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The moon had not risen until after midnight. If you want to verify it, go to the USNO website. Back to what I told Jim,. And as always, around this time of year, we like to say a word in. Hot chick version with Schuessler's Moon. References in Case Coverage. Andrus and Dennis W. Mutual UFO Network, I looked a little bit closer and you could see some lower lights back off in the distance quite a ways back.

The weather ranged from clear and hot to cold, damp, windy, and chilly.

Texas air contains a lot of moisture which acts like little crystals that catch all light from the city, moon and cars and reflect it in an airglow manner that leaves the sky very light much of the time. A deep, dark night in the Houston area is unusual. The weather on December 29, was chilly. The witnesses reported the intermittent misty rain earlier in the day. By evening that had stopped.

The clouds were high and broken and the moon was in the third quarter. The air was damp and full of moisture. The airglow of Houston was bright. The conditions were correct for being able to see helicopters flying at night. Fate Magazine , May Volume 37, No. MOON and helicopter visibility 2 mentions. Looking for an astronomical explanation I noticed that the given time 9 p. Nor is it likely that, after dining out, they were returning home as early as 9 p.

A more likely time is near midnight. Just after midnight Canopus, the second brightest star in the whole sky. Highway FM runs in a dead straight line almost due south for 4 miles on a slight downward gradient 1 in on average. With forest on either side of the road, this would have given the travelers a headon view of Canopus if they were on that road at the time Canopus was lined up with it.

James W. Moseley - Wikipedia

At that low altitude, the light from Canopus would have been both refracted into spectral colors and distorted with streamers to the ground. The description given is consistent with other accounts of stars. The conclusion must be that Cash and Landrum, not knowing that they were loking at a star, concluded that it was a UFO, ideas about which influenced their perception. Their conclusions that the car became hot and that they suffered burns must be the result of hysteria.

One would have liked to know how much alcohol they had consumed and what UFO lore they had already absorbed. One would also have liked to know whether or not the road surface where they imagined the UFO to be was affected by heat. I predict that no such damage will have been found. Although it is alleged that the object later moved "away over the tree tops" it must be concluded that this later object was not Canopus, which would have disappeared behind the forest.


It is not clear from Schuessler's article exactly where subsequent objects were seen, but Jupiter at magnitude The witnesses may have thought that Jupiter was the same UFO. Just a note to thank all of you for your very hard and time-consuming work that you have done for Vickie,. Colby Landrum and myself. Without each of you, I really don't know what we would have done. When he returned from this trip, Moseley founded the organization S.

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In July, , Moseley co-founded Saucer News originally titled Nexus , a periodical known for its unorthodox, "freewheeling" style. Through the s, Moseley became increasingly active among the UFO community, and his public profile grew. He gave many lectures about flying saucers, and even made several trips to Giant Rock in the California desert, a sort of Woodstock for UFO contactees and their followers.

He was a semi-regular guest of Long John Nebel 's radio show which dealt mainly with anomalous phenomena, UFOs, and other offbeat topics. In later years, Moseley fell out with both men, referring to them as his enemies. In , there was a new wave of UFO publicity, kicked off by the incident in Michigan where Allen Hynek offered his "swamp gas" explanation which became famous. Mine was the only listing in the Manhattan phone book under "Saucers" for Saucer News , so everyone came to me. After two more successful gatherings in Cleveland, Moseley decided to hold a really big convention in New York City in Many UFO publications publicized the event, particularly since was the 20th anniversary of the Kenneth Arnold sighting.

This "NYC Saucer Con" was a great success, with total attendance variously estimated from "well over a thousand" to six thousand people. Moseley sold Saucer News to his long-time friend Gray Barker in In , he founded another newsletter that went by several titles until Moseley finally settled on Saucer Smear. He produced the newsletter irregularly, but tried to keep a monthly schedule in later years. It became the longest continuously published UFO journal in the world.

Moseley never went online; he never owned a computer.

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He produced the print version of "Saucer Smear" on a regular portable electric typewriter. The publication was sent via mail to "non-subscribers," and he also authorized others to sell PDF issues and subscriptions from a website. It typically had a joking, gossipy tone and it covered not just UFO cases, but also examined the personalities of UFOlogists and it did not hesitate to poke fun at people if he thought they deserved it. When UFOlogists were feuding, as they often were, Moseley loved to run the vitriolic letters one would send in denouncing the other. The masthead on each issue proclaimed Moseley as the "Supreme Commander".

In , Moseley established an antiques store in Key West, Florida. There was a pre-Columbian art gallery, largely stocked with material he still had from his trips to South America in the s. Moseley co-wrote a memoir with Karl T. Pflock in , entitled Shockingly Close to the Truth! James Moseley died from cancer of the esophagus on November 16, at a hospital in Key West, Florida ; he was 81 years old. George Adamski was a teacher of the occult, [17] who wrote a book in entitled Flying Saucers Have Landed , which told the story of his encounter with an extraterrestrial named Orthon.

James W. Moseley

The book made him a celebrity in flying saucer circles, and it inspired other people who became known as " contactees " to make similar claims. Adamski started to produce an abundance of apparent "evidence": The front cover showed how a "saucer photo" just like Adamski's could be made using a Chrysler hubcap, a coffee can, and ping pong balls. Jerrold Baker told how Adamski had provided him with fraudulent photos and suggested that "people would pay good money" if Baker claimed the photos were his own. This was a watershed in the UFO field; it marked the first really serious analytical investigation into the evidence supporting a major claim.

Moseley in the mids and published as a special issue of his magazine Saucer News Moseley was long suspected of having co-created a phony letter as a prank against self-claimed " alien contactee ", George Adamski. After years of denying his involvement, evading the subject, and hinting at responsibility, Moseley admitted to the hoax in Adamski had become well-known following publication of his book Flying Saucers Have Landed , and subsequent paraphernalia "evidence".

In , Gray Barker acquired some blank U. During an evening "emboldened by the evil of alcohol", [20] Moseley and Barker wrote seven prank letters using this official stationery. Five of the letters were jokes to friends, and two were outright hoaxes: The letter to Adamski was signed by the fictional "R. Straith", a representative of the non-existent "Cultural Exchange Committee" of the U. Straith wrote that the government knew that Adamski had actually spoken to extraterrestrials in a California desert in , and that the department also had its own evidence bearing out his claims.

It encouraged him to continue his work of communicating his experiences to the public, since the government could not take an official position on the matter. Adamski took great pride in the Straith letter. He publicized its contents, and UFO proponents all over the world used it to validate their claims. When FBI agents investigated it, they informed Adamski that the Straith letter was a hoax and asked him to stop using it as evidence in support of his claims, but Adamski refused and he continued to display the letter in his lectures and talks.

FBI agents also questioned Barker about the matter, but no criminal charges were filed. Many investigators tried to confirm or debunk the letter, without any categorical outcomes. Barker himself described it as "one of the great unsolved mysteries of the UFO field" in his Book of Adamski. On December 6, , Gray Barker died.

Moseley investigated the Ralph Horton flying saucer crash after finding it in the flying saucer file of the Atlanta Constitution. Moseley called the airport and confirmed that the object was a device used by the Air Force to determine wind velocity and direction. It was sent up attached to a balloon and tracked by radar, since radar beams were reflected by the object. Horton retrieved the object from where he had discarded it, and gave it to Moseley, but Moseley subsequently lost it. In later years, Moseley lamented that if he had held on to the object, then it might have been he instead of Pflock who cracked the Roswell UFO Incident.

The idea was to produce footage of a flying saucer. On July 26, , in Lost Creek, West Virginia they had John Sheets — one of Barker's researchers — hold a ceramic "boogie" saucer on a fishing pole in front of a car, while Moseley drove and Barker filmed.