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Sport fishing is still sport fishing, and even with all those fancy amenities, or maybe because of them, there is lot of sleeping-off hangovers on the way out to sea runs to the nearby canyons take hours, translating into 4 a. In the film, that click-click-click served as the ever-so-subtle signal that the killer fish had grabbed the bait and was readying for an epic run. Around the Alabama boat, however, all was calm for nearly their entire second day out.

Along with the top prize at the end of the week for the heaviest white marlin—the biggest payout—and for biggest blue marlin, tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and shark, there are smaller daily prizes.

Despite their names, the blues and the whites share the same color schemes: What sets them apart is their size. Blue marlin can grow to more than 1, pounds, 10 times the size of their white cousins. Whites are more cautious, and pound-for-pound extremely tough fighters, which is what makes them such a great challenge. Certainly there is something primal to big-game fishing in what feels like the middle of the ocean. Cheryl McLeskey, of Virginia Beach, won in with a pound white marlin.

A 1,pound blue marlin caught in at the white marlin open.

They are a strange blend of reality TV and spring break for sunburned, middle-aged adults. Local journalists this is the stuff of front-page news in Delmarva inevitably descend with notebooks and cameras for interviews as the hunters unload their catches and bask in the anticipation and attention of the crowd. Witnessing the slightly inebriated audience cheer and applaud while one of the huge animals is strung up by its tail overhead—its weight and length called out by an announcer—adds to the surreal spectacle.

The fact that these animals have been considered for the U. The use of circle hooks, which are more difficult for fish to swallow, does make successful catch-and-release efforts for commercial and sport fishermen more likely and should help rebuild the stock of marlin and other fish. Motsko says that 98 percent of the billfish caught during the tournament are released. The most pressing concern facing the White Marlin Open is the continued use of so-called lie-detector tests. The underpinning theory is that false or deceptive responses generate physiological responses different from those associated with non-deceptive responses.

Yet, no specific physiological reactions are associated with lying. Confounding matters, each polygraph examiner uses their own scoring method. The FBI, the CIA, and many police departments may still use polygraphs in interrogations, but polygraphs are not admissible in prosecuting criminal cases because of their fallibility.

Strange and True Tales From the White Marlin Open

District Judge Richard D. Bennett ruled the polygraph exams could be admitted in the Heasley case and that the WMO complied with its obligations under tournament rules. He also went by more than polygraph tests in rendering his judgment: He also says he defended himself in court against the tournament to protect his personal reputation and prove he had won the largest billfishing tournament in the world—an accomplishment, he acknowledges, he could hang a hat on for the rest of his life. Heasley, 69, one of nine children, grew up fishing on Long Island Sound with his grandfathers and dad.

He referred to the polygraph testing as a dehumanizing experience. Later, after they were well on their way back to town the guys told the girls that as they entered the kitchen everything was in desperate shape, except a newly set kitchen table complete with a very shiny and sharp-looking set of butcher knives. That, apparently, was all they needed to see! Thanks for sharing the story, Kent! Kent, I live in between cleveland and Manitowoc also. I moved here about 5 yrs ago.

Meet Mick Dodge

Im definitely going to be asking him about theses stories. Ill get back to you if he knows anything or others in his family. May have to check some of these out. But you are right, Ryan. Anyone else ever heard of the Ghost Dogs of Oulu? My wife and I were going over the list and she mentioned it— she grew up near there and has heard many stories. Cranberry road, grandmere Bridgman, MI. I myself have seen a huge Big foot type monster. Brown reddish hair and about 9 foot tall. Accompanied by strange white lights or orbs. This creature screamed in a almost human type voice.

Several people seen this animal? He was so Distress he had to spend some time in mental hospital. He told me he was hunting and creature came up to him said he never heard it coming said it was 10 feet tall reddish brown hair over body and let out human like scream.

Said he was so scared he couldnt pull up hes shot gun to shoot. He sold all hes guns shortly after. He never got over it.

The Wonderful Wilderness of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

He never hunt in those woods again. Besides the report itself, time and location are important to the report. Anything provided after that is helpful. One of the things that is painfully obvious in research of this topic is the enormous amount of people who experience real-life trauma following their sighting. Reports are mostly anecdotal in many cases but for many reasons people refuse to make these publicly known. We me, you, viewers are seeing people in greater numbers reporting them.

Does that mean there great numbers of bipedal things out running around scarring people? Say like, breeding populations? Does it mean there are more people and therefore the encounters are only commensurate with the growing Michigan population? But the reports like yours help placing just another piece in the puzzle and those that will follow yours.

Sightings occur in greatest numbers by hunters or sportsmen and motorists closely followed by property owners. Home Pounding or House Pounding as some refer to it is described as loud bangs or pounding on the side of the house or trailer mostly during early hours morning hours. Almost as though these things know when the occupants are asleep ….

Window Peeking are another example of growing reports in Michigan. All of these little nuggets of information would never be known but without reports like yours and others like yours. I didnt believe until we began to get weird pictures, door handle jiggling in plain sight, old time fire alarms would go off, you would hear flutes being played clear as day, I found myself walking through a cloud of cigar smoke on the top floor at 2AM when it was only myself and a few friends staying in the hotel.

