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The extraordinary history of the little white pill found in just about everyone's medicine cabinet. Justifiably labeling aspirin a wonder drug, British journalist Jeffreys The Bureau: Aspirin is a drug of apparently endless secrets. Research has continually uncovered new health benefits, from the first mention in ancient Egyptian scrolls of willow's medicinal uses to the more than Aspirin is effective not only against everyday ailments, such as headaches and fever, but also as a preventative treatment for heart attacks, strokes, and even some types of cancers.

Add to this its beneficiary Bloomsbury Publishing Bolero Ozon. The Extraordinary Story of a Wonder Drug. Throughout the world we pop more than billion of these little white pills every year.

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Add to this its beneficiary role in a host of other conditions from Alzheimer's to gum disease, and you have a medicine of unparalleled importance to humanity, not to mention big business. Yet until we did not even know how Aspirin worked. Great story full of lots of information and I learned taking any man made drug was called chemo therapy chemical therapy who knew? Well now I know. Aspirin is still one of the great wonder drugs we use today for pains and aches , fever , inflammation and heart health. And it is a low cost option compared to Advil , Motrin etc.

The history of the drug and the Bayer drug company is fascinating. One person found this helpful.

Jeffreys does an excellent job of tracing the development of this modern wonder drug and making it accessible to the average reader. While medically and scientifically complex, Aspirin, proved that simple trial and error of the old ways developed modern medicines. Long before the days of clinical trials physicians trusted their instincts and networked together to bring about medicines. Would Aspirin pass an FDA trial today?

Doubtful given the stringent requirements but as this book traces through its history we can see the benefits of trying the drug. Part business history, part history of technology, and part social history Jeffrey's thoroughly researched work provides us with the accurate account of how this drug came about. The author points out that he is not a clinician and tries to stick to the historical facts doing an excellent job the entire way through.

Overall very well done and an interesting book for those interested in the history of medical technology and science. This book brings to the light the trials and tribulations of those who helped bring the drug aspirin into being, and then made it into a world-wide commodity. Starting in medieval Europe, the author explains the origins of aspirin from the willow tree, and recreates for the reader the various ways medieval Europeans used the products of nature for health purposes.

One of these was the bark of the willow tree, which bitter in taste might have lead the curious village quack to associate it with known herbal medicines. From there, the author takes us the through the developments of modern chemistry in Germany, England and the US, and how this was followed by the synthesis and mass production of aspirin.

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With great discoveries comes the fight to own it, and hence trademarks and patents and lawsuits. And so the book does a wonderful job explaining the origins of bayer, tylenol, panadol, and other famous trademarked drugs. Intertwined in all of this is the history of the nations themselves, as first WWI and then WWII changed who would own the rights to aspirin and dominate the markets in various countries.

At this point the works of individual scientists are subsumed to the interests of corporations, and it is at this point that names such as I. Farben, Monsanto, and other multinationals come along. In all, this very enlightening book made for good reading. The story is well-paced for the most part and the writing is strong. It's always clear, even when explaining the chemistry, and Jeffreys knows when enough is enough and how to move fluidly from one stage of development to the next.

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He also does an excellent job of making this as much about people as about chemistry, offering up small but memorable characterizations of the many people involved in aspirin's development, beginning with a young Egyptologist who bought a "found" papyrus that turned out to be the largest medical reference of ancient Egypt. Sometimes in his enthusiasm for his subject Jeffreys may overstate aspirin's influence a bit, such as its historical role in World War II and the Nazi govt.

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But none of these are way out of line and they happen so rarely, and are so reasonable that they detract hardly at all from the book's pleasure. Personally, I found the ancient history and its early history the most interesting and compelling, while the sections on German Bayer's attempts to corner the market and its later influence in Nazism to be a little overlong.

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Not that they weren't interesting in their own right, just that they could have been cut a bit more. Again, a small quibble.

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