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O Bobbie Faye wakes up one morning thinking that she will have the day to prepare for her home visit regarding her niece. Considering her explosive past yes literally!

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The fatalities include her trailer, her car, a bank, a truck, a boat Since there is a very nice summary above in the book details I won't make you read any further summary by me. LOL From the story line, I believe the author wants you to know that while this is an unbelievable day by our standards, it is a normal day in Bobbie Faye's life. That tells me that any sequel will be even funnier and loads of fun as well! This book is very entertaining and I laughed through much of it. Her family and friends are a riot and the men in her life are just hot! If you find this at your library If you like to buy books I don't think you'll regret it.

Most of us enjoyed the cute humor and some laugh-out-loud moments.

It was especially easy to relate to for those us who are from small towns. While there was some disagreement on the characters, some liking Bobbie Faye, everyone liked both male leads. What we didn't like so much: Did you catch the al 2. Did you catch the all caps? It was pretty much like reading a book in all caps, all the time.

The action was non-stop, which sounds like a good thing, but it gave us no breathing room Much of the book felt forced to some of us, as if the author was "trying" too hard to be the next Janet Evanovich and not quite getting there. There were also a few of us who found Bobbie Faye not too likeable or relateable. Overall, this book packed a punch of fun, non-stop, one-day action, but for most of the Booker Hookers, it was simply too much. There are a lot of good things about this book, but a couple that bugged me as well.

Man, if you though Stephanie Plum was a disaster in the making, then you never met Bobbie Faye. I think her destruction total for this one book equaled about the first 5 books for Stephanie. What could have been better: Bobbie Faye's brother has a habit of getting himself into bad-women situations, but it is particularly bad when he is kidnapped by a gangster. Bobbie Faye that is currently taking care of her niece has to save him, while running from the cops, the FBI, ex-boyfriends, news reporters and a social services' assistant. I was utterly surprised to find this over the top in comparison, I never thought of Plum books Bobbie Faye's brother has a habit of getting himself into bad-women situations, but it is particularly bad when he is kidnapped by a gangster.

I was utterly surprised to find this over the top in comparison, I never thought of Plum books as toned down but somehow they feel more realistic and I like their humour better. This was an entertaining action story though I missed being introduced to the characters and confused them a lot. The suspense did not work at all, and the end was written to make me buy the second book, which I did not enjoy since I am afraid the suspense is again poorly built.

Jul 09, Kristen rated it liked it Shelves: This is a great read, if you need some laughs. The main character, Bobbie Faye Sumrall, is a caring person who defends her family and protects her niece and helps her brother, when he's in trouble. We understand why this bad day has gotten worse by the minute. And with every twist and turn, we're in for a surprise at the end. Every dog has its day, but for Bobbie Fays, she ends up with tons of rotten lu This is a great read, if you need some laughs. Every dog has its day, but for Bobbie Fays, she ends up with tons of rotten luck.

There's a hint of romance and oodles of humor into this mystery series.

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When you think it couldn't worse for her, it did with tons of obstacles. This one is a hoot. This is another book that I wouldn't have read if it wasn't for my book club. It was cute and funny but a bit predictable. It sort of reminds me of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series but not as funny.

View all 6 comments. Oct 12, Candace rated it it was amazing. Oh LORD, this was funny! And what a fabulous character, that Bobbie Faye. We're quite fortunate that she's fictional. Because otherwise, well, most of us here in eastern Texas would just have to move to the other side of the state, away from Louisiana! That way, we could still enjoy reading about her without becoming innocent bystanders. Nov 20, D. I enjoyed this book soo much!

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It was fast paced, funny, with a very interesting and distinctive heroine and a thorougly adventourous plot. I loved that when Bobbie Faye said she could do something, she really could sometimes better than everybody but at the same time she wasn't stupid - crazy, yes but she knew what she could handle and what she couldn't and she's always thinking with her head.

Jul 13, Jen rated it liked it Shelves: I was pleasantly surprised to discover this was not a romance, since it seemed to be billed as one. I would class this as a combination of mystery and "chick lit", since it was much more focused on the humor and adventure.

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A fun, easy read, very humorous and engaging. Jan 04, Magpie67 rated it it was amazing. Like a Stephanie Plum novel but on crack. High speed hilarity with the most quirky characters ever. Everything in the book happens in one day and it's filled with racy language and two gorgeous men. Oct 03, Anne rated it it was amazing.

The right mix of humor, mystery, adventure, and a splash of romance. Bobbie Faye is a one woman army, and everything she touches becomes a potential WMD. Jun 06, Jill rated it liked it. This was really more of a 3. Almost would have been a 4, if not for a few details. If you are looking for a crazy fun summer read, this is it! I was so glad to see there are more. I plan to take the next installment on my beach vacation in a few weeks.

Bobbie Faye is a whirlwind of a natural disaster, although with the best of intentions. She just creates havoc wherever she goes. Or rather, havoc Follows her, wherever she goes! I love crazy, down and dirty characters, and this story is This was really more of a 3. I love crazy, down and dirty characters, and this story is chock full of such people. Picture the crazy cousin that everyone has a story about That's about the gist of it.

