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One day, while the sage was praying in the river, an eagle flying above him dropped a mouse that it had caught as prey.


When the sage opened his eyes, he found the little mouse in his hands. He took the mouse home and showed it to his wife. Since the sage and his wife did not have any children, they decided to keep the mouse as a child. The sage, with his extraordinary powers, changed the little she-mouse into a pretty girl child. The sage and his wife brought up the girl like their own daughter. When the girl grew up into a beautiful young lady, at the age of sixteen, the sage decided that it was time to get her married. He thought that the Sun God would be a suitable match for his daughter.

Sage Stallone's mysterious death

So, the sage prayed to the Sun God and asked him to marry his daughter. He is so bright and his heat is so intense that I will be reduced to ashes. He asked the Sun God to suggest another groom for his. So, the sage prayed to the Lord of the Clouds and asked him to marry the girl. But the girl rejected the Lord of the Clouds saying that she did not want to marry someone as dark as him and also that she was scared of the thunder that he produced.

Again, the sage was upset and asked the Lord of the Clouds to suggest a groom for his daughter. The sage then prayed to the Lord of the Wind to appear and asked him to marry his daughter. So, the sage went to the Lord of the Mountain and requested him to get married to his daughter. But, the daughter did not want to accept him as her groom. He could not think of any more suitable grooms for his daughter. He requested the Lord of the Mountain to suggest a groom. You began your life as a mouse and you were destined to marry a mouse.

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She was married to a nice, suitable mouse and they lived happily ever after. He asked the Sun God to suggest another groom for his daughter.

The Sage’s Daughter

Hide For more interesting Panchatantra stories for kids, go to: For other interesting stories for kids, browse though our huge collection of short stories here: He was born in Ballia. The adjectival form of the name, Bhargava , is used to refer to the descendants and the school of Bhrigu. According to Manusmriti , Bhrigu was a compatriot of and lived during the time of Manu , the Hindu progenitor of humanity.

He was married to Khyati , a daughter of Daksha.

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They had two sons and one daughter, named Dhata and Vidhata. Their daughter Lakshmi married Vishnu Narayana.

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The sage Chyavana is also said to be his son with Puloma. Bhrigu finds mention in Shiva Purana and Vayu Purana , where he is shown present during the great yajna of Daksha Prajapati his father-in-law. Khedbrahma in Gujarat is associated with Brahma and Bhrigu 's legend of testing Trinity. Many great sages gathered at the bank of river Sarasvati to participate in Maha yagya. Bhrigu was arrogant and was filled with ahamkara due to his extreme austerities. All the great saints and sages could not decide that out of the Trinity Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva who is pre-eminent and to whom should they offer Pradhanta Master of that yagya.

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  4. With the consent of all the great saints present there, it was decided that Bhrigu will test and decide who was pre-eminent. Upon being entrusted with the task Maharishi Bhrigu decided to test each of the Trimurti. Vishnu was asleep and Brighu kicked him in the chest to wake him up.

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    Later, Bhrigu realised his egotistical outbursts with extreme pain. He begged for forgiveness and Vishnu forgave him. After the incident of testing of trinity, Bhrigu decided to write his famous book of astrology, the Bhrigu Samhita , to help Brahmins earn their living. Maharishi Bhrigu collected birth charts, wrote full-life predictions and compiled them together as Bhrigu Samhita. Bhrigu Samhita is believed to be the one of the first book of its kind in the field of astrology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Lokapala Sabhakhayana Parva, section: