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Emily 2, books view quotes. Jun 28, Chesterton to cure me of the Rand syndrome. What I mean by philosophical novels are ones that ask the big, ultimate questions: Is there a God? What is wrong with the world?

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Out of the hundreds of titles that I could choose from, here are three must-reads:. From French Algeria to the American coasts, young men carried this novel folded in their back pockets, relying on it the way their elders had relied on the Bible. Yet he does feel, only his feelings are based on empirical reality: Abstract realities such as familial bonds, love, and professional calling mean nothing to him.

In a completely different vein, C. The book is the finale to a sci-fi trilogy beginning with Out of the Silent Planet and Perelandra but it can stand alone and often enters into conversation with other English dystopias that warned against the political ills of communism or fascism or sheer anarchy—think Animal Farm , Brave New World , Oryx and Crake , A Clockwork Orange , and The Children of Men.

On one side is the grotesque severed head of a criminal as the ideal of progressives who want to make the human being into little more than a mind.

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The alternative is a community of love, sacrifice, and goodness. Also, you may look forward to an unsettling cameo by the wizard Merlin. When reduced to plot, philosophical novels lack luster, which is what happened to my third suggested text, The River Why , in The book has had a cult following for more than thirty years and is a bildungsroman like The Alchemist and Life of Pi , where many worldviews are engaged.

Fishing becomes a metaphor for life in the novel, as Gus tries to determine how to live.

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He is a newly minted high school graduate with a dedication to a hobby that seems obsessive and obscures his nature as a human being, even from himself. Even more so in In a culture in which algorithms control the content we consume—what movies to watch, what goods to buy, what news to listen to—the choice to read a book whose philosophy opposes our own and questions our sacred assumptions is nothing short of revolutionary.

A Festival of Writing and the Arts. She is the author of three books: Giving the Devil His Due:

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