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These notes are intended to provide the reader with generic tips on using the PDF to navigate through the published Lectures and search for any context more easily. The Hamlyn Lecture Series pre As a result of the generosity of the Hamlyn Lecture speakers in granting copyright clearance, Lectures held before are available as digital files pdf. Guidelines on using the digital files pdf: All the entries on the Table of Contents page and the Index page are hyperlinked with the corresponding page in the text. Can Human Rights Survive? The Sovereignty of Law: Photos from the event.

Thomas Bingham, Baron Bingham of Cornhill. Foundations and Challenges See flyer from event.

Hamlyn lectures archive

Freedom Under the Law. The Inheritance of the Common Law. The Rational Strength of English Law. English Law and the Moral Law. Executive Discretion and Judicial Control. The Proof of Guilt. Protection of the Public — A New Challenge.

The Sovereignty of Law: The European Way

The Sanctity of Contracts in English Law. Judge and Jurist in the Reign of Victoria. The Common Law in India. Lawyer and Litigant in England.

The Hamlyn Lecture Series (from 2005)

Law and Lawyers in the United States. New Law for a New World? The British Tradition in Canadian Law.

Punishment, Prison and the Public. Labour and the Law. Maladministration and its Remedies.

Past lectures - Law - University of Exeter

English Law — the New Dimension. The Land and the Development; or, Turmoil and the Torment.

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Hardback edition out of print, ISBN13 A Magna Carta for Children?: Rethinking Children's Rights Michael Freeman. Interpretation, Interaction, Improvement Andrew Burrows. Interpretation, Interaction, Improvement Andrew Burrow. Fairness in Criminal Justice: Foundations and Challenges Paul Craig. Lawyers and the Public Good: Judging Civil Justice Hazel Genn. Can Human Rights Survive? Judicial Activism The Hon. The State of Justice Michael Zander. Lord Cooke of Thorndon. From the Test Tube to the Coffin: The Administration of Justice The Rt.

The Lord Mackay of Clashfern. Justification and Excuse in Criminal Law J. Pragmatism and Theory in English Law P.

The Quest for Security: Employees, Tenants, Wives Tony Honore. Crime and the Criminal Law: Social History and Law Reform O.

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Liberty, Law and Justice Norman Anderson. Justice in the Welfare State 2nd ed Harry Street. Maladministration and Its Remedies K.