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The German word Shooting is short for Fotoshooting , whose meaning should be pretty obvious by now! Take a look at German Wikipedia and see if you can find some "fake English" words used in context on Yabla German. If somebody asks you to do something in German and you want to know "What for? What kind of present should I bring back with me for you?

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Oh god, what a day! Caption 8, Kein Kredit: So, would the modelling job definitely be something for you? In the example above, the word was is functioning as a shortened version of etwas , which means "something.

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The German noun die Stellung is usually defined as "position" in English. As in English, to know the specific meaning of the word, it is important to know the context in which it is used. Dann gehen wir schon mal hoch, ein paar neue Stellungen ausprobieren. Then we'll go on up and try out a few new positions. Caption 5, Klicksafe Werbung: The "positions" she is referring to are the primary definition of Stellung in Duden , the German standard dictionary: In the next video, the speaker is referring to a celebrity who has been a patron of their non-profit activities:.

Caption 64, Sallys Tortenwelt und Kochwelt: The word Stellung is also the first half of the word Stellungnahme , which means "statement" in the sense of a document that announces the position one is taking on a topic:. This week's new video "Mama arbeitet wieder" shows us an idiomatic use of Stellung:. A looser literary translation might use the American English idiom "holding down the fort" just "hold the fort" in British English , a military phrase dating from the middle ages meaning to keep a military installation occupied to prevent enemy takeover.

Apparently the US State Department was objecting to its use as politically incorrect a few years ago. Further Learning Watch the above videos on Yabla German to get a better sense of the use of the noun die Stellung in real world context. Using the German adjective verlegen and the verb verlegen could lead to some embarrassing mix-ups if their meanings are not clearly understood.

Um eine Ausrede bist du ja nie verlegen. You are never embarrassed to make an excuse. The German verlegen is often also translated to English as shy, awkward, bashful, or as you see in its adverbial form in this video on Yabla:. Caption 34, Piggeldy und Frederick: A hundred years after the famous children's book was published, the director relocated the story to the Second World War. The verb verlegen can also be translated as to publish, postpone, or evacuate. The German word for "publisher," which you see in nearly every German book, is der Verlag.

Here you can easily see the connection to the verb verlegen. Further Learning For some advanced learning on the topic, go to the online Wiktionary and see some other examples of verlegen in context and some other related words. The " royal we " form is mostly found today in fairy tales, medieval fiction, and fantasy literature such as "The Lord of the Rings" and "Game of Thrones.

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This obsolete form of personal pronoun does not present any grammatical problems in English, since it is commonly either rendered in modern English as "we" or "you" in the plural sense , or in archaic English as thee, thou, thine etc. In German, however, the use of "royal we" can be initially perplexing. Initially this may appear to be the same as the plural pronoun ihr , but is actually addressed to a single person:.

Majesty, you are the most beautiful here. In standard German, the above sentence would have been written: The "royal we" case Ihr conjugates the verb the same as the plural nominative second person pronoun ihr. The accusative second person singular pronoun Sie you , in a similar fashion, uses for the "royal we" form of the capitalized version of the accusative second person plural Euch:. Ich befreie Euch von dem Versprechen, Prinzessin!

I free you from the promise, princess!

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Ich befreie Sie von dem Versprechen. Further Learning To further familiarize yourself with the use of the "royal we," go through the videos listed on the right hand side of this lesson on Yabla German that include extensive examples of Pluralis Majestatis. The German adjective fertig is typically translated as "finished" or "done," and we generally see it used on Yabla in its most common standard usage:. So, mein Apfelkuchen ist jetzt fertig.

So, my apple cake is now done.

Ostern: Osterfeuer, Eierpicken, Osterreiten in Deutschland

There are, however, a number of slang uses of the adjective, including its inclusion in the separable verb fertigmachen: Ich mache euch fertig! I'll finish you off [idiom: According to the Duden German dictionary , the definitions of the slang word word fertigmachen or fertig machen are: The above translation is closest to the second and third meanings.

Die Oster-Überraschung – #DerWahreOsterhase

Probably the most common slang usage that you'll hear in everyday spoken German means "tired":. We are worn out , huh? Caption 4, Deutschkurs in Blaubeuren: The above video uses the full phrase fix und fertig , but even using only the word fertig in the right context is enough:. Read this and over 1 million books with Kindle Unlimited. Borrow for free from your Kindle device.

Finnland - ein Jahrbuch: Das Balg German Edition 18 Feb Kriminalroman German Edition 21 Jan Besuch auf der Weihnachtsinsel: Rund um das Osterfest German Edition 13 Mar Alte und neue Zungenbrecher German Edition 13 Mar Wo das Wasser endet: If the summer heat is starting to get to you, cool down with this video and learn the German names of some very curious plants and animals while you're at it:.

The Alps have many faces. Lynxes and ibexes are part of this When chamois with sharp hooves scratch up plant shoots , moss and lichen , they must be careful. Even the alpine newt takes to the water later up here than its species counterparts in the lowlands. Doch daneben existiert noch eine andere Welt. Sie liegt verborgen unter'm Eis But next to it exists yet another world. It lies hidden beneath the ice So chill out with Yabla German when the heat gets be too much, and bleibt cool beim Deutschlernen! Germany is one of the most advanced countries in world in terms of environmentally-friendly energy.

