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I have been told our co-pilot was the leader causing the split. To this day no one has told me precisely what happened. Regardless, I was now a free lance nose gunner with no crew. The orphan was left to fend for himself. Until I was assigned to the Rosacker crew, my number would come up only when a crew needed a nose gunner.

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One mission stands out that just about dealt me and a squadron a very bad hand. I was sleeping soundly and the CQ, Charge of Quarters shook me awake. The CQ was insistent. With reluctance, I volunteered to go out never again. A jeep picked me up, I rushed to briefing room, the crews had departed for their planes. Upon my arrival at the briefing room one of the fellows I knew told me the gunner had really poured lighter fluid on himself and set it ablaze, claiming it was an accident. My comment were that the CQ told me it was a milk run.

I was rushed out to the flight stand where a very young inexperienced crew was waiting I believe this was their second mission. The crew had been told they were getting an old-timer as replacement for their nose gunner. This mission was about the 12th for me. Off we go into the wild blue yonder. This squadron go lost in the middle of Germany.

Night Before Christmas in Michigan, The (Night Before Christmas (Gibbs))

We were actually lost for possibly up to two hours, flying around in circles. I was watching flak moving toward us when I spotted a German plane about a mole or so away flying our same directions, same altitude, and speed. The flak started moving in on us. About a minute or two of this and the flak started sounding loud and clear.

Up we went, the entire squadron went with us. From then on, we, the squadron, started taking evasive action up and down, change direction, change speed, throw out all chaff the chaff was thin slivers of foil that helped confuse the German radar. The debriefing was classic. Most of the crew I had been with were either too young or too scared to drink the bourbon. I volunteered to assist them in this endeavour. Since I was to have been on a 3 day pass I rushed to our hut, changed clothes then back to squadron headquarters to pick up my pass.

Arriving in London I immediately headed for a pub that would surely have some of my former crew hanging around. Sure enough Naifeh was there with a dear friend. Naifeh and the others had to return to the base, so the Little WAF and I did a tour of London, watched the changing of the Guard, a ride in the tube around most of London. The rocket hit so close that for a moment everyone thought the bus would turn over. Back to the base for more free lancing. It had to be about this time that I was assigned to the Rosacker crew.

Even though all of this crew is still living, none of us are sure just when I joined the crew. The two Texans on our crew were from entirely different areas and backgrounds. We were a good crew, congenial, efficient, and dedicated. One night we had a red alert red means very dangerous. Several of us were outside our Quonset Hut looking for the V We spotted the thing heading in a general direction of the base. Suddenly it cut out, that meant it was soon coming down. When we would go to the mess hall, much to their chagrin we would hold our noses, moving with a lot of ceremony to another section of the mess hall.

Even though I was now assigned to a crew, Naifeh and I still continued our close association. We were fortunate in that our passes well coincided so we could be found in the Piccadilly area on every pass. On my last trip to London prior to our being shot down, we made big planes to go to Bristol-on-the-sea with her parents approval , yet those plans were interrupted by events on January 28, The war was going to soon end.

This was the word that was spreading fast, we would be heading home by Christmas. Personally I have always thought the allied High Command and our intelligence sections got a bit lax about this time. A wave of bad weather moved into England, no planes could get off the ground. With the big chance in the weather the Germans made their move and what a move it was! With the elite of the German Wehrmacht leading the way, the German Army poured through our lines in a rush to capture Antwerp.

At that time Antwerp was the largest military depot in the world. It is pure conjecture, but if the Germans had been successful in capturing Antwerp, intact, the war could have drug on for another year. Thus, the famed Battle of the Bulge. Back at our base in England and in all the airbases of the 8th Air Force, the British and the other air bases, not one plane could leave the ground.

Morning after morning we would go to briefing, turn to the planes to wait and wait and wait. While this was happening to us, the same thing was happening to the 15th Air Force out of Italy. The Germans had planned well except they had not counted on the Battered Bastards of Bastogne putting up such resistance. In my opinion this was probably the greatest stand by an allied force in WW II. The Air Force could not relieve Bastogne, the Germans were throwing everything they had at them, inflicting severe loses, taking many POWs, but they could not break through in their race to Antwerp.

