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Martha Wells uses airships a fair bit. Her Fall of Ile-Rien series has some sequences on traditional steampunky airships, and the Raksura books have a couple different variants. They're also used in her younger-targeted Emilie I've had the same experience where I thought I knew everything about Moorcock's work and then discovered whole series I'd never heard of. Which series is your favorite? Mine always surprises people. I just love the whole "Lucifer wants to be forgiven" plot. I can't think of another time where I've seen it used. I've seen him want to be forgiven, but never seen him work towards that forgiveness like in von Bek.

I am sorry to say I've only read the first book in the von Bek series.

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I did really enjoy it. I guess I have some reading to do. Yeah, I really loved the series. I also loved both Corum trilogies, and the standalone "The Eternal Champion" not the omnibus under the same name. You could pick up any of the Eternal Champion books if you look up the Fantasy Masterworks that Gollancz publishes, they actually published a few of the collections as a single volume.

Tough one I know- he's been so prolific. For my money though, I'd start with "Elric of Melnibone" which kicks off the novels of that title character. Although nothing he's written is bad by any means, I found Elric to be the apotheosis of the Eternal Champion books, mixing pulp savagery, melancholy, and wondrous imagery.

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Try, specifically, an omnibus volume of the Eternal Champion series called "nomad of the time streams", which contains 3 books about Oswald Bastable. There is lots of airship goodness contained within. Another good one is called " Sailing to Utopia" which is full of different, high-concept fantasy and sci-fi stories. There are airships in the Cherie Priest Clockwork Century books but they don't take center stage.

I just read the first book in the series, The Boneshaker, and had trouble getting through the first part was glad I finished the book.

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Are the subsequent novels any better or worse? I haven't seen Larry Correia's Hard Magic listed here. Maybe it's because he is understandably not well liked. It fits the criteria though. A Latent Dark by Martin Kee has airships. They feature prominently in a couple chapters, but are not the focus of the book.

I would recommend it over Hard Magic. I saw the movie first and was really disappointed when the bit with airships in the book only lasted a very small amount of time and the character of Shakespeare was added for the film. Anthony Huso's The Last Page does. It's a pretty cool book, steampunk through an almost grimdark lens. The Iron Duke, it's a romance fantasy hybrid, so there are explicit scenes, but they also spend probably half the book on an airship.

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The worldbuilding in this is super excellent. Limiting it to winged flight might be super narrow. Although unless you're counting riding them, that makes more sense I have Last Mortal Bond winging its way to me right now! It would fit for winged flight -- or any flight. I'm gonna use that one if this square makes the final cut. I love how trained flyers use hawks to move elite combat forces. And should be read not just for the airships but because it has really interesting worldbuilding in a slightly different form than most typical steampunk.

The worldbuilding was definitely my favorite part of the book. I was super impressed with the amount of detail included in such a short book. I think most "pure" fantasy authors could learn a thing or two about worldbuilding and being concise from this book. I've been talking it up a lot, and it's one I told Krista she should do for her crossover Krista recommends. So she might have talked about it a bit, but she hasn't read it yet that I know of. It's not a great book though. Lots of cool fantasy there.

Author Ken Liu calls it Silk Punk. It definitely made my list originally because of the cover. But like I said, it wasn't that great of a book. Having a fighter pilot monkey is no guarantee of a good story unfortunately. Airborn by Kenneth Oppel though it's pretty young adult you also might want to browse through tvtropes airship page. It's been an enjoyable read thus far, there is lots of implied depth but whether or not that pays off has yet to be seen. And also alternate histories if Stalin was killed before he assumed power.

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Am into book 23 now. Military naval stuff is something I treasure. Thank you so much! There are airships in Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds, but that book is a weird mishmash of genres. I saw Steal the Sky in the list already. But, also the self-published Emperor's Edge books by Lindsay Buroker. I don't think they appear as a major thing until two or three books in, but an airship does play an important role in some of the later books. Also a steam train, if that matters.

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff and the rest of the trilogy feature airships pretty heavily. There are a couple of airship combat scenes too. In the Alexia Tarabotti series by Gail Carriger If you want old-school, the Dune novels featured a lot of airships. I just read the Bullet-catchers daughter. First in a series, steampunk detective story with female gypsy protagonist.

It was a fun read!

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So do the later books in the "Destroyermen" series. Rather a lot, actually!

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  • Bear with me here. I started a different post about how Lean UX principles and ideas can be applied to writing … and then I went off on a TamiTangent and my very first vocabulary word is long enough for its own Discover new books on Goodreads. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Taven Moore Goodreads Author. Writing Development — The Waterfall Method. What do software development principles have to do with writing? Taven Moore Average rating: Taven Moore Goodreads Author ,. Want to Read saving….

    Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Holly Lisle Goodreads Author editor ,. Steve Hall Editor ,. Taven is Currently Reading. Their motivations, histories, and emotions ran deep, but everything was conveyed without exposition in a natural and believable manner that made them step out of the pages and come to life. I found it an intriguing mix of technology, chemistry, and magic that felt completely natural.

    Overall, I loved the book, and I hope the authors decide to write more in this world with these characters! Read it, and love it. I personally know both the author and editor of Choose Omnibus and count them among my friends. I paid full retail for the book and have received no compensation in any form from either the author or editor for my comments here.

    Choose began as a webserial. I was not part of the site where it was hosted, and my first exposure to it was the Omnibus edition where all three Choose volumes are collected in one place. I read it like it was one large book. Choose features an ensemble cast and each character is vividly described.

    In the early parts of the trilogy, some of the characters seem to be almost homages to other more famous characters. But as the series continues, you see the characters become more and more complex. The story shifts perspective from character to character with almost every chapter.

    The reader never feels lost, and you really get to know each character from their own point of view. This sets up a set of satisfying and well-constructed set of climaxes before the major climax of the series. In addition to the characters, the world building is a strength of Chose.

    This is a deep and wonderfully detailed world. Fans of Steampunk will feel right at home. Moore never bores you with long histories or pages of exposition.

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    • All the backstory and world building is artfully crafted into each scene. The worlds of Choose breathe with an ambiance and atmosphere all their own. The Shonfra race was a favorite of mine. There are parts where the webserial origin still shows, and the characters tend to go off on tangents. Moore rides the line of whimsy too far in some cases. What may have been conceits for the readers of the website get lost on someone coming to Choose as a novel.

      I love the way she builds her villain up as a character, but there are aspects of her villians they resemble a creature I cannot think of as villianous that left me very uncomfortable. This is more a personal quibble than a critism. Overall, Choose was a tremendously fun read. The series ends with such a beautiful open ended conclusion. There is a rich story still to be told her. My biggest regret is that the author has stated there are no plans to revisit the world in the near future. See all 3 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

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