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You have to cure him close to his family where logical inquiry, medical exams, and, most importantly, the problems had started. Indeed, psychoanalysis was, Mira and Tosquelles also brought to the front some of according to Lacan, the only discipline able to pro- the discoveries of German psychiatry during World War vide a coherent theory of subjectivity: As Tosquelles recounted his experience during ment was not simply that psychiatry should incorporate the war: A practice known as geopsychiatry could take place outside the hospital and consisted of breaking essentially ignored.

Its early champions, instead, were bread with the mentally ill in their homes. In this context, it is therefore signifi- Of course, the war helped it to take root there: Cooperation between social classes generally. Camille Robcis rearguard, psychological support for the troops, and The Saint-Alban Experiment much more. In the months that followed, Tosquelles, like many dated from the nineteenth century. Aside from lack- other republicans, fled Spain and crossed the Pyrenees ing heat and sanitation, the hospital was unable to get into France as part of the massive exodus that came to any drugs.

They slept in hay stacks which also southwestern France. Septfonds was one of the vari- served as their toilet. Saint-Alban during the war animals. As one prisoner put it: And I feel the occupation played an extremely important role in like crying to dry the ink with which I am writing, for this initiation of the I towards the Us of the medical my tears have turned to sand.

There was under the occupation an experience of uments in the Septfond archives describe in detail the fraternity that was essential. Politics and psychiatry to shower stations where they were washed and where thus needed to focus on eliminating their clothes were disinfected. I think it is one of the place where I the principles of what would later be called institutional conducted very good psychiatry, in this concentration psychotherapy.

In the founding manifesto and dur- camp, in the mud. However, unless they treat the hospital This effort to respect the individuality of each patient as an organism that participates in the social aspect of was put into effect from the minute he entered the hospi- illness, they will never understand the multiple facets of tal, where he was welcomed by a committee composed madness.

Second — and this was a point that Canguil- of doctors, nurses, and patients that would orient him hem had also emphasized in his early work — all medi- around the castle and explain the logistics of the treat- cal diagnoses presupposed a normative ideal of health or ment and of daily life. Genetic in- The hospital, in other words, could circumvent some vestigations of the personality of a patient are unilat- eral investigations; they cannot comprehend the entire of the difficulties that Freud had encountered in his historical fact.

It needed to begin at the level of architecture. I am talking about cell. As Marius Bonnet recalls: After the war, the Liberation of the territory was also the liberation of the As Tosquelles insisted, the point was not simply to mod- asylum. The goal was environment of the cure: Camille Robcis it also required a social solution and the hospital offered sophically stimulating but the act of reading was also a space to think these questions through. As one editorial stated on July 15, , the One of the most important innovations at Saint- journal had Alban designed to enact some of these theoretical con- siderations was the Club Paul Balvet.

Founded in , an active therapeutic interest that went beyond its doc- umentary, literary, or informational value. To read a the Club was a patient-run cooperative structure, a sort journal is a typically social act. It is to exit oneself of union, in charge of organizing all activities within the to listen to the voice of others and to take an interest in hospital.

The Club, Tosquelles claimed, was to operate their joys and sorrows. Club planned meals, theater and music performances, sports, parties, and field trips — social activities deemed Many of you have lost the taste, the courage, or the integral to the cure.

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It also ran the library and the dif- initiative to do so, because of your own fatigue and sorrows, or else you simply no longer like talking to ferent ergotherapy stations and elected the committee other people. You isolate yourself; you live together but that welcomed new patients. As one observer noted, the everyone is in their little bubble.

The the Club resembled the kinds of political structures that work was divided in three categories: As Marius Bonnet remembered: As Tosquelles made clear, in patient, without warning, would begin to talk about his problems, the meeting agenda was dropped and every- ergotherapy: Or I can take another case: This form of consciousness-raising or of ered him. You see, at Saint-Alban, everything was a discovery of the other is the goal of ergotherapy. Elsewhere, also, in daily life. The gardener, the cook, It was a way, as Tosquelles explained in his discussion the secretary, the nurse, the electrician.

If a the symbolic world. When I think back to this period, I often The Club, the journal, and the activities at Saint- wonder: Inspired by the psychodramas of Jacob Moreno, and letters that ran from to The editorial these meetings allowed patients to role-play and explore board was composed of patients who were helped by a particular fantasies and behaviors in a clinical setting.

Once again, personal topic. The content was informational but also philo- of these medical meeting were held at Saint-Alban. Archives fight against power, hierarchies, habits, local feu- IMEC. Nothing should ever obvious, 2. Everybody must be fous: The patients must be able to have a say on the 3.

Les Petits Matins, , Richard C. Matrice, vision of society. Andrew Webber, with an an institution, a healing team into a collective, is never introduction by Colin McCabe New York: It requires the elaboration of material and so- See also Thomas G. On Subjective Disposition to of psychotherapy. Dunod, themselves play a primordial role. Jan Ellen Goldstein, Console and Classify: As Tosquelles made clear in his written work, but also 7. Plon, , Robert Castel, The Reg- fundamentally a psychic question.

Unlike British or Ital- ulation of Madness: On antipsychiatry, see, for a pure social construction, institutional psychotherapy example, John Foot, The Man who Closed the Asylums: Staub, Madness Is Civilization: