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Read "The Feather Kiss" by Rachel Rager with Rakuten Kobo. Lydia has loved Brett from afar since high school. After an accident left his sister in the hospital.

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After his sister's death, though, Grindelwald fled the country and Dumbledore thereafter led a celibate life and never got involved with anyone else again for fear that allowing himself to love another man would cause him to again completely lose his moral compass. Ekaterin from the Vorkosigan Saga had a relationship with her first husband that was borderline abusive.

Miles has to convince her that things could be different with him. Unfortunately, he decides to approach that task as if it were a covert ops mission This seriously impairs any possible relationship with Eragon, and is part of why she rejects him. When he finally loves again, his beloved Stefen turns out to be 'Lendel reincarnated, though neither of them realize it at first. Rana's isolation stems from a bad experience with her First Love. Specifically, Daniar accidentally stole her crush, Tyrone. In truth, Zarracka killed him because she failed to steal him from Daniar.

She's been divorced twice which is a big deal in an Irish-Catholic family like hers , and to make matters even MORE awkward, her second husband who divorced her because he wanted a family, whereas Murphy didn't because she wanted to keep working as a police officer later ended up marrying her little sister. As a result, she doesn't want a serious relationship with anyone, including Harry and Harry doesn't want a casual one since he has abandonment issues, due to losing both his parents at a young age and not having a family for most of his life.

In Pact , Blake Thorburn has an instinctive fear of intimacy or physical contact, stemming from his time spent homeless, when he joined a Cult where sex was used by the cult leader as a tool of manipulation, deceit, and control. He escaped, but has some complicated feelings about it, and thinks of himself as a flawed, broken person as a result.

In Persuasion , Captain Wentworth can't get over an old heartbreak, but it complicates his relationship with the same woman. After Anne Elliot broke their engagement, he spent eight years at sea in the Napoleonic Wars and winds up in her social circle by accident. His sister and brother-in-law are sure he's looking for a wife because he makes a lot of noise about wanting a woman of firm character and flirts with the Musgrove sisters, but in truth he's being passive-aggressive at Anne—he's still in love with her.

Fortunately for them both, she still loves him, and he gets over himself enough to rectify things. Also occurs, surprisingly enough, with Casey. He still carries a great deal of grief over the apparent death during a bombing of his AP photographer girlfriend in Chechnya, who later turned out to have survived and was actually a French spy. However much more significant was the even earlier loss of his fiance, Kathleen Mc Hugh , who he was forced to give up when he faked his death to join a Marine Special Forces unit. How profoundly the latter affected him can be seen when, after a mission to protect Kathleen and the daughter he didn't realize he had from his ex-commanding officer forced him to confront what he had lost, for the first time in the series Casey openly warned Chuck about letting Sarah slip away, and openly showed support for his feelings for her.

In the That '70s Show episode "Your Time is Gonna Come", shortly after Jackie starts dating with Hyde, she sees her previous boyfriend Kelso kissing with his new girlfriend, and - in the presence of Hyde - screams: He was my first boyfriend! This also occurred with Barney.

He gave up the idea of relationships ever being more than one-night-stands after he had his heart crushed by his long-term college girlfriend Shannon, who he thought he would marry but who ended up cheating on him and leaving him for another guy. Again, while not the first cut but certainly the first the audience sees , Ted's feelings for Robin have come and gone as a major source of conflict in his search for the mother, especially through the later seasons. Surprisingly the case for the mother as well.

Her first love, Max, died on her 21st birthday and she spend most of the next eight years in mourning, never really moving on until she meets Ted.

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In Doctor Who 's television revamp, the Doctor spends a whole lot of time dealing with Rose's departure, to the point that Martha spends most of her season feeling like an in-universe Replacement Scrappy. After Angel left, Buffy had a very hard time moving on. It didn't help that her first attempt was Parker. Unusually for this trope, Dexter chose to date her because of this as it left her, like him, uninterested in sex.

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Merlin starts his series as a teenage boy who has a Meet Cute with every single girl he meets, although due to one thing or another he never pursues it much farther. Until Freya came along, and he did, and she fell in love with him too. It ended with her bleeding to death in his arms. Ever since that, he's been utterly uninterested in women, and Word of God confirms he's mostly asexual now.

Carol, his first wife and only woman he'd ever had sex with left him for another woman, causing serious insecurity and jealousy issues for the rest of the show. His sister Monica even comments that Carol did a real number on him, as he was too trusting of his previous girlfriends. Both Janice and Kathy did a lot of damage. While he already had Commitment Issues , he'd got through them with Janice, thought Kathy was "The One" and was quick to admit he loved them.

Thanks to them both cheating on him, he became even more insecure and commitment phobic. When he fell in love with his best friend Monica, he was clearly terrified, taking half a year to say he loved her and reveal their Secret Relationship. Even when they were married, he was an Insecure Love Interest and worried she'd leave or cheat on him, despite her being the most reliable of the friends gang and obviously crazy about him.

Monica herself took months to recover from her First Love Richard, who she broke up with because he didn't want children. She later admitted that getting over him was the hardest thing she ever had to do. This knowledge haunted Chandler, see above although Monica promised that he was now the love of her life and even when Richard asked her for a second chance, chose Chandler instead, plainly showing that she'd moved on. On The , Clarke briefly returns Lexa's kiss, but says she's not ready to be involved with anyone yet, since her last romantic partner died at her hands not too long ago.

On Choujin Sentai Jetman , Ryu was so broken up over losing Rie, that he kept burying himself in his work as a Jetman, ignoring Kaori's advances, when Rie was revealed to be brainwashed into becoming Maria, it got way worse. The first quote is the cheapest He had just been executed as a traitor a few months ago, at best.

