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General Will came to a halt when the only gay member of the company took exception to the heterosexual slant of the material and went on strike in mid-performance. Shortly after the Bloody Sunday shootings in , Edgar collaborated with six friends Tony Bicat, Brian Clark, Howard Brenton , Francis Fuchs, David Hare and Snoo Wilson who pretended to be on a walking holiday and booked an isolated country cottage for a week where they sat down and wrote a play together. They took what later came to be termed the "firing squad" approach to playwriting. In a firing squad one member of the party has a blank round, and since no member knows who this is none of them need assume responsibility for the killing.

Edgar and his friends tried to write in a style as similar to the others as possible so none of them need take responsibility for his contribution to the play. The result was England's Ireland , an episodic look at the history of the British in Northern Ireland with different episodes shown from different perspectives. This received its world premiere at the hands of the Shoot Theatre Company at the Mickery Theatre, Amsterdam , in and later the same year transferred to the Round House Theatre in London.

Lunchtime theatre is an avant-garde phenomenon that seems to exist on the fringe of the fringe and whose popularity waxes and wanes but never disappears. One series in Glasgow was scheduled for a dozen plays but proved so popular they eventually had over a hundred. The Soho Polytechnic was another lunchtime theatre venue where Edgar put on a number of necessarily short plays written for office workers on their lunchbreak but which proved remarkably popular with television producers. Backshot , written for the Soho Polytechnic was a one-act play in which two small-time crooks are cheated of their loot whilst trying to rob broken vending machines in a motorway cafeteria.

This was televised as Sanctuary by Scottish Television in It was a one-act play in which Eileen, after the still birth of her illegitimate baby, steals a baby at random and is sentenced to nine months in prison, where Valium is found to be the answer. Whilst working as a journalist in Bradford, Edgar came across a group led by an ex-conservative councillor that called itself the Yorkshire Campaign to Stop Immigration. This group apparently, "addressed many real needs and some real fears" by holding meetings at which they showed films upside down with no sound.

Destiny was the result. Edgar had wanted it to be produced in a big repertory theatre in a multi-racial city but it was instead picked up by Ron Daniels at the Royal Shakespeare Company who produced it at The Other Place , Stratford-upon-Avon, which Edgar described as, "a tin hut in rural Warwickshire".

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That summer, Britain was in the throes of the Queen's Silver Jubilee and West End theatre audience figures suffered as a consequence, with only two shows managing to hold their own during Jubilee week, both of which were at the Aldwych. One of them was about a mad king provoking a Civil War by dividing his kingdom between his daughters, and the other was Edgar's lightly veiled suggestion that Britain was exposed to a fascist takeover. The play was picketed by a group of neo-fascists waving union flags that echoed the patriotic bunting on the front of the theatre, and small scuffles broke out between these pickets and the emerging theatre audience.

The play itself was an attempt to answer the question: How can a movement espousing the ideology that the UK had defied during the war gain purchase in postwar Britain? Destiny starts in India, on the day of independence, introducing four main characters whose lives intersect thirty years later in a small town in the English West Midlands.

A British Colonel is a dying Conservative MP; a Major who is hoping to succeed him; a Sergeant who is a candidate for a far-right party and an Indian who works in a local foundry. During the election campaign a strike breaks out at the foundry and the "cosy English ritual" of a local by-election is transformed into a multi-cultural battleground which results in the fascists turning for protection and support to the forces they oppose.

After his greatest success in with The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby for the Royal Shakespeare Company , an adaptation of Charles Dickens 's novel Nicholas Nickleby , he resumed writing original plays which deal more overtly with political subjects. After the abandonment of the left by a number of public figures during the s, Maydays deals with people's drift rightwards as they age.

However, one-act play festivals have a slightly different interpretation - see below! Currently, we have One-Act plays, all of which can be read in full on this site. Click on the underlined text to see descriptions of the plays. From there, clicking on a title will take you to the script. Click this link to browse through the whole collection. You can jump straight to our best sellers note that the best selling list looks for scripts with a run time of up to an hour or newly-published plays. Follow the links below to narrow-down the search or, at the foot of the page, you'll find two links to our search engines Old Folks at Home.

A Flirtation in Three Acts. So Far and No Farther. A Play in Four Scenes. A Play for Westminster Abbey June Comedy for all women cast. National Christian Education Council. A Domestic Comedy in Three Acts. A Romance of the Navy in Three Acts. Two On A String. A Comic Opera in Three Acts. The Music of the Opera is composed by Alfred Reynolds.

A Highland Mystery Room Episode. Six for the Charleston. Two Can Play at that Game. Dramatized by Moie Charles and Barbara Toy. A Play of the Novel. Based on a short story by Jack Ritchie. French's Standard Library Edition. One of These Five. Gates of Ur, or The Secret Truth. A Chaucerian Comedy in One Act. Back strip split and worn.

A Comedy for Women in Two Acts. A Short Play in One Act.

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A Comedy in 3 Acts. A Comedy Drama in One Act. Frenchs's Acting Edition No. A Comedy for Parents in Three Acts. A Simple Sketch in Scots. Little Plays of St. Prunella or Love in A Dutch Garden. Brown Comes Down the Hill. Preface by Will Hay. Illustrated by John Napper. A Comedy for Two People. A Fantastic Comedy in Three Acts. From the Short Story by Aldous Huxley.