Chancellor Angela Merkel announced in that all German nuclear power plants will be closed by as part of a plan to gain a competitive edge worldwide in renewable energy. This week's new video, Green-Region-Konferenz zur Nachhaltigkeit , uses a number of energy-related terms below in bold text that can give you a good jump start in improving your environmental vocabulary. Eine Energie-Effizienz-Revolution soll her. An energy-efficiency revolution should happen. Um die Klimaschutzziele in Deutschland zu erreichen… In order to achieve the climate protection targets in Germany….

Around Darmstadt, that means, above all, the expansion of wind power and more geothermal plants and biomass power plants. Further Learning Watch the complete video above and add any new German terms to your vocabulary learning list. The Urban Climate website of the University of Freiburg has created an extensive German-English glossary of environmental protection terms.

See if you can find some of these words used in context in Yabla German videos. English has quite a few idioms using the word "foot," and the German language also "puts its best foot forward" in this regard! I'll take my heart and lay it at your feet. Caption 3, Deutsche Musik: He was dressed in green from head to foot [idiom: Ein Topf voll Gold.

Mein Leben mit Mathilda (German Edition)

The above expression is very similar, of course, to the English "from head to toe. The visitors must be really good to foot [idiom: Captions , Internationale Automobilausstellung: The English foot idiom that comes closest is "light on their feet. Be careful you don't "put your foot in it" though, as some expressions sound similar to English, but have a completely different meaning:. What Henne has said also actually has a hand and a foot [idiom: If you recall the English saying "to wait on someone hand and foot," you might falsely interpret the German to mean that Henne was being servile, when in fact she was making sense!

Sie war keine Schneiderin, konnte aber gut mit Nadel und Faden umgehen.

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She was not a seamstress, but was good with a needle and thread. The word umgehen on its own usually means to avoid, to circumvent, or to get around something, but when you put it with an adjective and the preposition mit , its meaning is broadened to mean how something is handled, dealt with, or treated.

Here are a couple more examples from Yabla videos:. Ich werde dir beibringen, wie du damit umgehen kannst. I will teach you how you can deal with that. Da muss man sehr sauber arbeiten, muss sehr pfleglich mit seinen Grundstoffen umgehen. You must work very cleanly, you must handle your basic materials very carefully. Further Learning Go to this link on Yabla German and see how the word umgehen is used in different contexts.

Idiomatic expressions can be difficult, because even if you know what all of the words mean, it can sometimes be nearly impossible to understand what the phrase means. Just think about how some standard English idioms sound if you try to understand them literally: That is the reality. The mouse is out [idiom: It's over and done]. Kindly grab your own noses [idiom: The English idioms "keep your nose out of my business" and "mind your own business" have similar meanings.

Wenn's um Konflikte geht, wird das hier immer unterirdisch. Whenever it's about conflicts, it always ends up underground [idiom: Yabla German always provides you with a direct word-for-word translation as well as the direct meaning of the phrase to help you better understand these idiomatic expressions. With summer just around the corner, it's time to dust off the grills and get ready for some delicious food. Although you may not be vegetarian or vegan yourself, you probably know somebody who is. The parents of our neighbor, though, they also grilled small soy wursts.

So don't forget to pick up a few veggie wursts before your next grilling party, and be sure to get some advice from some vegetarian friends as to which veggie sausages taste better, and which ones taste I'm vegetarian , well, except fish, I eat that, of course. Caption 27, Thomas D: So although eating fish may actually disqualify you as a vegetarian, a lot of people are trying to be more conscientious about what they eat, and buying some non-endangered fish for the grill might even be a healthier option for some meat eaters. Summer is soon approaching, and with the arrival of June, the wedding season die Hochzeitsaison will be in full swing.

So whether it's a friend's wedding or maybe even your own, beware: Der Fluch ist gebrochen! The curse is broken! I want to marry you. Die Prinzessin nahm seinen Heiratsantrag sofort an. The princess accepted his marriage proposal immediately. So sieht eine Massai- Braut aus. That is what a Masai bride looks like. It was at the same time the wedding feast for the young couple. Further Learning Look up the meaning of any marriage-related words on this list that you may not be familiar with, and see if you can find some of them used in context on Yabla:. I won't let myself be used for something like that.

The English verb "to use" can be defined as "exploiting someone to one's own advantage," and the German verb benutzen can be utilized in a similar context. The more direct German verb for "exploit" is ausbeuten , in its adjectival form ausgebeutet:. Mid-term, I want us to get a sensible infrastructure in which we'll be exploited less.

Captions , Rhein-Main-TV aktuell: This is especially appreciated by the younger guests. Caption 41, Reiseland Deutschland: Vielfalt im Herzen Europas. Most commonly spoken German prepositions take the accusative or dative case the genitive case is used more often in the written form. There are, however, certain prepositions that can take either the accusative or the dative case, depending on the context: Even experienced German speakers can get it wrong sometimes, so although you've probably learned this before, this may be a good time to review these two-way or dual prepositions.

The general rule to remember: The mirror is hanging on the wall. Since the wall is where the mirror is statically hanging, the feminine noun die Wand takes the dative case in this context.