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Read "The Feather Kiss" by Rachel Rager with Rakuten Kobo. Lydia has loved Brett from afar since high school. After an accident left his sister in the hospital.

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Anyhow, the point is, we don't eat honey. We prefer to eat pigs. Nice, young pigs, optimally. The mature ones are too high in fat for our tastes. I feel sorry that you have to put up with such a misunderstanding. Killing me would just make you look worse. I'll leave this hotel willfully and peacefully, and you can go on and tell other people the truth about heffalumps. Ocean targets AIR with ten other guys. Fortunate Alchemist targets Mr. Ocean with mistaken identity. Ocean with saltine crackers. Ocean with "The Beach" Cologne. Rick Revolver targets moth: Ocean, Fortunate Alchemist, and moth dead.

We sure had a LOT of chaos this round! Unfortunately, I now have to evict the dead bodies from the hotel. Ocean, Fortunate Alchemist, and moth into a transdimensional portal where they all go and look at various RAF artifacts. Doofus Jedo the Jedi: GL Nerd Lucky Wizard: Caray Jedo the Jedi: Wait, that's the kind of thing you say to a person who hasn't won yet. Sun Feb 05, 4: Minor update for now. Floor 2 has started! Thu Feb 09, 4: Another update, slightly less minor.

Fri Feb 10, 5: Another update for all you RAF fans. Sat Feb 11, 6: Thu Feb 16, 6: Floor 2 done, Floor 1 started! Thu Feb 16, 8: Well this round is not going well. Tue Feb 21, 5: First sentence of the final deathscene update for Round 8: Wed Mar 01, 6: Wed Mar 08, 6: Let's back up a few sentences.

I want to make sure Pete said what I think he said. I'm-a head over to. Then I can be uncreative here and on Floor 3, and save my energy for Floor 2, and maybe my story won't suck so bad! Guess I have to be creative on Floor 4 after all. Her name is Femaleauthor Imadeup! Drawn on the paper is a picture of an ugly female face with the words "our son?

It's got some crazy plot twists in it! So I'll just let you read this suspenseful book yourself! Your turn, my lady fan. I mean, you gotta agree that Typhlosion is cool! I mean, look at that fire! It's, like, coming out from the back of its neck! Everybody loves things that come out of the backs of necks!

Look how popular Trogdor is, for crying out loud! I mean, Typhlosion may be cool, but let's face it, it's just not funny! So I sold it. I bet he's watching an awesome classic scene from that game! If you'd watch this scene with me, then my death will be much more pleasant! Why is there no roof above me? I'm not fixing the ceiling! Isn't it, Lucky Wizard?.

That sounds kind of fatal to me. I guess it wouldn't hurt to watch the rest of this classic deathscene alone. It's been so long ago, I totally forgot what happens! So, Cordelia begins to repair the hotel. How would you like to die? I don't want to die! Then, she begins -- "Oops! I'll go get some! However, the ceiling fan stops right before he reaches it, so he doesn't -- "Ceiling fan? Porro shouts from the floor above. How come I got half a cheese sandwich, and HE gets a car? I hope you enjoy your delicious car sandwich.

I have to go down a floor! Then he looks down. And we don't have a microwave or a popcorn popper. I'll ask Doofus if he knows how I can pop some serious kernels. In fact, I was just about to emulate them! So maybe I can pop some serious kernels at the same time! So first we insert an electrode in each end of the pickle, and an electrode in each end of the.

The kernels and the pickle turn into a fantastic lights show for a few minutes. Doofus targets SELF with a pickle. Lucky Wizard and Doofus dead. Everyone knows the air wears clothes, so it will be nude, and it'll die of embarrassment! So I only have one moth, and not many moths like I had hoped for.

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Go eat the air's clothes, moth! It bumps into the screen, and the television falls on it, killing it, crushing the DVD player, and decimating the air. Lemme check the recent newsgroup messages on Mozilla Thunderbird. Someday, something, Sometime o'clock PM Subject: The Past About The Future'. The plot absolutely sucks; Cirrus Trouble's father is killed by Generic Villain, and so Cirrus and the rest of the party go back in time to fight him, and this causes the father to develop better reflexes so he can avoid Generic Villain's attempt on his life back in the future.

Along the way, Latifa Keyhart must collect the seven MacGuffin Crystals before Generic Villain does, and the party must escape from Generic Boss's lair before his Generic Plotdevice spell causes the lair to explode. This is the worst video game ever, and if you play it, you might as well be dead.