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Several side stories in the game provide more information on him and, until her death, each has a clear impact on Aerith. Furthermore, it turns out that Zack was her boyfriend, who was part of a Shinra experiment along with Cloud and whose history Cloud adopts as his own memories, creating a triangular influence of the ex on her current attempt at a relationship. Isabela's romance backstory in Dragon Age II gives this as the reason she is so casual about sex and resistant to any emotional attachment - her mother sold her into a loveless marriage.

She still feels guilty about it.

Varric also has this in his backstory, although it doesn't become readily apparent until the comic Until We Sleep and the events of Dragon Age: Seems he was left at the altar, and his ex is married to someone else, but there's still a lot of emotional baggage. Brotherhood , it's possible to unlock Ezio's Repressed Memories of his first love Cristina Vespucci and their relationship, which ultimately does not pan out well. Lon'qu from Fire Emblem Awakening suffers from a very extreme example of this. Because he couldn't protect his Only Friend and First Love Ke'ri from being killed by bandits, and was blamed by her parents for her death , he now freaks out when any woman gets too close for his liking.

Cordelia is the second character with the same problem. Among several other reasons , she is depressed because she is in love with Chrom but Cannot Spit It Out to the point she has no dialog supports with him. She agonizes over him to the point she believes she won't be able to love again, but she can ultimately be paired up with a Second Love. One of them being the aforementioned Lon'qu. Shadows of Valentia , some characters will play this straight if their prospect love interest kicks it in Classic Mode: The main reason Kenshin initially tries so desperately to deny that he's fallen in love with the female main character, and later on goes to extreme lengths to keep her "safe" from anyone else , in his route is that his first love Isehime committed suicide after she and him were torn apart by his vassals who didn't approve of their relationship.

Shingen notes that if Isehime had lived, he would have eventually gotten over her, but that her suicide left him with unresolved emotional scars and a lifelong fear of losing anyone else he got attached to. Tales of the Abyss: You'd think that being smothered by a harem of busty ladies when he was five would turn Guy Cecil into a perverted groper. Unfortunately, that's not as sexy as it sounds when all the women are DEAD from being used as meatshields and the recipient of all these stiffening boobs is currently suffocating to death underneath two hundred pounds of rotting flesh. And that is why Guy Cecil cannot touch women without having a panic attack.

Erika's past with Hitoshi made her the Broken Bird she is today, and caused serious problems when she and Largo began to strike up a relationship. Lately, Kimiko seems to be insinuating that Piro's past with Miho will have to be resolved before the two of them can move forward.

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Non-ex example in Questionable Content. Faye can't reciprocate Marten's affections though she really wants to because of her issues as a result of seeing her father commit suicide. They do get an Epiphany Therapy session, but then become an Anchored Ship since she still has things to work out. Most fans consider the ship fully sunk after both Marten and Faye moved on to other love interests.

After Amanda, Rex's first love, was thought to be killed by Fogel, Rex was left so distraught by the experience that he rebuffed the affections of another The Last Airbender - Yue's departure had this effect on Sokka, leading him to be overprotective of his new girlfriend. Culminates in "The Serpent's Pass.

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One counselor told a story of a man good looking, physically fit, and successful who'd come to her out of sheer desperation, terrified that he was going to spend the rest of his life alone because he just couldn't work up the nerve to ask a woman out. The counselor found out it all stemmed from when he was sixteen years old, asked a girl out and got rejected.

The man's age when he finally came to her? It took Stanley a long time to recover from that breakup, and it inspired him to write the breakup song "I Still Love You. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Discussed in Evangelion Hercules - Megara's first boyfriend, an Ungrateful Bastard who dumped her after she sold her soul to Hades to save him, really soured her on men.

Enchanted - Robert's divorce effectively killed his belief in romance until Giselle came along. But I'm growing wary of this game It's not easy to forget the past when we're close The person who stole my passion in the past 'did also romantically promised me. The Arnold hit featured an up-tempo, soulful vocal set against harpsichord , horns , and strings. It also appeared in the feature film Seven Psychopaths. Keith Hampshire had the first chart-topping hit of the song when his recording of it became a number one hit in Canada in , reaching the top of the RPM national singles chart on 12 May of that year.

It was a huge success, and spent four weeks at number one on the UK Singles Chart in May , [7] number 11 in April in Canada, and also reached number 21 on the Billboard Hot in the U. In a departure from the original, Stewart excludes the concluding "But when it comes to being loved, she's first" from the refrain. In , he recorded a live version during a session of MTV Unplugged.

This was included on the album Unplugged It remains his most commercially successful track and was a big hit in Europe. Radio, club and dub edits are available too. It became one of Crow's biggest radio hits, remaining 36 weeks in the Billboard Hot , and was also Crow's first Top 40 solo country hit, following the success of her hit duet with Kid Rock , " Picture ". Crow's version appears in the soundtrack of the romantic comedy film Must Love Dogs. Filmed in southern Utah , the video features Crow in a rocky desert singing with her guitar, riding horses and interacting in a cowboy environment [21].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billboard Hot [10] 21 U. Billboard Adult Contemporary 43 U. Joel Whitburn 's Pop Annual [14] Official Website for Yusuf Islam. Archived from the original on 21 July Retrieved 29 October Yusuf Islam aka Cat Stevens: Not so much a zealot more a lost musician". Archived from the original on 10 March Retrieved 25 October Archived from the original on 8 January Retrieved 28 March Guinness World Records Limited.

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