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On nearing the ship, the crew saw that the ship was weather beaten—the sails were tattered and torn and hanging limply on the masts.

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The boarding party arrived on deck to find it deserted. They found the entire man crew frozen to death in their quarters. The inkwell and other everyday items were still in their place on the desk. Turning around, they saw a woman wrapped in a blanket on the bunk, frozen to death, along with the body of a young boy. In their mad flight, they lost the middle pages of the logbook that were frozen solid and came loose from the bookbinding. They arrived back on the Herald with just the first and last pages of the logbook, which were enough for the master of the Herald to determine at least a part of the story of the voyage.

The captain of the Octavius had tried to navigate the Northwest Passage, but his ship had become imprisoned in the ice of the Arctic, and the entire crew had perished. As the Octavius had been found off the coast of Greenland, it must have broken loose from the ice at some stage and completed its voyage through the passage to come out on the other side, where it met the Herald. A group of sailors boarded a small rowboat and raced toward the flaming ship to rescue the troubled crew.

During their struggle to reach the distressed vessel, the phantom ship completely vanished.

Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait

A thorough search was immediately carried out by divers, but no shipwreck was found. It is said to have very turbulent waters, which tend to be difficult on the many ships that sail through it.

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  • The first sighting of the Ghost Ship of Northumberland Strait dates back to ; however, there are few details of these accounts. However, occasionally a large number of people have witnessed the ship's appearance at the same time. The most recent sighting of this ghost ship was by year-old Mathieu Giguere, who noticed the "bright white and gold ship" in mid-January The story goes that a captain was celebrating his recent marriage with a voyage to Portugal in , bringing his new wife, her mother, and various wedding guests aboard the ship.

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    Unfortunately, the first mate had hoped to be the groom himself. While the wedding party drank toasts to the happy couple, the first mate felt his blood begin to boil. In a jealous rage, he grabbed a wooden pin and struck the helmsman, killing him. Then he drove the schooner directly onto the Goodwin Sands, wrecking the boat and killing everyone aboard.

    Supposedly, the glowing ship has reappeared to reenact the crash in , , and , when she reportedly gave off a strange green glow. Locals have even set out to rescue survivors, only to discover the sands are bare. If you ever find yourself near Rhode Island's Block Island during the quiet week between Christmas and New Years, try gazing out into the water at night. Supposedly, you just might see an 18 th century ship blazing against the darkness. In , the Princess Augusta ran aground on Block Island carrying a load of German Palatines seeking a new life of religious freedom in America.

    A deposition taken from the crew though only rediscovered in recounted that a "fever and flux" had killed many of the passengers and crew, and the acting captain refused to let the starving, shivering passengers go ashore. While little else is known for sure about the wreck, a story developed over the next century saying that the Block Islanders had lured the ship onto the shoals so they could salvage its contents, then murdered the remaining passengers and burned the ship to conceal their crime.

    That version of events was enshrined in John Greenleaf Whittier's poem "The Palatine," which appeared in The Atlantic Monthly and made the story famous.


    However, Whittier's version was far different from the one that developed among the Block Islanders, who emphasized their kindness in saving the shipwrecked passengers and nursing them back to health. One historian, Samuel Livermore, blamed the more troubling version of events, and the story of the ghostly apparition, on a notorious local woman known as ''Dutch Kattern," a survivor who stayed on the island and became known as a witch. Sightings seem to occur most often in the Fall; some are reported as lasting just a few minutes, while others say they've seen the illusion last as long as an hour.

    In some cases, would-be rescuers have tried to sail out to help those on board, only to watch the ship vanish as they come close. On March 18, , the New York Gazette published a letter written by a group of men from Plum Island, on Long Island's far eastern end, who had been fishing for menhaden in nearby Gardiner's Bay when they saw three ghostly ships.

    10 Tales of Legendary Ghost Ships

    The ships were apparently so close the men could see the sailors walking about on deck. The trio of ships fought a gun battle among themselves for about 15 minutes before silently fading away. More than a century later, in , the New York Sun ran a letter from a menhaden fisherman who also had a spectral tale to tell about Gardiner's Bay. Supposedly, the letter writer had been sleeping on deck when he was awoken by a distraught-looking first mate, who claimed that a giant schooner had appeared out of the darkness heading straight for their boat.

    Just as it looked like it was about to hit the boat, it dissolved. One theory offered for the sight, and published in Scientific American , argued that the oily menhaden had somehow produced a glow that mirrored the schooner itself. According to the city of Bathurst , in New Brunswick, Canada, tens of thousands of people have seen the apparition of a ship that appears to be on fire cruising Chaleur Bay, located between New Brunswick and Quebec. The apparition usually appears at night, sometimes hovering for hours in a single spot and other times skimming across the waves.