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I highly recommend all four! This is truly superb work. The single features four versions, including a guest vocal from Jennifer Doll, two remixes.


The original utilizes swirling keys over a melodic bass and percussion that surround melancholy vocals. Love his tracks, very talented, melodic, chilled out, demonstrates real confidence in his own style, experimental, beautifully arranged.

July 01, 2018

These are pieces of me, reflective of my current state. The music, though electronic, avoids sterility. Each track transports you into its world, and holds you there.

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I thought of each track as a portal into unique worlds, where the sound prevails and your brain adjusts, accepts and then adores each stop along the way. I loved the overall sound, very roomy and open and expressive, enveloping in all the right ways. Combining a thoughtful, articulate nature with an air of dark brooding cynicism, he has the makings of a modern day Tom Waits.

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Lancaster, Pa - Acoustic astronomy pioneer Dr. Terenzi jumped into the collaboration process. For additional information and inquiries related to Eclectro please visit www. I know brilliance when I hear it, and the dark corners and hypnotic lulling of this effort are perfectly done. A truly impressive, packed 27 minutes of music, and an album to which I will return because it will reveal more and more with each subsequent listen. New from Manipulant on Submarine Broadcasting Company.

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A post shared by Manipulant manipulantmusic on Mar 25, at 2: A sumptuous piece of glittering pop, wide open to the sky and full of introspection. Heads up, folks, Manipulant is back with new music, dropping July 4, ! All the details you need for this release will be below the following thoughts… There are four tracks here, all titled What Good Are The Stars, though one features a special guest, and two are remixes. Check it out… 01 What Good Are The Stars swings along on a sweet urban groove, open and breezy and big-sounding.

Some growers will craft their wine to reflect the terroir of that village, especially if they own vineyards in one of Champagne's Grand crus. Grower Champagnes are often released younger than their large house counterparts due, in part, to the greater financial resources that would be needed for long term aging and storage. The vintage saw difficult conditions which created uneven wines.


The popularity of Grower Champagne is a relatively recent phenomenon. These private houses or negociants would buy grapes from the owners of several vineyards to blend and make Champagne. A common criticism of Grower Champagnes is the potential for variable quality, [7] especially from vintage to vintage. While the larger Champagne houses and negociants have the flexibility to buy grapes from all over the Champagne region, Grower Champagne makers are limited to only their vineyard holdings.

Conversely, advocates of Grower Champagnes say that the blending of many terroirs by the larger houses makes those wines "underflavored" and non-distinctive. Around of these growers produce wine from their own grapes.

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Some growers are seeing an economic advantage in making wine from their own grapes, especially if they have land in one of Champagne's Grand cru villages, rather than selling them to the larger houses where they become part of a generic blend. Champagnes can be identified by the initials that appear before a number on the wine label.

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