Twas The Night Before Christmas - by Clement C. Moore - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

If a plane had wings it was put in the air. It was a sight to behold, planes, planes, and more planes making bomb runs, dropping supplies with the little friends shooting at anything that moved.

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The day was so clear that I spotted a German Tiger tank cutting through the snow. As we headed back to England, the 15th out of Italy started arriving. It seems to me that we stayed in the air. January 28, was to be our red-letter day. Our flight started as usual, assembled over England, then over the Zuider Zee to the IP initial point then make the bomb run through heavy flak, drop, and head for home. The squadron was notified of our predicament. Since we were flying squadron deputy, our spot in the formation was immediately occupied by the next plane.

We had to turn back to head for the coast and Allied territory. The plane that moved into our position was hit in the bomb bay and exploded shortly after moving into our slot. I would later see 3 of the men on this plane. I asked how did they manage to live through the explosion, their answer was that they were blown out of the plane. One of the men said when he came to, he was floating to earth, his parachute open. Many strange stories similar to this came out of the war.

We continued to lose altitude. Then a second engine went out, the situation had gone from serious to damn serious. We hit the North Sea coast line, everyone knew there was no way we could cross the North Sea, therefore down the coast, hopefully, to Allied lines. By this time we were moving sideways, losing altitude at an alarming rate, and everyone in the world shooting at us.

Then it went from bad to worse, a third engine was either hit or just got tired. Joe hit the jumpbutton, by this time Dusty, and possibly Johnny, had come back to the waist section. I had been there for sometime. With that I dropped through the waist escape hatch, calmly counting to ten prior to pulling the parachute handle we had never practiced a parachute jump, but had been told to count to ten prior to pulling the parachute handle.

I did, in this fashion, ! The chute opened I said a little thank you prayer to the packer. While floating earthward, I saw chutes in every direction, yet could count only eight other than myself.

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Our B seemed to be heading for the ground when it suddenly turned upward, so help me the plane was heading straight for me. Suddenly, when I thought sure the plane would strike me, it turned over heading straight into an open field where it crashed and burned. Riding a parachute down is a most unusual trip. To me there was no sensation of falling until the ground starts rushing up to meet you. When this started happening I saw the area where I was heading had large poles sticking up everywhere.

But he wouldn't be doing what he does if he wasn't really good at it. It's a complex character, and that's why people love it. Weatherly has since directed the episode " One Last Score " [15] and the episode " Seek ". He is an only child, [19] but has been cut off from his maternal family's fortune. Tony's father, Anthony DiNozzo Sr. This has resulted in a dislike of anything relating to the Civil War. It is stated in "Flesh and Blood" that his father is pretending to be rich when he is actually bankrupt.

As a result, father and son had a frosty relationship. Aside from the odd comment or casual reference, Tony rarely mentioned his parents until Season 7, when DiNozzo Senior makes his first appearance. In " Sins of the Father ", he admits to Gibbs that, although his dad still "makes [him] crazy", he still loves him but has been unable to tell his dad so.

Tony and his father also reconcile their differences. Other family members mentioned in NCIS episodes include a button-collecting grandfather who bequeathed Tony one thousand shares in a dot-com, [30] and a number of uncles. His uncle Vincenzo is a butcher on Long Island. After being expelled from six boarding schools in four years, Tony managed to graduate from the Remington Military Academy in Tiverton, Rhode Island, and graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in physical education.

He mentions having broken his leg during this game or more accurately, Pitt breaking it for him. At the end of the episode " Red Cell ", he begins to tell a story about his fraternity days before being interrupted by Gibbs. He has worked in three different police departments— Peoria , Philadelphia , and Baltimore —staying in each location for an average of two years. This event occurred prior to the NCIS pilot and the circumstances of his hiring are largely unknown, but Tony once jokingly claimed that it was because he "smiled".

