Lieber Daniel: Briefe an meinen Sohn (German Edition)

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Extreme poverty ends with you. Check out original content and videos published every day to help you learn about the issues that mean the most to you. Send petitions, emails, or tweets to world leaders.

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Thirst's key Goals

Brought to you by: With World Water Day less than a week away on Tuesday, March 22, a global water crisis looms over the world. Countries are facing the effects of a hotter, drier, and more polluted climate that poses serious risks to an already thirsty planet. Water intensive agriculture and livestock industries are also suffering, causing crop shortages, social conflict around water management, and price surges. If climate change continues to disrupt weather patterns, the most vulnerable populations could be put into an even more precarious position.

Youth Hydration: Quenching Thirst On and Off the Field

To combat this trend, young activists around the world are mobilizing. The Thirst Project aims to help end the global water crisis by How does it plan to do this? Sometimes the power of fame may not bring any wealth. But it brings honour and respect.

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What makes the fame lasting? What pairs with fame? Much too often fame is confused with the riches it might bring. It is believed that if money is made, dignity and respect will naturally accrue.


That is not entirely untrue. Money does buy many things…but that which is bought, also sells, is it not? As the market decides the price for such things, the hall of fame remains, but the substance that makes it, in terms of adulation and trust that the famous inspire, gets whittled down. On looking a little closer, one finds that, since the power wielded by fame is derived from it, lasting fame will accrue only when you recognise from whom you have derived that power and invest power back in them or that.

Thirst Project: quenching the world's thirst with the power of youth

Sacred books live eternally because they invest the reader with the power of divine blessing. Leaders derive their power from the people, parents from their children, a cook from the people who savor his food, a designer from his craftsmen and so it goes, in every field of life. The pair of fame is thus service, which is to be useful. When there is service, fame comes automatically and this fame is rooted in a noble activity.

To remember this is the path to the kind of fame that lives after you is what makes you immortal. Ask a different question: The allure of Hollywood style celebrity is rooted in its ease. Teach children how to make small sacrifices: Encourage children to develop talents in service to God: The more people seek to be fed by mass idols, the more they become incapable of appreciating ordinary culture, of making it, remembering it, loving it.

We end up becoming fools of the mass market. And like all those young people obsessed with becoming famous, those simply obsessed with the famous also end up losing their perspective on reality. Teenage girls who spend all their time looking at supermodels can no longer appreciate their own beauty, the beauty of an ordinary human body. Men are infected in the same way. People chase things in life for myriad of reasons.

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It could be what they lacked as a child, it could be what they learned growing up. It could also be what has been hammered into their heads. I think most people naturally want love and respect.