But ever since reading that e-mail, I'm afraid my schedule will need to be radically changed. I'm gonna play that game NOW! It's the worst game ever! Let's watch a flashback! That's why I need to program that part as soon as possible! What is six times seven? Then he presses the A key on the keyboard, but still nothing happens. My card has blood stains all over it! Samadhola targets SELF with differential equations. Joseph Bryman targets GL Nerd with educational video games. Samadhola and Joseph Bryman dead. Hah, you thought I was going to say.

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This time, the plan cannot possibly fail! Michelle Teabagger thinks to herself. She observes the moth's path. It's heading for room ! She runs to room , and quickly paints a television on the door. The flying moth gets distracted from its mission and bumps into the door, causing it to fall out of its hinges and crush the moth, as well as a bunch of air particles.

Meanwhile, ralphmerrirain, who was staying in room , is enraged at losing his door. Your boneheaded plan caused me to lose my hotel room door! Now I have no privacy! All girls hate that! Hold on, let me get you a new shirt, and I'll try again. Thankfully, I already had a spare bucket of ice water. Meanwhile, Dirk Derringer walks up to Michelle Teabagger.

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Do you really want that? I'll save you from being killed by ralphmerrirain, in exchange for me killing you humanely later. I need you to put on this shirt for me. I thought this bucket had ice water! Anonymous change out the water for some random breakfast foodstuffs. Dirk Derringer then comes back. I've memorized a spell from the Generic Book of Spells just for this occasion! Michelle-ium Teabagger-ium, die-ium painlessly-ium! And quite painlessly, may I add. Michelle Teabagger targets math with a painted door.

Dirk Derringer targets ralphmerrirain with a cheese blintz. In third place is. UOY ot drawa eht evag yehT! Mackay for this classic from Vowel RAF! Mackay is laughing appreciatively and clapping her hands at the unfolding of events on her Magical RAF monitor. She flicks the channel over from the celebrating survivors to the Spanish channel, where mathgrant is sitting, facing the screen.

She rewinds to the beginning. Pero no vuelvas a hacerlo! But don't do it again! She also beams mathgrant's grandfather into the room. I was wondering if you could tell me about your childhood. He hurls it at mathgrant with a fiendish cackle. Gramps falls to the floor, dead. Mathgrant lets out a howl of misery and rage. There is a label attached to the stem, reading 'Propiedad de Taflinel' 'Property of Taflinel'. In mathgrant's rage, he picks up an entire isthmus and hurls it at the cowering Greek.

Her wit is so. His jersey number is Now all of the kids at my old school will respect me for the athlete that I am! No longer will I be picked last in team sports! Or something like that. That show is so bogus! Only morons watch that! Then, ralphmerrisnow miraculously regains consciousness. I'm talking normally now! So, mathgrant, is that stupid award show over? Rick Revolver targets ralphmerrisnow with a quarterback blitz. Tulse Luper, who, unlike most characters in RAF who just show up randomly at the start of a paragraph, is NOT a generic throwaway character, but rather an important part of the storyline, is moderating a tournament of the collectible card game Spent.

Meanwhile, Sirhc Snommel is going to have a tough time beating Puevf Yrzzbaf's ultra-powerful deck, especially since Sirhc has just 3 cards left in his deck, and if he doesn't play carefully, then he'll be in danger of losing by virtue of a depleted deck!

Quick, everybody get inside my briefcase that doesn't look like it could possibly hold four people in it! Get in the briefcase! All four of them fit. Tulse Luper locks the briefcase, and then uses the Hotel-bal Positioning System on his wristwatch to find the cause of the alarm. It is Tycho Brahe.

Oh, I wish something weird and random would happen to me! It's kinda cramped in here! Besides, I'm busy preparing for an appearance in another deathscene later! Tycho Brahe with a suitcase of Spent Matches. I wonder if Skinny Dakota has any bets he wants to make. Once I discover how he wins the bet, then I'll probably want to kill myself because I was so stupid not to think of that solution before!

The quarter is not two-headed, and is legal US tender. Nothing will touch the ping-pong ball during that time except for the air in the room, nothing will be between the ball and the floor but air, and nothing will be between the ball and the ceiling but air! In addition, the ball will not be in free-fall, but remain four to five feet above the ground the whole time. Using the cards 2H, 3C, 4S, 5C, 6S, 7H, 8S, 9H, and 10C, Skinny will sort the cards into three piles by the suits of the cards, and shuffle the cards within each pile without mixing the piles together.

Then you will pick a random card from any pile without showing it to anybody, Skinny will point to a pile, and you will pick a random card from that pile, too. If your card is higher, you win a dollar! If Skinny's card is higher, HE wins a dollar! Skinny's lips will not move the whole time!