During his tenure as a NCIS special agent, Tony has operated as a supervisory special agent [38] and undertaken a long-term undercover operation throughout season four. However, at the beginning of season six, he is reassigned to his original team back at NCIS headquarters in Washington, D. When Gibbs retires to Mexico after being blown up and sent into a coma in season 3, Tony leads the team skillfully in Gibbs' absence. Director Shepard offers Tony a team of his own, but he declines because Gibbs was experiencing some after-effects from his coma and also out of reluctance to leave the team he was already with.

During season 8 he meets E. Barrett, who took the post as team leader in Spain that he had previously rejected. Jonas Cobb and the resignation of Jarvis's predecessor, Philip Davenport. Although Vance seems reluctant, Jarvis overrules him and gives DiNozzo his first assignment: At the end of the episode, DiNozzo is left injured after being shot in the shoulder by an FBI agent who is actually an impostor and who had also killed Cade while attempting to frame DiNozzo for the murder.

Tony is written as a streetwise, promiscuous former homicide detective. The targets of this behavior are either victims of Tony's quests for new sources of amusement, [43] or those for whom he believes he has reason to be concerned. Although Tony is canonically in his thirties, [46] he is typically written as possessing a juvenile sense of humor that manifests itself in name-calling, teasing, and pranks directed at his colleagues.

Tony also finds parallels between the cinema and his everyday life. This occasionally proves to be more useful than aggravating, as when his application of a solution from the movie Speed ends in the successful resolution of a case. Bellisario , Tony has also been established as a fan of the television series Magnum, P. Although his immature behavior often gets Tony into trouble, he also demonstrates that he is an insightful agent when the need arises.

On more than one occasion he surprises his colleagues when an outwardly immature action on his part actually causes new evidence to be uncovered. With the addition Ellie Bishop , Tony and McGee begin calling her "Probie" and similarly order her around, claiming that "it's part of the job". He also once donated to a sperm bank , but no one wanted to use his sperm. Later, he drove a Ford Mustang.

The car was destroyed by a bomb planted on it in an attempt to kill DiNozzo's significant other, Dr. DiNozzo has also had a close call with the pneumonic plague commonly called bubonic plague Yersinia pestis infection , and he sustained slight lung damage because of the infection. The character is initially portrayed as a "technophobe" who, like his superior, has limited patience with the scientific method and technical terms.

However, he can be seen to develop an aptitude for technology in later episodes, and has been depicted hacking into computer systems. Tony is also very skilled in going undercover , which is shown in "Split Decision" where he poses as a rogue weapons-dealer, unknowingly uncovering a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation in the process and "Chained", where, while disguised as a prisoner, he befriends an escaped convict named Jeffrey White who has information on stolen Iraqi antiquities. In "Dead Man Talking", he is able to improvise a cover identity to get close to a suspect when he feels the investigation is going nowhere.

He pursues women on a regular basis, typically indiscriminately, [44] though he has shown an aversion to women who don't shave. He has admitted to having commitment issues. One of the women he was attracted to turned out to be a terrorist working with Ari Haswari ; [61] another to whom he was attracted, and kissed, turned out to be a pre-operative transsexual who had murdered one of Tony's co-workers.

His co-worker Caitlin Todd gave him endless grief for that lapse of judgement in the episode "Dead Man Talking". He once dated a social worker named Michelle, who, after he ended their relationship, broke into his apartment and filled his closet with dog feces. Weatherly's real life relationship with Alba occurred during his tenure on the television series Dark Angel.

Wendy is introduced in the season nine episode " Secrets ". Tony has a friendly relationship with Abby Sciuto. Abby describes this as progressive: Takes a while for the throbbing to stop and the skin to grow back". Abby, at one point, vocalizes, "I love you, and would hate to see you hurt". She has become upset with him in some cases, such as when her cupcake is stolen and when NCIS director Jenny Shepard is killed Tony and Ziva had been assigned to protect her , but these feelings are often resolved quickly and she is back to her normal behavior.

