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I wonder if she can write copy? There was also a conflict there between Lane being determined to show Toni off to his father — who would presumably have disapproved even if she was a white surgical salesperson — and Toni's subtle shifts in body language which hint that she knows their relationship will cause offence to some. Of course Robert is charming and polite to her face, but soon gives Lane the cane round the chops to sort out his life with his wife back in London: To quote Lane in S3 himself: Sometimes you forget that Don's MO is living an absolute lie.

And when you do, it drops back like a Looney Toons anvil on to Draper's neck. A nervous and shocked Betty does a decent job of putting them off the scent when they arrive at Bullet Park Road to question her. Not lying as such, but swerving answers with the skill of a minister on Newsnight. She might hate Don, but she still saves his bacon, and quickly alerts him to the danger.

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It's Pete who really saves the day. Here he has to use the connections that Don once so despised to find out if he's been flagged before eating a huge one in pulling out of the deal. Bert's knowledge of Draper's past has cost him once.

Will this cost him again? Faye is also in on his secret. A panic attack brought on by the non-G-Men in the hallway leads Don to reveal all, giving another taste of his ennui: But the edifice on which SCDP was built would soon crumble. Thankfully, Pete's interventions have saved him for now. Could Don have stuck up for Campbell in the partners' meeting a bit earlier? But how will he ever escape his past?

Can we look forward to Mad Men: The Argentinian Suburb Years? There's a good fashion round-up from AMC here and from the excellent Tom and Lorenzo who many of you linked to last week. Joan is in charge of the accounts for a month while Lane is away. But his exchange with Betty in bed suggests he's the much better husband.

Is there anything else? You'd suppose if anyone is going to get tickets it's an NYC ad exec with connections with the promoters and a year-old daughter with a soon-to-be-ruined larynx. And even Don is worried that Harry's connection presumably with Sid Bernstein might not come through. Very clever, by the way. Here's a short bit on him from Time in Just don't mention the bomb! Don't read on if you haven't seen episode 10 — and if you've seen more of the series, please be aware that many UK viewers will not have done so… Will Dean's episode nine blog Episode Hands And Knees "Sometimes a fella's got to pick up the cheque.

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This page was last edited on 6 November , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 6 promotional poster. Roger receives news of his mother's death, and several members of his family attend the funeral, including estranged daughter Margaret, who attempts to cajole Roger into investing in her husband's fridge business idea.

Mad Men: season four, episode 10

Ken Cosgrove becomes suspicious of the intentions of mysterious brown-nosing junior accounts man Bob Benson. Betty visits Greenwich Village after she learns that a violin-prodigy friend of Sally's left for there after spending the holidays at the Francis household. Meanwhile, Don takes a Christmas vacation in Hawaii with Megan. Pete and Trudy host a dinner party for their neighbors in Cos Cob. Pete invites his neighbor's wife, Brenda, to meet him in Manhattan at Pete's city apartment, and he seduces her.

Brenda shows up at Pete and Trudy's backdoor, after being beaten by her husband, to whom she has revealed her dalliance. The next morning Trudy kicks Pete out after she finds out about the encounter. Megan reveals to Sylvia that she has miscarried, though Don was unaware that she was pregnant. Megan expresses guilt over her relief that she has been spared a difficult decision regarding the pregnancy. Don later returns home to Megan, who confides in him about her miscarriage. Don has flashbacks to his adolescence growing up in a brothel, where his stepmother Abigail moved them after Don's father died.

Furious, Crane bursts into a partners' meeting and questions why Joan has a partnership stake at SCDP, when he has brought in clients and revenue many times over, earning his accomplishments "by the light of day". Paul Newman is addressing the ceremony when someone shouts out that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Work shuts down at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce in order to deal with the news, and regularly scheduled television programming has been temporarily replaced by news reports about the assassination and resulting riots. Peggy looks into an apartment, with financially lacking Abe feeling unable to have a say in its location. Don takes Bobby to see Planet of the Apes. This jeopardizes the planned IPO which Don was unaware of , and Joan, upset to learn that her sexual tryst with Rennet, which helped to secure the Jaguar account, has now been negated, angrily makes her feelings known.

On arriving in Detroit, Don finds Ted Chaough, from Cutler Gleason and Chaough drinking in the bar of his hotel, where the two quickly realize that GM have intended from the start to give the account to McCann-Erickson , and are only meeting with SCDP and CGC to create the appearance of a fair bidding process and take any worthwhile ideas the two smaller agencies may have.

Ted resignedly suggests that they withdraw from the meeting, but Don proposes that they could still win the Chevy account if they were to merge their two agencies into one. After their success, Don and Ted declare a visibly distraught Peggy the copy chief of the new firm and task her with writing the press release announcing the merger of the two companies. The newly merged creative team brainstorms how they will market margarine, for Fleischmann's.

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Don, who is trysting with Sylvia, shows up late, as the meeting wraps, and Ted Chaough chastises him. As a peace offering, Don shares drinks with Ted, but the latter ends up visibly drunk, earning Peggy's ire. Don, playing a dominant sex role, sequesters Sylvia in a hotel room and keeps her in the dark about when he'll return.

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  • Mad Men: season four, episode seven.
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He takes the book she is reading with him to read on his flight to Buffalo. After a dream wherein Don dies in a plane crash, and Sylvia attends his funeral and must comfort Megan, Sylvia ends the affair.

Mad Men: season four, episode 10 | Television & radio | The Guardian

Joan falls ill, and Bob Benson discreetly escorts her to the hospital and secures expedited treatment. The creative team works through the weekend on the Chevy campaign, after Chevy rejects the seventh proposal in six weeks. Jim Cutler hires a physician to inject the creative staff with a stimulant meant to give them inspiration and enhanced energy for 72 hours. Don and Megan leave Don's children alone in the apartment, with Sally as babysitter.

Don recalls the time he had a chest cold and a prostitute named Aimee Swenson Megan Ferguson took care of him and then seduced him. Don spends his time looking for an old advertisement whose images and message were inspired by the prostitute, and honing a pitch to renew his affair with Sylvia Rosen, instead of working on the Chevy proposal.

Gleason's daughter Wendy and Stan Rizzo whose cousin was killed three months earlier in Vietnam seek solace for their losses by having sex. Don finds his wife and children, the police, and Henry and Betty Francis waiting for him at home after the robbery, and then collapses. The next morning, he has made some resolutions. Megan's performance as twins on the set of To Have and To Hold gets criticized by the director.

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Arlene later visits Megan at the apartment, at Megan's invitation, to console her. When Megan says she feels lonely, Arlene tries to kiss her but is rebuffed.

Peggy is fearful after Abe gets stabbed in the hand in their neighborhood. She later gets startled at home and accidentally stabs him in the abdomen. During the ambulance ride to the hospital, Abe breaks up with her. Betty gets lost on the way to Bobby's summer camp, and after seeing Don at a gas station, follows him the rest of the way. The three bond again, and later that night Betty and Don have sex in Betty's room at the lodge. The next morning the encounter is repressed, as Betty and Henry sit together while Don sits by himself.

Roger gives Joan a gift for Kevin, saying that he wants to be part of his son's life.