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The protagonist, Julie, a daughter of a count, allows herself to be seduced by her father's servant Jean. She must then confront the situation, in which Jean, a man on the rise, turns out to be the stronger person.

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Julie causes her own tragic fate. Unable to arrive at any reasonable plan, she orders Jean to hypnotize her into committing suicide. He had already staged Strindberg's play and had experimented with "simultaneous theatre," where the stage was shared by the actors and their visions, or with ghosts. He divorced from Siri von Essen and moved to Berlin, where he met an Austrian journalist Maria Uhl, known as Frida Uhl, his second wife, whom he married in The marriage became the subject of his autobiographical sketch, Klostret , The Cloister , but he also dealt with marital problems in some minor works, as in the short story 'An Attenmpt at Reform'.

In the ironic picture of "a model marriage" a young couple try to live together but maintain at the same their independence. They have separate rooms, share expenses and household work equally, and throw away the double bed, "that abomination which has no counterpart in nature and is responsible for a great deal of dissipation and immorality.

Wasn't that as good as money? Haunted by guilt about deserting his children and attacked by his critics, Strindberg became possessed of a persecution mania. He also suffered from insomnia and psoriasis, and spent some weeks in the St. Louis Hospital in Paris. Between the years and Strindberg experienced several psychotic episodes, and recorded his tormented thoughts later in Inferno. Turning to painting, Strindberg created in the s seascapes, which have been compared to the works of Turner. His favorite motifs included a vision from a cave toward the outside world and a wave breaking in open sea.

August Strindberg

With the help of Swedenborgian studies, and adopting the idea that certain people are destined to suffer, he emerged from the crisis. His first exhibition Strindberg held in the same year. It was not a success; only two canvases were bought. Alone in Paris in the mids, Strindberg became interested in alchemy and tried to prove that it is possible to make gold.

He was permitted to work in the laboratory of the Sorbonne, and his paper on the nature of sulphur was reported in Le Petit Temps January 30, For a time he was respected by the scientific community. He was also interested in monkeys, developing a theory that the gorilla was descended from a shipwrecked sailor and an ordinary female monkey.

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For his neighbor, Paul Gauguin, Strindberg wrote a an insightful letter which the artist uses as a preface to his catalogue. It was coal-black, made of the volcanic rock diorite, and as he drew near it he became depressed. The black chrystallised mass seemed to have been spewed up from the bottom of the sea and then, as it had begun to petrify, had been involved in a fearful struggle with the water or some thunder-cloud. Strindberg moved to Stockholm and wrote during the following productive years from to thirty-six plays. The protagonist of the trilogy is called the 'Stranger' or 'The Unknown One', a man on a journey to discover his fate.

He has left his wife and children and goes through a series of trials. The play tells a story of a woman, who lives with her children in fear of the coming of the creditor, who, in fact, brings reconciliation and the remission of debt. In A Dream Play Strindberg attempted to imitate the logical form of a dream. Time and space are not important in the dramaturgy, the characters split, all thoughts and perceptions emanate from a single individual's unconscious, the dreamer's.

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Behind the character of the luminous protagonist, Daughter of Indra, who descends to earth, was the young actress Harriet Bosse, who became the author's third wife. The emphasis on subjectivity in the play foreshadowed Freud 's theories about the gap between the conscious and unconscious. Strindberg's series of historical plays from this period included Gustav Vasa , Erik XIV , a portrait of a man who was half-genius, half-psychopath, and Gustaf Adolf , said to be unplayable, in which the king is an instument of the ideal of religious freedom.

Strindberg continied his religious and natural philosophical speculations in Zones of the Spirit and its sequels. During Strindberg undertook a series of experiments in order to establish an intimate theater, based on his innovations on the form of chamber music. He discharged the single protagonist in favor of a small group of equally important characters, creating a drama that would impress by its mood and atmosphere.

In contrast to the ill and corrupt characters who people the dramas, Strindberg created an individual, who is capable of perceiving supernatural phenomena, and of stripping away the facades of lies and deceits. Ofter characterized as the author's literary testament, Strindberg himself appeared in the figure of the hunter who climbs down from the mountain — like Zarathustra.

In Strindberg settled into a house he called "the Blue Tower" and lived there until his death from stomach cancer on May 14, Faithful to his role as an iconoclast and a disturber, Strindberg fuelled the so-called Strindberg Feud from to his death with a series of newspaper articles on social, literary, and political issues.

His major adversary was Heidenstam, whom he called "Sweden's most unintelligent man.

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However, he had actively supported the Trades Union movement and was awarded its alternative Nobel Prize. Strindberg wrote more than 70 plays as well as novels, short-stories and studies of Swedish history. His influnce has been wide. It is from him and through him that naturalism received the critical blow, even though it is also Strindberg who gave naturalism its most intense dramatic works. Choose another writer in this calendar: Johan August Strindberg And I have added a little evolutionary history by making the weaker steal and repeat the words of the stronger, and by making the characters borrow ideas or "suggestions" from one another.

I am in receipt of your Imperial decree and will have the honour of completely ignoring it! Your former friend, August Strindberg. All prohibitive laws have been canceled, and only the demands of taste and of the modern spirit are allowed to determine the artistic form. For life does not move as regularly as a constructed drama, and conscious spinners of intrigue very seldom get a chance to carry out their plans in detail.

Thus we no longer believe in these cunning plotters who, unhindered, are permitted to control people's destinies, so that the villain in his conscious falseness merely arouses our ridicule as not being true to life. Strindberg's Muse and Interpreter by C. Waal ; Strindberg as a Modern Poet by J. Bellquist ; Strindberg and Autobiograph y by M. Johanneson ; S trindberg by M.

Meyer ; August Strindberg by M M. Morgan ; August Strindberg by O. Lagerkrantz ; The Greatest Fire: A Study of August Strindberg by B.

Steene ; Strindbergian Drama: Themes and Structures by E. Tornqvist ; Strindberg and the Poetry of Myth by H. Carlson ; Strindberg as Dramatist by E. Sprinchorn ; August Strindberg by W. Es ist gegen 14 Uhr. Es hat alles gut angefangen. Dann bin ich, wie jeden Tag, auf Diese soll eine weibliche Protagonistin haben. Was Amelie Fried mit ihrer Protagonistin gemeinsam hat.

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Wenn Regisseur und Protagonistin rebellieren. Tennis Kerber als deutsche Protagonistin in Wimbledon. Fortsetzung als Prequel mit Ellies Mutter als Protagonistin? Profilbild von Marvin Fuhrmann Marvin Fuhrmann,. TV- Protagonistin klagt an: Jetzt wird der Koch selbst stark kritisiert — von einer Frankfurter Protagonistin seiner neuen Sendung.

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