Sir William Goes Fishing (Teabaggers Book 1)

I'll choose the fourth one. Here's a slightly less coppy-outy version of the scene. I'll just get out a straw and a glass of milk, and start blowing! My lips will not move at all! Fine, here's the final version of the deathscene, with even LESS copping out. But with books-on-tape, I don't have to worry about that! After I finish this chapter, I'll listen to the books-on-tape version of 'Marriage-Webber. And after I listen to it, I'll make Fill-it-way. Phillipe listen to it and kill him!

But first, this mystery novel thing. He still had no clue as to who murdered Ken. He decided to interrogate the pasta chef for more information. John Johnson, aged 34, was the local pasta chef. He and Ken had been friends for the longest time, or so it appeared. However, William Williams knew that John had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to make an attempt on Ken's life.

Meanwhile, Tulse Luper "See? I TOLD you there would be more of me! I always put my full faith in in-game workout modes! I'll handle it after this song is over. I've beaten all the normal levels, so I'll post on the Off-White Maze forums to find out where I can download more levels! Phillipe Mythological Son Member Post subject: Where do I get more levels? In fact, I'm sure your hotel has an audiobook with more info! I mean, I don't know how I know you're at a hotel right now.

Do what I suggested! Now, where will I find one? A suitcase zooms past the spot where Phillipe once was, and hits the ceiling right above Mr. Its contents, some old yellow paint back from the days before people realized that lead was dangerous, drips out into Mr. He dies of lead poisioning. Crucial to Crucifixion", somehow causing the case to be welded shut permanently, so that Phillipe can no longer use it to assist his suicide.

Now I can't die anymore! I guess I'm forced to live another round. Caray targets Phillipe with "Verbalcrucilists We'll just have to find out! Fri Mar 10, 2: Floor 2 is finished, floor 1 has started! Michelle never got her shirt back. Fri Mar 10, 3: No, but she did get ralphmerrirain's spare shirt, so that's something at least. Fri Mar 10, Search help preview thing: How long until the 1 year anniversary? Fri Mar 17, 3: Fri Mar 17, 5: Read the story, and send for Round 10!

Fri Mar 17, 6: Fri Mar 17, 8: Hey Jedo, let's just shoot air until floor 1 is down a bit, then we're both more likely to go through. Sat Mar 18, 5: Sun Mar 26, 9: Lucky Wizard The deadline is tonight. I might have to extend it. Tue Mar 28, 7: Pete Pistol is bored on the fifth floor of Hotel Schizophrenia, and he doesn't know what to do.

Life in the rest of the world

Hey, Wul, Hottie Kid! Then, MET goes to. I'm gonna solve it if it's the last thing I do! A note pinned to the board reads, "Play a game of Scrabble with the air MadMax. It'll be fun, honest. You know, the plural of DUE. Just make your play already! This is a crappy rack! It's one of those weird singular-is-the-same-as-plural words, like sheep, deer, and fish.

I successfully pulled off a play of a 'word' that isn't in the Scrabble dictionary! Or, as Scrabble enthusiasts call it, a 'phony'! You took the bait! We made the entire book out of chocolate, and we're going to force you to eat it as punishment for you stealing my trademark Scrabble tactic from Quirky RAF! Eat my new choco-book, you loser! Of course, because meth is some sort of RAF-player-slash-canine hybrid, the theobromine in the chocolate also happens to be quite poisonous to him. And his reincarnation on Floor 1 probably won't be some sort of RAF-player-slash-canine hybrid, so I can't cop out and use this lame story again, and will forced to write a different lame story next time he dies.

He might not, y'know? Maybe he'll go on to win this whole thing. GL Nerd targets meth with "a myth about a moth that knows math and drinks Ver'muth'. I won on Floor 2! I just thought of an even better idea! I'd best be going now, bye! They do NOT damage the air. Miracle of all miracles! The first thought on Dirk's mind is, Hey, why's he now suddenly eating French fries as well as doing all that other stuff? The second thought is, Oops, I just remembered that I left my car keys at home. The third thought is, Darn, those cards didn't hurt the air.

Maybe if I bounce them off the floor, they'll gain enough momentum to hurt the air! The fourth thought is, I think a lot. The fifth thought is, Hey, that means I am a lot! Meanwhile, Joseph Bryman wishes he could sprout a third arm so he can adjust the volume on the TV, grab handfuls of fries, and skate across the ice to the fire boots at the same time.