Abby is as big a movie fan as Tony, and that also solidifies their friendship. When Gibbs was injured in the Season 3 finale and retired during the first few episodes of Season 4, Tony was usually the one to bring her Caf-Pow. He is also protective of her, especially after Ari Haswari made an attempt on her life in " Kill Ari ". While Abby was in a coma, Tony was shown to be very worried about her, to the point he did not make a joke about McGee's last name.

In Season 4, Tony's new girlfriend, Dr. Jeanne Benoit , is introduced and appears as a recurring figure and subplot throughout the season. Tony and Jeanne do not at first consummate their relationship, because Tony reveals that he wants to "take it slow" out of fear of this relationship becoming like his earlier ones. Tony and Jeanne subsequently consummate their relationship in the episode " Smoked ". Tony is determined to have a positive outcome for this relationship and goes to great lengths, though often with a lot of inspiration from films, to make their relationship special.

Despite his earlier good intentions for the relationship with Jeanne, Tony cannot bring himself to tell her that he loves her, which causes trouble between them. Tony is left distraught following the death of Cassidy during a suicide bomb attack on Gibbs' team. He later goes to see Jeanne and, following Cassidy's advice, tells her he loves her. The last scene shows Tony embracing Jeanne while crying on her shoulder with R.

Tony demonstrates his commitment to the relationship when he confronts Jeanne about her previous boyfriend. Tony coincidentally meets Jeanne's former partner, who is in fact a Metro police officer named John, though neither of them are aware of the other's relationship with Jeanne. They bond through the fact that they are very similar in character, sharing many habits and traits. Unbeknownst to either Tony or Jeanne, John says goodbye to Jeanne in an email and dies in Tony's arms.

Jeanne leaves Tony a greeting card in her apartment, as she leaves the Washington, D. In the episode " Family ", Tony is shown struggling with how his relationship with Jeanne ended and throughout the episode has flashbacks of the relationship.

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  • Ziva tries to console Tony, but he rejects her attempts insisting that he is fine. At the end of this episode, the message in Jeanne's card for Tony is visible; "I'm not coming back. You need to choose.

    To England and the war

    Jeanne makes a reappearance in the episode "Internal Affairs", when she accuses Tony of murdering her father. At the end of the episode, even though Tony is initially angry with Jeanne for accusing him, Ziva advises him to "be a man" and tell her what she needs to hear. Tony speaks to Jeanne, apologizing for letting her get involved in something that was not her fault. Jeanne responds by asking Tony if their relationship was real and, after a pause, he answers "No". In a conversation with Tara Kole, [67] Tony admits that, since his relationship with Jeanne ended, he has not been enjoying his normal level of success with women, despite his continued bravado to his co-workers.

    Two doctors go missing, one of whom is Jeanne's husband. She joins Tony and McGee on their mission, where Tony promises that they won't rest until they locate her husband. On their return flight, Jeanne thanks Tony and tells him that she owes him. He responds "No, you don't Months later, in " Loose Cannons " Tony encounters Jeanne and her husband while investigating a case, where she worries about it being connected with her father, which Tony assures her it isn't.

    He tries to apologize, as he didn't know, but she says she was beginning to feel whole again until encountering him. Later, after the case is closed, Tony returns to Jeanne's office to find her alone after a fight with her husband regarding her unresolved feelings for Tony. Tony fully apologizes to her and sits down with her, admitting he isn't feeling whole either, and they have an amicable conversation about both of them wanting to go back in time to fix their relationship in hope of a happier ending.

    However, as they part, they both stand up and have a tense moment where they nearly kiss, but both agree it should not go any further. Later, in the episode " Secrets ", it is revealed that she left him the night before their wedding, and states that she wasn't ready to find a real love, but she was ready to be married. Because she felt that Tony would only accept a real love from her, she broke off the engagement, but soon after married a stockbroker who, in her own words, "loved money more than people".

    She divorced the stockbroker after having his child, who lives with her. She claims to have invited Tony for Christmas brunch because now she was ready for love, [68] though Tony declines her offer to renew their relationship. Tony's relationship with Kate could be depicted as a sibling relationship, but could also be depicted romantic too [69] [33] and series creator Don Bellisario said that if Kate hadn't died, she and Tony would have embarked on a relationship throughout one point of the series.

