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Tommy Gardner and Atlas have sworn to free them.

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Some of the Captor ships are more than two thousand miles wide with energy weapons millions of years more advanced than anything the Stars Realm possesses. One wrong decision could lead to the total destruction of the Realm but to w The Captors have imprisoned millions of the Alfont in their home system in a far away galaxy. One wrong decision could lead to the total destruction of the Realm but to wait is disaster. The Stars Realm is finally at peace and the Algeans are now allies of the Realm. The Gardner's youngest child, Tommy, has made a quest to free the captured Alfont from the Captors that have held them imprisoned for more than sixty million years.

The Captors have annihilated more than a million planets whose starships had the misfortune to stumble into their domain and Tommy is putting the Realm on a collision course with these beings that show no mercy. The difference maker in the coming conflict could be two Algean Adolescents that have started their education. These two will find redemption for all the destroyed worlds their race harvested and perhaps even more than redemption, each other. The Annihilation Series continues and the action is non-stop as the Stars Realm fights to survive its most dangerous opponent.

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To ask other readers questions about Tommy's Tale , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Apr 15, Brandon Mather rated it really liked it.

Tommy’s Tale (Annihilation #4) - Saxon Andrew

Would have given it 5 stars. I loved the story but the writing left something to be desired. There were also times were some characters would do something so completely illogical, and that goes against their personality that it made me stop and think "Wait, why did that just happen? Why would you say something like that at the worst possible time to say it? In the end I enjoyed it. Jul 29, Anuj rated it liked it. With previously dead people coming back to life etc its like nothing bad can happen to the heroes so does not lend well to the story.

As you pretty much know its going to end well and another thing is this understanding your enemy always is a bit annoying as well.

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Nov 07, Jim rated it did not like it. Forget about reading these books unless you are 11 and read like a first grader! Needs some adult content Richard Lopez rated it it was amazing Apr 03, Crawford,Sr rated it really liked it May 22, Alexander Kyle rated it liked it Sep 18, Roy Gibbons rated it it was amazing Nov 02, Roger Bosch rated it it was amazing Dec 12, Ronan rated it really liked it Sep 16, Tony Hisgett rated it liked it May 16, I rated it it was amazing Feb 03, A Rose Grows In Weeds is Volume 3 of the Annihilation series, and seems to be written as the end of a trilogy, although the series has many more books now.

Main storylines are wrapped up, and in general the story has more of a finished quality to it at the end. The story continues the lives of Thomas Gardner Tag and Danielle Gardner and the continuing growth and battles of the Alliance, a large group of worlds banded together. It deals with relationships and abilities about years in the future, between Earth and many other "alien" species.

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  • Tommy's Tale (Annihilation, #4) by Saxon Andrew.

Psychic powers are now quite dominant,although we no longer see the group of Earth psychics who helped determine the best outcome of futures from present actions. By this volume, any connection with Earth is small; the governing group and seat of government have moved to a former colony world, and Earth has no more power than any other world. The pattern is still "the good guys always win", though for the first time in three volumes, the Earthlings and the Alliance in general actually lose a battle.

This is used more as a demonstration of how powerful is this race they are fighting than anything else. The pattern of bigger and better weapons and ships continues, to the point where one might wonder when they may get too powerful. A more reasonable question is how they can improve so quickly, as it seems like the Alliance just gets one armada of vessels built, and they suddenly have a huge leap forward in ability and technology, causing them to rebuild everything again.

The other prong of the "good guys always win" idea is that more of the more powerful foes, once they are vanquished, quickly become solid allies, because both sides were obviously just misunderstood until psychic discussion clears everything up. By this volume, the pattern is becoming both predictable and tiresome.

Something else that is very predictable is the writing structure, and the high amount of mistakes in spelling, tense, dropped words, and homonyms. There are also MANY extra double quote marks in extraneous places, which gets a bit confusing. This is just one of many of this type error, but it was a nice, short sentence to use. It series is still written on more of a teen level, with little explanation for technical advances, or deeper background on anything. The characters are well set by this time, so development other than for Rose, is minimal.

Since this book is about her as much as anything else, she is well developed.

Annihilation - Tommy's Tale

This is still a relatively fast read, although it did take me almost three days rather than the one or so of the first two volumes. Overall, I think this book has dropped into the high 3-star range, and as the series progresses, the overall rating seems to be slowly sinking. September 21, - Published on Amazon. The whole series is good, if you can get your head around the fact that the basic plot is being repeated in every book. It just gets greater and grander as you proceed through the series.

I guess the authors premise is "if it works why fix it!

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I know exactly how it's going to run but I will still download the ebook and read it because each story sucks you in until you are totally absorbed. There are a quite a few inane and irritating things in all his books relating to inadequate proof reading. Most of them seem to be from using Microsoft Word or similar "find and replace" feature and assuming that the resulting edit is perfect.

I would even go so far as to say Saxon Andrews is like a poor man's alternative to David Weber. He probably wont like the comparison but until Saxon gets his act together on the proof reading and he diversifies his plots a little more the comparison stands. To offset that comment a little. Where David Weber uses a lot of "filler" in his novels to expand them out with sub-plots, Saxon Andrews gets straight to the core of the plot like an arrow going from the bow to it's target. The result is a fast paced and usually exciting journey which leaves you quickly reaching for Amazon's download link for more.

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June 26, - Published on Amazon. First, let me say the story line, arc, etc. I am among the people who couldn't stop reading in parts because the story was so compelling. I applaud the author for really getting most of the elements right! Having said that, this passion has been tempered by extreme frustration with the poor editing, and I mean really poor.

I hope Frank MacDonald named as editor was either an unpaid friend who tried to help, or completely uninvolved with the Kindle edition. Really distracting mistakes in this book made it hard to focus in many chapters, and really took away from the experience. Additionally, and this is more a personal opinion, the repeating elements of the storyline have begun to completely bore me. Does the universe need saving? If you are a good person, and you find your true love, you will never again have anything bad happen to you, AND you will win.

Good guy, but no soulmate? You are a redshirt. Second, some basic issues that may be editing, may be writing. When you have a fleet of , ships, is it really a problem to find 20 new captains? Do you really have to raid the academy and upset the whole of the Navy? The story revolving around 12 or so people seems completely at odds with the incredibly massive numbers of ships and people involved in the story. And we all know if makes sense for Corporals to become Generals, and Ensigns to become Admirals, in a few months, because a true heart is all you need to lead, forget all that experience, management, etc.

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It is just so frustrating to read!