Although at times it was a little overboard with the redneck sterotypes probably what knocked it down a notch for me , overall I thought it was a fun story with characters I can want to see more of. Hopefully the next story is just as good or better! Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun Completely ridiculous, highly entertaining tale of kidnapping, robbery, more robbery, more kidnapping that drags you along for the ride. A heroine in the vein of Stephanie Plum, male leads who give Ranger and Morelli a run for their money.

What more could you want? Apart from a sequel! May 13, April Suter rated it it was amazing. Can Bobbie Faye's day get even worse? Yes, yes it can. Her brother is kidnapped, her sister was arrested by her ex-boyfriend, her niece is missing and her trailer is flooded and flipped to its side.

People are shooting at her and for her, thank goodness she has friends and now a guy she kidnapped. Yep, I am hooked on this series. Jul 31, Jenny rated it really liked it. Registered on Bookcrossing - http: This was a really fun book! Lots of humor mixed in with suspense and action. Not a cozy mystery, but not a traditional mystery by any means. Think Stephanie Plum if she lived in New Orleans. Aug 25, Kristine rated it it was ok. Picked this book up because reviews said it was as funny Stephanie Plum series, in my opinion, not true.

Laughed maybe once and found some of the "adventures" hard to follow due their completely improbable nature. Got a good deal on book two in this series also, so I guess I'll try it sometime. May 18, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: I think I would give this a 4. I love the characters, and the story was over-the-top in the best sort of way. I like the original name of the book, too. Not sure why it was renamed later.

Feb 05, Judy rated it liked it. I'm torn between 2 and 3 stars. It is kind of dumb and completely ridiculous, but that is exactly what I was going for. If you need a break from boring serious stuff this is the cure and it will keep you delightfully entertained. More wackiness and less eyerolling than Stephanie Plum. Jul 26, Mcvalens rated it liked it. About half way through and just not interested enough to carry on. This is light and airy and just not enough.

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Aug 04, A n n a rated it it was amazing. Dec 17, Kimmi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hilarious with a side of rip roaring funny.

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Volume One Confidential 1. Product details Mass Market Paperback: Martin's Paperbacks; Original edition June 2, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention causey funny laugh action toni loud plum stephanie mcgee trailer evanovich brother bobby entertaining southern adventure louisiana sumrall janet contraband.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. I was a bit worried for the first couple of pages because I had no idea what was coming. But about the time we're introduced to Roy, Bobbie Faye's brother, the action kicks in and it's non-stop action with plenty of F-bombs and snark to keep you smiling. I don't review books often, or especially well, but I can't help but tell you about Bobbie Faye.

She's likable and loyal and nowhere close to perfect - just the kind of gal I can relate to. In fact I can't help but think a few wrong turns and my life could be hers. The writing is especially good. I can't remember one time when the language or writing dropped me out of the story. Toni has a grasp on storytelling and she doesn't let the words get in the way. The writing is clean and crisp and carries the story along without a hitch. In fact, if the writing wasn't excellent I think I may have questioned the story line as slightly implausible, but I didn't.

Toni's writing took me all the way to the end and I was delighted with the hilarious plot twists. I also liked that I couldn't really tell who the man in Bobbie Faye's life would be until the very end. I wasn't certain how things would turn out, and that kept me reading way past my bedtime. One person found this helpful.

I purchased this book for a book club.

Charmed and Dangerous

At the meeting, most people enjoyed the book to be fair, it's definitely a light read with zero thought provoking moments, so if you're into an easy read this may not be so bad. The author kept trying to cram this ideology down the reader's throats that Bobbie Faye is akin to the greatest human being in existence.

She's talented, to the point that she's a better shot than FBI agents. It was just an absurd story with big stretches for plot that were ridiculous, and not in an entertaining way. Bad thing after bad thing keeps happening in what feels like a year is actually just a day. The whole book just drags on and on and probably could have just been cut in half. I just genuinely didn't enjoy it. However, if you like southern culture, easy reads, and outrageous situations this may be the book for you. You seriously will laugh until you hurt.

For anyone that is on Murphy's speed dial For any klutzes out there For anyone who feels the universe hates you This is a book for you. Bobbie Faye and company are real people with beyond real lives. I found out after I purchased it that the entire series has been reissued in mass market paperback with the original titles I wish I'd known that before I purchased this one, since I don't want to miss a minute of Bobbie Faye. I can find books 2 and 3 on Amazon in the mass market collection, but unfortunately, I have been unable to locate the first book in the series with the other title.

Wonderful, but you really want to get the full treatment, IMO. I know I do. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. The whole Bobbie Faye series is a hoot. It is a farfetched but version of some of the characteristics of life in Southern Louisanna. There were scenes set in an activity common to the area that are extremely funny send ups and had me laughing out loud. Many of the expressions used I had to read to my husband immediately.