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The wolf will still be alive and you'll have to kill him. You get like 85 gold. Otherwise stab him again and inspect the red stuff in the cave. One is a hole that shows you that there is a cave below, and the other is basically Wilson from Castaway. You'll come to a pile of bones with a key.

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  4. What's ur decision in the quest ''In Wolf Clothing'' : witcher.

Go back to the big tree hopefully you know where it is by now and there is a cottage behind it. Open both doors, read the journal, and go talk to the lying sack of shit. Wound him, and give him the talisman. He'll turn back into a human and he's even more annoying. Make sure to ask for your reward, and let him go. You get both rewards. Plus I really wanted to kill the fucker, so it made me rather happy to get both.

Need help with side quest "In wolfs clothing". : witcher

Nope this was perfect. Got it done but in a different way lol fed him werewolf meat and killed him for good. Didn't get rewards tho but after an hour on this quest I was ready to see the end. Does feeding him the meat actually kill him for good? I just did this and got the impression that he was going to come back. He stayed dead for me and the quest was able to progress.

But as mentioned above there are different ways to complete this quest. Wow, how did you figure out that there was a cave? I didn't understand his explanation of the levers, and I just got to the first area you can with them. I didn't think to pull them in another order to open up anything else, and the only quest thing I had left was just "get rid of the werewolf in the garden" despite having cleared everything else.

I didn't notice the central thing animate until I went back, and the mechanics of why the levers work like that doesn't really make sense to me. Also I realized you can find the upper cave in the back before finding the lower, it just isn't obvious.

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Anyways, thanks for the help. Or is it the fact you can go to the "vulture" and the pawn shop owner as a turn in both? Nvm, contract turn in and then the reward from Morkvarg, duh. He just dropped normal bandit loot for me too.

You still can get both rewards, the contract and the loot in the Bits, even if you let Morkvarg leave after breaking his curse. Killing him afterwards is just for your own conscience. I'm having the same issue I killed him once and found the fang but now he isn't respawning? What happens if I did everything else, but instead of taking the amulet the correct way and killing Einar, let him live?


Does this have an impact later on without spoilers please? Who tells you to talk to Einar about the curse? I have done everything other than this and it isn't giving me the option? You talk to the contract issuer, and she directs you to Einar. Then you read Morkvarg's journal, which prompts you to talk to Einar again.

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt In Wolf's Clothing l Secondary Quest

Work the levers and the gate near the cave will open. There are 2 ways to complete the quest. Afraid to say more cos spoilers: In Wolf's Clothing Spoiler. I need some help on this one as well i have completed the main story moad and now going back and doing side quests and all i have left on this one is to kill the werewolf but he wont drop any meat so where else can i get it or what can i do.

There's different ways of doing it. But if u mess with the levers u will open another passage. Also I believe there's a dead body with a key which if u explore enough and loot everything u will get the meat or another item to progress this quest. Im having trouble with this quest too. I cant seem to locate the caves. I killed Morkvarg once in the garden during the main quest, but didnt know that I had to feed him his skin or any of the other possible objectives.

Now I know everything, have a key, read the journal etc, but I'm back at the garden and cant find the cave where he is. Where should I be looking? OK look around the area. If I remember correctly I found a key on a dead body in a cave.

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Also mess with the levers it will open up another passage under the mini waterfall. So I have gotten to the point where I slayed the wolf and tried feeding him than came back and tried killing him but it just says find the wolf in the garden but he's nowhere to be found..

I've gotten the key, opened the bridge and did all that. Why everything I try and go in his cave and kill him he's just dissappears?? If I remember correctly u have to keep exploring. Nathan Garvin Haeravon First Published: See more at GamerGuides. Return to town and claim your reward from Thorleif the reward was included at the end of the quest, earlier , then exit out the western gate again.

Head down the road until a fork branches to the north-east, leading down a steep slope and to the port, where Einar commands his crew. Jump over a wall to the north-east, cross the bridge then climb the wall to the north to return to where the sluice gate levers were.

Ignore them for now and continue north past a tree to find a cave, where Morkvarg is busy arguing with some armor. You know, the most annoying part? Question him, hear his sob story, then finish him off and loot his remains for some "Werewolf Meat" , among other goodies. Next investigate the armor Morkvarg was talking to, before finally grabbing the book " Polymorphy" off the ground nearby. Now, Morkvarg was ranting about some key, and given the way he obsessed about it, it might be a good idea to go find it and see why he wants it so badly. Leave the cave, return to the sluice gates and repeat the process you did earlier; namely, flip the right northern lever first, then flip the left southern lever.

This should have opened the northern-most sluice gate, so dive into the water again and swim north, the dive under a waterfall and swim through the underwater passage to the north, then east. When you surface, loot a chest then search some bones nearby to find the "Padlock Key".

Swim back out of this cave, climb out of the water, then return south-west back across the bridge, climb onto the roof of the shack, then from there climb over the wall. From this tree head north-east to reach the chapter house, which you can now explore. Give it a read to find out some interesting information about Einar… yeah, gonna have to go have another chat with him…. Leave the garden and fast-travel back to Larvik, the head to the port and chat with Einar again, who is considerably less friendly this time around.

You can convince him to give you what you need to break the curse by then saying "Do it for the priestesses. If you do, put down Einar level sixteen and the handful of Warriors level fifteen that join him. Either way, make sure you get the "Cursed Fang" , either by convincing Einar to hand it over, or from his cold, dead hands.