We would hear foot steps, doors opening and closing, alarm clocks going off, TVs coming on in empty rooms, sliding dining room doors being shook so hard you would have thought they were being broken down. A seance there solidified it for me, the medium looked me straight in my eyes and told me my great grandfather Hubert wanted to give me a message.

So it was a sobering experience. My mother had just won some money at the Lake of the Torches casino and decided she wanted to go home. She took the scenic route through the back roads of the reservation around 1: She stopped the car, and it ran across the road into her headlights. It stopped in the ditch on the left side of the road, and my mom rolled down her window to get a better look at it.

It was watching her. But then a well-known member of the community who has a solid reputation of being an honest man called the police to report seeing the same thing in his backyard, and after that, it was given more serious consideration.

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That is one freaky story, Jessie. I bet your mom gets nervous going out in the dark these days! Not just one but 3 of them over Lake Michigan in Racine. One of which got really close to the car I was sitting in. When I opened the door to step out and get a better look it shot across the sky at crazy speeds and disappeared. I sat in the car and watched for minutes before attempting to get out. I lived in baraboo for a while. I heard of the devils lake one. Its supposed to be some supernatural hot spot or something.

Anyways, i never experienced anything significant out there other than it takes about a minute longer to leave than it does to get there. I kept us carefully driving the same speed both ways while running a stop watch. Also, the old baraboo inn is supposed to be haunted along with that whole stretch of the baraboo river. I lived one block from the river right in that area.

I called to my roommates and our friend to make sure i wasnt just seeing things, they all saw it. We heard clear and decently loud knocking on the ouside of the kitchen window while we were in the kitchen. It was an exposed basement on that side so it was 2 stories up. No way someone could have reached it from outside. My roommate and her friend swore seeing a lady in a white dress.

When we were all done i put the camera on my night stand and we hung out in the living room. After like 15 minutes we heard a crash come from my room. My night stand somehow collapsed. The basement of the house had such an erie evil feeling that i wouldnt go down there by myself. There are different opinions about sleep paralasis, but i never experienced it before this house. Its terrifying, especially the first few times it happens. I had it at least three times a week while living there. Since moving out 10 or so years ago i havent had it once. Return to the table of contents.

The Silkie Wife Shetland and Orkney Islands Those in the Shetland and Orkney Islands who know no better, are persuaded that the seals, or silkies, as they call them, can doff their coverings at times, and disport themselves as men and women. A fisher once turning a ridge of rock, discovered a beautiful bit of green turf adjoining the shingle, sheltered by rocks on the landward side, and over this turf and shingle two beautiful women chasing each other.

Just at the man's feet lay two sealskins, one of which he took up to examine it. The women, catching sight of him, screamed out, and ran to get possession of the skins. One seized the article on the ground, donned it in a thrice, and plunged into the sea; the other wrung her hands, cried, and begged the fisher to restore her property; but he wanted a wife, and would not throw away the chance.

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He wooed her so earnestly and lovingly, that she put on some woman's clothing which he brought her from his cottage, followed him home, and became his wife. Some years later, when their home was enlivened by the presence of two children, the husband, awakening one night, heard voices in conversation from the kitchen. Stealing softly to the room door, he heard his wife talking in a low tone with someone outside the window.

The interview was just at an end, and he had only time to ensconce himself in bed, when his wife was stealing across the room. He was greatly disturbed, but determined to do or say nothing till he should acquire further knowledge. Next evening, as he was returning home by the strand, he spied a male and female phoca sprawling on a rock a few yards out at sea.

The rougher animal, raising himself on his tail and fins, thus addressed the astonished man in the dialect spoken in these islands, "You deprived me of her whom I was to make my companion; and it was only yesternight that I discovered her outer garment, the loss of which obliged her to be your wife.

I bear no malice, as you were kind to her in your own fashion; besides, my heart is too full of joy to hold any malice. Look on your wife for the last time. The other seal glanced at him with all the shyness and sorrow she could force into her now uncouth features; but when the bereaved husband rushed toward the rock to secure his lost treasure, she and her companion were in the water on the other side of it in a moment, and the poor fisherman was obliged to return sadly to his motherless children and desolate home.

The islanders were often in the habit of visiting the outlying Vee Skerries for the purpose of hunting seals. On one occasion a man named Herman Perk, accompanied by others, left for the skerries in a small boat. When they arrived there Herman was landed on the rocks, but his companions remained in the boat to prevent it getting damaged. It happened, however, that a severe storm burst without warning, and the men found after several daring attempts, that it was quite impossible to get Herman off again.

The storm was increasing in severity, and latterly they were compelled, for their own safety, to attempt getting back to Papa. After a terrible passage they succeeded in reaching the island, and their first act was to proceed to the home of their ill-fated companion to tell his folk what had befallen him.

Imagine their surprise, however, on finding him comfortably seated at his fireside. Herman had a strange story to tell them. Shortly after the boat left the skerries, he observed a large seal coming up, and as he watched its progress, it suddenly raised itself in the angry sea, and he became aware that it was speaking to him.

Some time ago my wife Maryara was made captive in Papa. Her skin is now hanging in the skio hut for drying fish at Nortoos, and without it she cannot return with me to Finmark [in northern Norway]. It is the third skin from the door, and I wish you to bring it to me. The latter immediately took to the water, and in a remarkably short time Herman had the gratification of landing safely in Papa.

True to his promise, he went to the skio indicated, where he found the skin without any difficulty, and carried it down to the beach.