Historical Play in One Act. A Play for Two Women. A Light Comedy in Two Acts. A Moment in the Lives of the Brontes. Adapted from Lewis Carroll's Book. With music by June Woods. A Comedy for Wives in Three Acts. A Story in Three Scenes. Dramatized by Louis N. Beauty and the Barge.

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    Elephant Girl, and Two other Sketches for Women. A Methuen Modern Theatrescript. A Play for Women's Institutes. From the Novel of Margaret Kennedy. A One Act Farce, P. A Country Comedy in Three Acts. Markings in pencil throughout text. Adapted from the Novel by Hugh Walpole. An Historical Drama in One Act. An "Arabian Night" in Three Acts. First few pages pencil marked. A Farce for Women. Conceived and adapted from her writing. Zoo Zoo Widdershins Zoo. Well used copy, with markings throughout text. Wrappers very worn and torn.

    Three Comedy Sketches for Women in one volume. A "who dun' it" Comedy in Three Acts. Ghosts on Christmas Eve. Comedy in One Act. With an Introduction by Michael Marland. Inscribed by the author. A Play in Two Acts for Women. A Farcical Comedy for Seven Women. Rape of the Belt. Some underlining in pencil, backstrip a little worn. A Thriller for Women in One Act.

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    A Scots Farce in One Act. A Scots Farce in Three Acts. A Piece of Extravagance in Three Acts. His Excellency the Governor. A Farcical Romance in Three Acts. A few annotations throughout text. A Play in Verse. Underlining in red throughout text. Freely adapted from a poem attributed to William Dunbar. Moonlight On Ben Varach. Well used copy somewhat limp. Edited by Ian Campbell and Ronald D. Based on the Novel by Monica Dickens. A Dublin Comedy in Three Acts. The Talbot Press Ltd. The Year Book press Series of Plays.

    Through the Hour Glass, Volume 2. Through the Hour Glass, Volume 3. Through the Hour Glass, Volume 1. Through the Hour Glass, Volume 4. A Detective Story in Three Acts.

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    Music by Mike Westbrook. A return trip with songs. Music by Andy Roberts. National Theatre Play Series. Sidgwick and Jackson, Ltd. Based on a Old Norse Folk Tale. Old Farces As New. A Duologue for Women. Such a Nice Girl. Annotations and markings in pencil throughout text.

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    Play in Three Acts. A Thriller for Seven Women. Fair Youth and Dark Lady. If Imagination Amend Them. Maid Was In the Parlour. Mine Enemy My Friend. Song of the Morning. Tale of Two Swans. A Comedy in Three Acts for Women. When Queens Were Pawns. March To A Different Drum. Look Back to the Hill. A Play for Stage or Chancel.

    A Mini-Melodrama for Five Women. A Scots Comedy for Women. A Play in Two Parts. Cloth, with label on spine. A Play for Eight Women. A Costume Drama in One Act. Methuen's One Act Plays. A Costume Comedy in One Act. Wi' a Hundred Pipers. A Play for Passion-tide. A Macabre Comedy for Four Women. A Burlesque in One Act. A Fantasy on a Pantomime Theme. With music by Hilda Colkett.

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    Mourning for Little Nestings. A Collection of Ten Monologues and Duologues. A play in two acts. Humorous, serious and Dramatic selections. A Play in One Act for six women with two or more extras. A Single Act Play. A Tragedy in Two Acts. A Religious Drama in Three Acts. With a new introduction by John Lahr.

    Introduction by Peter Willes. A Screenplay For The Beatles. With Music by John Addison. A Play for Television. A Play in Nine Scenes. A Genre Picture in One Act. The Year Book Series of Plays. A Play in Ten Scenes.

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    Wrapper loose and worn. Charm For The Devil. Translated and adapted from the German of Hans Sachs. Seven Shrovetide Plays No. An Episode in One Act. Michael Comes to Shepherd's Bush. A Play for Men in One Act. Deane's Series of Plays. A Thrilling Comedy in Three Acts. A Short Comedietta in One Act. A Criminous Comedy in One Act. Guild One Act Library. English Theatre Guild Ltd. A Play in Seven Scenes. Musical Settings by Geoffrey Wright. Based on a Tale by Sheridan Le Fanu. A Farce in Two Acts. With acknowledgements to Vernon Sylvaine and Guy Bolton.

    Ex-library copy with labels and stamps. A Museum Piece in Bogus Verse. A Satirical Comedy in Three Acts. A One Act Drama. A Comedy Duologue for Two Women. A One Act Farce. With a New Introduction by Denys Blakelock. A Fable in Three Acts. A Drama in Four Acts. Penguin Modern Playwrights 2. Storm In A Cauldron. A Farcical Comedy for Six Women. Siller In The Stocking. Tyranny And Tea Cakes. Done into Scots by Hugh Mack.

    Who Sups With The Devil. Bees On The Boat Deck.

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    A Farcical Tragedy in Two Acts. I Have Been Here Before. Wood, Heinemann Educational Books. Time and the Conways. When We Are Married. A Yorkshire Farcical Comedy. Adapted for the stage from the broadcast series. A Nativity Play for Women. A Play about Elizabeth Barrett Browning. An Occasional Fairy Tale. Adapted from the novel by Arthur Catherall. A Thriller in One Act for Women. A Mystery in Three Acts. A Play for women in One Act. A Farcical Comedy for Women. A Comedy for Ten Women.

    A One Act Thriller. A Play in Three Scenes. Based on the story of the same name by 'Q'. Shall We Join The Others?

    Incorruptible or The First Dictator.