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His arrangements and delivery encompass a spectrum of styles, from delicate fingerpicking to raucous, bluesy bottleneck slide. He has since released three full-length studio albums and toured the United States, bringing his unique sound to a growing number of loyal fans. Adam now resides in Phoenix AZ and is working on a brand-new project which can be expected to release this year. He will make you laugh, make you cry and make you think with his lyrics.

December 2018

His voice is similar to the style of Garth Brooks. His music is influenced by Garth and James Taylor. He is so excited to play on the same stage as Aaron and Sarah. He talks with the audience and creates a fun, party-like environment. This is a rare opportunity to hear Tom play, because he rarely plays in public. His first show at The Listening Room was standing room only. Luis roots, living on a full-time tour. Singer-songwriters Edward Williams and Ashley Norton threw their belongings into storage three years ago and never looked back.

Now with violinist Stephanie Groot, they are returning from their 6-week European tour, sponsored by Subaru Europe. They're currently working on their 6th studio release along with a plethora of unique music videos. She has been likened to Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Edie Brikell and Alanis Morrisette, yet her idiosyncratic voice and quirks beautifully set her in a league of her own. Rachel has two albums previously released by RMK Music now re-released by Rachel Mari Kimber and are available by contacting her through this site, or digital on CD baby.

He speaks English, Swedish and German fluently. His parents retired in Rapid City South Dakota and shortly thereafter he was infected with rock n roll fever and became involved in the local music scene. His band Zulu caught the attention of talent scouts from Los Angeles, and Peter moved to LA where he shredded the Sunset Strip and beyond for the next 30 years, releasing numerous records and jamming with everyone from Billy Idol to Slash and Johnny Depp. After shuttering the Restaurant and amicably parting ways with his wife of 28 years, Peter recently moved to Scottsdale.

He is in the process of bringing an exciting new restaurant concept to the Southwest, hopefully opening their first location in Scottsdale in early Peter loves to hike and has had a life-long love for Weimaraners. He continues to play his music professionally and can be seen performing around the greater Phoenix area! His YouTube channel is filled with original songs and favorite covers. Michael began his love affair with music at 14 and was always drawn to the smooth sounds of soul music. Over the years, Michael excelled in his craft by learning piano and guitar along with growing and developing his vocal abilities.

While touring as a professional musician on a national level, and working as a live performer and entertainer, Michael began to feel like he was trying to be everything for everyone else. It was during this time that he began to dream and work towards pursuing a solo career and become the most genuine version of who he is as an artist.

Millie has a voice of an angel and the heart of 1, angels. Her soothing voice has been known to quell dark, angry bars full of ornery old Irishmen. Currently, she averages around shows per year nationwide. Musical parents influenced Mike at an early age and by the time he was in grade school, he was already performing.

Yevadu 3 (Agnyaathavaasi) 2018 New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie - Pawan Kalyan, Keerthy Suresh

By high school, he was entrenched in Rock 'N Roll music and signed by a record label. Mike's road to Rock 'N Roll stardom took a left-hand turn when he was drafted into the U. He served a tour of duty in Viet Nam and then resumed a music career that led to a gig as a radio DJ and eventually into TV news anchoring.

Drawing from an eclectic set of influences, YUS creates emotive soundscapes that strike listeners with their depth and impactful lyrics. In June , Jerusafunk released their seventy-minute self-produced odyssey, "The Hierophant," which they followed up with their first east coast tour Summer , and then a west coast tour in Summer Java Magazine commends the album: Come early and come hungry! Benjamin Benulis is a plant-based doctor of chiropractic in Central Phoenix who helps people overcome chronic disease conditions.

He has been doing amateur stand-up comedy for 10 years and has performed at vegan festivals and venues such as the Woodstock Fruit Festival and the Berkeley Animal Rights center. Cam F Awesome is a multi-time national champion boxer, keynote speaker, standup comic, and an advocate of the plant-based lifestyle since Find Cam on social media at CamFAwesome. Meagan Justine Magnuson is a Punk Rock Vegan, aspiring comedian, self-proclaimed garbanzo efficianado. This special performance is sponsored by Outside Our Bubble. Notes from Neptune is endorsed by Laude Lakey Mouthpieces. Scott Worstell Scott is a guitarist of 30 years.

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Nylon string guitar is his preferred instrument. While playing some essence of classical and flamenco for the nylon string guitar he mixes in styles of pop, rock and jazz. His skills are breathtaking and when you listen, you are amazed at how easy he makes it look. With a little mix of raspy yet classic smooth sound he sings many styles such as Sting, Pink Floyd and Harry Connick Jr. Thomas Love Thomas is a Saxophonist of 30 years. Alto sax is his most comfortable sax. But he does play Soprano and Bari sax. With the gospel styles of Kirk Whalum and the jazz styles of Stanley Turrentine in his background, he uses his sax as a voice and when you hear his sax it really speaks to you on a soulful level.

He had a chance to play for an event where the Owner of Claude Lakey heard him.

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But not only because he plays a great sax, by the way he's been playing on Claude Lakey for the past 20 years, but Thomas brings a different element to the table. Combined with his jazzy, gospel, spiritual sax, they take you musically to places that you have been waiting your whole life to go. Together they make up the band Notes From Neptune. Playing as a duo or a full band, this is what it feels like to jump on a rocket and blast off for a space journey where for a few hours your leave all your cares behind and close your eyes and see music completely different than anything your seen and heard before.

They take songs you know, and songs that you've never heard of and allow you hear them for the first time all over again. You rarely get a chance to experience and even re-experience music the way Notes From Neptune plays it. It's like reimagining music. I know once you hear it you will love it and also wonder what galaxy of music you will enter next.

Join this group of hilarious misfits as they sing the funniest, dirtiest, most inappropriate-st Christmas songs of our generation. This little shindig is B. The night includes songs from: The Thinking Woman's EroticaIn Wales, a young woman's sensuality is awakened by an outrageous inheritance.

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  • In Oklahoma, a rainmaker offers a drought-stricken town salvation at a controversial price. In Sydney, a record producer struggles to balance wife and mistress - until one of them takes matters into her own hands. Quin, an obsessive sound recordist and sensualist, falls in lust with an older woman's voice when she accidentally calls his recording studio. For her it is the sexual experience of a lifetime as he ultimately rides her into a spectacularly loud orgasm that almost blows his speakers.

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    A frustrated young wife of a conductor shocks her husband and titillates a whole orchestra through public rough sex with a stranger. After a traumatic break-up with a married man Dorothy Owen returns to the Welsh village of her mother and inherits an heirloom from her spinster witch aunt that both empowers and pleasures her sexually.


    But when she finally lands a boyfriend the heirloom causes all kind of erotic supernatural mischief. Three stories from two of Tobsha Learner's sensuous collections of erotic tales: A disillusioned young nun goes to a Greek island to renew her faith. In a parade she touches a holy relic: This propels her into an supernatural and erotic odyssey of emotional and sexual fulfilment. A famous cuckolded conductor on tour sweats his self-doubt out in a sexual fantasy of submission and naughty schoolgirls, until he is awoken by strange sounds in next hotel room next door.

    Cassandra is an overweight telesales rep who lives a whole sexual fantasy life through her avatar, who is a famous porn star on Second Life. She is convinced all her desires are fulfilled until real life beckons. Three tales from Tobsha Learner's sensuous trilogy of erotica: Yearn, Quiver and Tremble. A womanising artist is set-up by a jilted lover who sets out to frustrate and undermine him through an orgy of girl on girl, only to find herself swept up in the explicit fantasy. An exciting and seductive story plucked from the pages of Tobsha Learner's Quiver.

    Jerome is a gorgeous hunk who likes to entertain the young mothers in his ice-cream van after school.

    LOVE YOUR-SELF AWAKE | The Listening Room Phoenix

    An explicit adventure into the oral pleasures of ice cream and other illicit temptations. A dark and seductive story plucked from the pages of Tobsha Learner's Quiver. Our Books See all Books. Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman. Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. The Dry by Jane Harper.