    They constantly compete, [69] and Kate is often critical of Tony's behavior, especially concerning his attitude towards women and his disrespect for personal boundaries; indeed, Tony routinely goes through her purse, cellphone, PDA and desktop computer, uncovering personal informations such as her dates' identities. However, it is not uncommon for Tony to be teased and taunted by Kate; [69] their bickering gets so bad in the episode "Pop Life" that they seek counseling from Ducky. However, on many occasions he is shown being considerate and kind to Kate. He buys her flowers as a peace offering after annoying her in the episode " Vanished ".

    In the episode " The Bone Yard ", Tony pretends to be Kate's lover to get into a paternity clinic to photograph evidence for Abby; later in the same episode, he tells Kate he thought they made a good couple, to which she replies " Maybe for the Jerry Springer Show ". In the episode " Black Water ", he appears close to jealousy when Kate accepted a date offered by the victim's brother.

    During the events of " My Other Left Foot ", Tony is obsessed by the idea of Kate having a tattoo and asks to know its location during the whole episode. In extras seen on the Season 2 DVD Box Set, the producers state that it was intended for there to be a relationship between these two characters.

    In the episode "SWAK", after Kate is found uninfected, she continues to stay with Tony, lying about her condition to him even though she knows that the risk of infection is still imminent. As he was about to die, she is devastated and starts crying, but Tony eventually survives, much to her relief. Standing with Gibbs and Kate when the latter is killed, he is shocked.

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    Her death would have a serious impact on him, which along with other events make Tony "grow up" during the following seasons. After Kate's death, like the other characters, DiNozzo also has a vision of her postmortem. Typical to Tony's chauvinistic personality, Kate appears in the Catholic schoolgirl uniform that he had been asking about in the episode "Bikini Wax". After telling him that she always knew what he was thinking, she realizes that she is wearing the uniform and quickly berates him, saying, "Tony, I just died, and you're having a sexual fantasy?

    Sometimes I used to picture you naked" and she responds by screaming in shock seconds before Ziva David is introduced for the first time. This "sexual fantasy" is portrayed after Tony offers to go back out in the pouring rain to find the bullet that killed Kate and becomes upset when McGee improves the answer he had told to Gibbs.

    When Gibbs was shot and experienced various coma fantasies of what his life would have been like if key events had turned out differently in the episode " Life Before His Eyes ", his first vision explored a world where Kate was never killed, with her and Tony married with a baby girl. In the Season 10 episode, "You Better Watch Out", Tony is shown to have a goldfish named Kate, whom he teases like his former partner telling the fish she's "getting fat" , despite clearly doting on it. EJ is introduced in the season 8 episode " One Last Score " as the lead investigator of the task force consisting of two other agents Cade and Levin that Director Vance creates to catch the Port-to-Port killer, later revealed to be Lt.

    It is revealed that she took Tony's position in Rota, Spain after Tony declined Director Shepard's offer to grant him his own team. In the season 9 premier Nature of the Beast , it is shown through a series of flashbacks that Tony, while working on a covert operation given to him by SecNav, had confronted EJ about her removal of a microchip from Levin's body after he was killed by Cobb.

    Tony, EJ and Cade are all lured to an alley, resulting a violent shooting in which Cade is fatally shot, Tony suffers a concussion and temporary memory loss, and EJ disappears. She and Tony go to a safehouse, where they briefly discuss the events of the previous months. After the shooter, who was also responsible for Cade's murder, is apprehended, EJ and Tony permanently go their separate ways.

    In the fourth season, Tony's relationship with Jenny Shepard is shown to have warmed considerably in comparison to the end of the third season, with Tony occasionally being caught referring to her by her first name with even Gibbs joking about how close they were. The main reason for the warming of their relationship is the fact that Tony was involved in an ongoing operation run by Shepard, which is of personal importance to her.