Ungar expressed his support towards the official film. Other media, including a comic, have contributed to the Uncharted series. A spin-off handheld game and a standalone expansion have been released.

A film adaptation is also in production, the cast of which is not yet known though three actors were in talks about playing certain characters. The Uncharted series has been met with critical acclaim.

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  • Naughty and Nice: A Holiday Romance Collection.

GamesRadar ranked it the second best franchise of the generation , saying "Every level is a memorable set-piece, covering terrain that ranges from lush jungles to bombed-out cities to Tibetan mountains, and almost every puzzle is unique. Drake's Fortune was well-received by critics and seen as a key title for the PlayStation 3, being praised for its technical achievements, voice acting, characters, story, and high production values similar to summer blockbuster films.

Among Thieves is considered one of the greatest games of all time. It received over fifty Game of the Year awards, [80] [81] more than thirty perfect review scores, [82] and was the highest rated game of Critics heralded it as significantly improving upon every aspect of Drake's Fortune. Drake's Deception also received acclaim from reviewers, it was not considered a breakthrough title as its predecessor was.

A Thief's End was seen as a notable improvement over Drake's Deception and, along with Uncharted 2 , is ranked as one of the best in the series. Uncharted 2 was the top selling game in the month of its release, [86] and as of December , has sold over 6 million copies. By June , the Uncharted series has sold over 21 million copies worldwide. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the video game series. For other uses, see Uncharted disambiguation. List of Uncharted media. This section may be in need of reorganization to comply with Wikipedia's layout guidelines.

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