Let's ignore him and get back to Dirk Derringer's air-icidal maniacness. Whatever the word is. One of these cards has a mass of 5. I dunno, I guess they're made of metal or something. When I throw a card, it accelerates at I dunno, maybe he's one of those superheroes with the generic overused superpower of strength and its corresponding generic overused superweakness of being unable to control one's strength? I really need to learn mental arithmetic.

Dirk Derringer pulls out his Pock-Hit calculator and punches in a few numbers. Finally, he thinks, Aw, forgetaboutit! They bounce off of a hidden spring in the floor and ZOOM through the ceilings of all five floors. Then the cards get all dazed and stars fly around them.

Then the mini-game Domination comes up, and since the cards suck at mashing the A button, they only get, like, 70 points. The air runs for its life through said holes in said ceilings before Dirk Derringer gets a chance to hurt it. I lost my cards! I totally made up random values for the mass and acceleration of the cards, anyway.

Well, that explains everything! Meanwhile, Joseph Bryman has just gotten fat from the, like, bazillion French fries he ate, is frustrated that the teeth monster ate him for the, like, bazillionth time, and is bored from watching a, like, bazillion chase scenes. He dies of one of those causes. Why do I never see boats parked next to Fords and Chevys? We did some research and apparently the process of filing for a lost title takes two years, during which the rightful owner can come forward and claim the property. We kind of gave up on it and it's actually still parked at an apartment complex that none of us live at, next to a very nice looking bass boat.

Man, how will the West Memphis prosecutors blame this one on Satan Worship? Third obligatory photo , or how three engineers store an inflatable raft in a dorm room when they're too lazy to deflate it each time posted by DMan at 9: So another Christian Patriot vehicle stop shooting. This sort of thing will be increasing for the next nine months.

The Patriots one of the roots of the Tea Party madness are in their typical trajectory: At the bottom, this is the same milieu as the Posse Comitatus , one of the offshoots of Christian Identity started by William Potter Gale. The loon who crashed his plane into the IRS building was also coming out of this background. The Tea Party people think these folks are cool due to their anti-federal rhetoric, but don't seem to be able to suss out the hard core white supremacy and anti-Semitism that goes along with it.

Same deal as all the NRA-Republicans who vocally supported the militias without understanding until the Oklahoma City and Atlanta bombings rubbed their noses in it. Same toilet, new stain. What on earth were they trying to get away from? Is this a case of the father telling the kid to open up, or the kid going nuts and then his father covering for him in a panic? What a waste of life. I'm just glad none of the police officers were killed. I don't think their body armour can stop an AK round.

They had the paper to prove they were in the right. If West Memphis Police pulled Kane over and tried to search his car, Ionescu says Kane would have told the officers to get a warrant or give him a cash payment before allowing entry into his vehicle. Is this a law anywhere? His boy could, too. Joe was a brilliant boy. Having a gun is a privilege for the police. And these officers have not been properly trained on how to handle people like Jerry who did everything by the book. He knew more about being a police officer than police officers do. I initially read the FPP as "none were killed" as well.

Two cops were injured after two were killed. In the "third occupant" link, what are we looking at at 1: I understood the news report to say that the guys who opened fire were the only ones killed. I hadn't seen the other links. Guns don't spray the front of his truck and windshield with bullets from an AK, Game and Fish Col. Mike Knoedl said, prompting Neal to return fire Oh, he's one of those: Freeman on the land FMOL - a special kind of idiocy where people believe that if the court doesn't print your name in all caps it isn't really you and other such groaners.

A sixteen-year-old kid came out of a van with a fucking AK with the intent of murdering police officers. Gun control laws are still controversial in this country. Arkansas just recently had a debate -- a debate! Because, you know, WWJD. Did this sort of Christian terrorism happen at all during the Bush administration? Your second link was a laugh-fest, Rhomboid. From reading those godawful FMOL forums apparently part of their doctrine is also that if you never register your vehicle then you have not entered into commerce with the state and can maintain your freeman status as a sovereign entity who is not under the jurisdiction of any laws, so that explains the initial stop for having an unregistered vehicle.

The next link contains the fulltext. A church shooting in Colorado was stopped by a volunteer security guard with a concealed-carry handgun. Maybe that has something to do with it. Also, it's more than unreasonable to assume that "gun control laws" are going to stop somebody like this. This guy jumped out of his van and went on a full-on cop-killing rampage, apparently because he thinks the government is invalid since the flag has gold fringe on it -- this is not a law-abiding or sanity-abiding fellow, to say the least. I suspect that gun control laws would've been just one more thing that only applied to his "strawman" in a "Court of Admiralty" or whatever A very good question and the answer is "no".

Or if it did it received practically no press which is close to the same thing. The larger paranoid political movement that this act came out of They only rise up when when we're trying to put the howitzers away and rebuild the home front. Read this and this and this. Is there any info on what they did while inside the WalMart? My first thought was that they were purchasing more 7.

I would say rather that they are quiescent during Republican administrations. Now we're talking in tautologies. Seriously, what the hell? I just can't even process this. In a world where there is real and legitimate oppression world wide, how can these goons even try to claim they are being oppressed? If where you live is so horrifically awful to you, leave. Americans, by and large, are able to do that. Something about freedom and such. Hundreds of millions of people don't have the freedom to escape from true tyranny, meanwhile, these gun toting loons won't stop talking about the evils of paying taxes for, say, the roads they drive on to get to wal-mart to have their shoot outs.

I'm not a love it or leave it person, but these assholes, and their claim that America has been perverted, I doubt they'd have been happy in the colonies. Either way, America has changed arguably for the better, seeing as women and minorities are actually human beings with rights now , and these guys are demanding something that isn't coming back, if it was ever here before. By all means, pack up and head off to greener pastures, seriously. These guys were Sovereign Citizens.

Why wait for them to finish their Wal-Mart shopping? I can't tell if they were spotted before or after their shopping; if before, they may not have had backup and not wanted to go in while outnumbered or even, while if after, they may not have been able to move in fast enough. Guess today wasn't a good day. This sort of thing will be increasing for the next nine months Why nine months? Semtex the moneylenders out of the temple? Apprehending two armed murderers in the middle of a store filled with people would also be a bad idea.

If they're driving in the car, they are farther away from bystanders. Incomprehensible and sad as hell.


It was called the Bush administration. Same with Glenn Beck. If you go to Stormfront, you'll see that a lot of the people there think of them as naturally aligned with white supremacists to the point of being another facet of the same movement. Whether the feeling is mutual, I'm not sure, but I think it is. Bonus points for saying it like the guy at the end of Lethal Weapon 2.

So, did the cops shoot them or their strawmen? Jerry and Joe Kane Memorial: Where's the patrol car cam video? Where;s the traffic cam video? Have they buried it? I will honorably accept the truth and apologize if the media is right, but first we need to see and hear the proof. Until then it's all speculation except for the proof that Jerry and Joe were massacred by law enforcement agencies that participated in the shootout. This includes cars, houses, children who become 'wards of the state' by virtue of a birth registration , etc.

Like the monarch derives admittance to London from the Lord Mayor there? I don't get it. Jerry and Joe were Angles messengers from Yahweh. Jerry never charged or asked for money for his service. He would say I'll except a donation but it is not necessary I'm here to help you. The house across the street was in foreclosure. Jerry gave of his wealth of knowledge freely to help our neighbors. Our neighbors lived in their home for five years without paying one cent on the mortgage or property taxes.

Our neighbors decided that they did not want to continue the battle for their home. Jerry still had several ideas to save the home. Jerry and Joe were men of Yahweh and their spirits touched the The guestbook is a slice of Americana that had me shaking my head. I'd love to know what percentage of the USA's citizens think like this.

Note that the recent Idaho GOP platform advocates payments in gold: Payments to City, County or State employees requested to be paid in silver and or gold will be complied with Many of these groups germinated from or gained a lot of steam during the Reagan years, interestingly enough. I'd love to see some serious anthropological research on this, but I think you're right that their activities seem to increase during liberal administrations.

I have no idea how to begin to uproot this while respecting civil rights, but I think "regulations don't stop crazy people" is never a good reason not to pass legislation. Crazy people don't respect any laws. If we regard regulation as futile because someone, somewhere will likely ignore them, we may as well not pass any legislation at all.

The disturbing thing about the linked pages is how they demonstrate how easily people can get locked into a bad noise loop. Something feeds into some racist or paranoid assumptions they have, they start reading a couple of these conspiracy sites, and suddenly they're locking out everything but the things that confirm their worldview. From there, it's incremental -- you accept the things that tell you you're right and reject the things that tell you you're wrong.

I got an chain e-mail a while ago from a relative with some crazy right-wing racist stuff in it; I replied with an e-mail spelling out why the crazy racist stuff was crazy, and racist. The relative in question replied to me to say that he was cutting me off: There was no room for discussion or reflection -- I didn't lump into the worldview, I was one of "them. Opposing opinions aren't even wrong, they're anethema: The relative in question isn't there yet, but how can I stop him from taking this short walk down that crazy pier?

He lives miles away and won't listen to anything that doesn't feed back the same bad noise he likes to hear.