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Getting over a broken heart can take a lot of energy, work, and time. Don't try to force yourself or listen to anyone who says "just get over it". You might think you're over it, then have a dream about this person and get flushed with feeling all over again. It can take a long time, and that's okay, so be very gentle with yourself. It helps to talk to someone about it like a trusted friend or coach for guidance moving through the feelings. Most people are very afraid of negative feelings and will do anything to avoid them. Remember that feelings can't hurt you. They are simply an energy that needs to move through you and move on.

Remember that you're not crying for the other person, you're crying for yourself. To release the grief of the future that you saw with this person. It only existed in your mind, in the potential you could see, but it was there nonetheless. This is especially needed if you're feeling a lot of anger. Anger, sadness, anxiety, grief, depression, are all energies that want to be released from your body.

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One of the best ways to get the energy out is to get moving. Go for a run while blasting your favorite music through your headphones. Punch a punching bag seriously, kickboxing class helped me get through A LOT of emotions. Get your sweat on in some way, and do it consistently. Forgiveness is not about the other person or letting them off the hook. Forgiveness is for YOU. In fact, the definition of forgiveness is to stop feeling anger or blame at someone who has done something wrong.

Most of the time if a relationship didn't work out, it simply wasn't a good fit. If we're coming from a place of full self-esteem, we would be able to see that and move on. But often in a relationship we feel a "spark" with someone for reasons that we cannot possibly understand. They come from deep seated beliefs as a child, and that person triggered a hurt or pain inside of you. Don't allow this hurt and anger to become your story while they're out there moving on.

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By forgiving, you break the chains that are binding you and allow yourself to live a better life with the person you are meant to be with. Write a letter of forgiveness, say a prayer, or set the intention to forgive. Be honest with yourself if you're truly wanting to get over a broken heart or if you're harboring secret hopes that the two of you will get back together.

While this is not wrong in any way many of us feel it!

6 Helpful Ways To Overcome Heartbreak

It helps when you can remember not to see the relationship through rose colored glasses. It's so tempting to look back on a relationship and only see it for the potential you believe it had. We tend to remember the part where we were falling in love, when they were at their best selves, when we were at our best self, when we had ridiculous sex or that surprise dinner that was everything. But there is a reason why you broke up. Be honest with yourself and the relationship for what it was, not just what you remember it as being. Get back to your own personal power as soon as you can.

You may not be able to control what your ex does, but you can control your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. You can choose to see this relationship for the gift that it was. It was not just there to cause pain. It was there to help you evolve through this journey of life, learn to love, and learn to let go. Life is made up of a collection of moments, people, and relationships that are not ours to keep.

If you notice that over time they become reluctant to talk to you about the breakup, you may be dwelling on it too much. Remember to ask your friends about their own lives, too. Sometimes, friends and loved ones may go too far. Cut off ties with your ex. When you two broke up , it likely happened for a reason. Not contacting your ex is an important step in healing from a breakup. Stay strong and stay away from that phone! When you break up, your brain treats it the same way as it treats a drug addiction. If you need to, delete his or her number from your phone and contacts.

Cyberstalking is a real thing. Focusing on the past will only keep you from moving toward your future. Get rid of mementos. Holding on to treasured gifts from your ex or photos of the two of you will hold you back from healing and moving on. You may even find that having them around triggers feelings of sadness, loneliness, or anger. Even sounds and scents can trigger a memory or emotion. If you have things that seem too nice to throw out, consider donating them to a charity or thrift store.

It may even lose you some friends. Carrie Underwood may make it sound like fun revenge, but this type of behavior just makes it harder to recover from the breakup. Is your ex worth an arrest record? Remember that your brain chemistry is altered during a breakup, and your judgment is more than likely impaired right now. If after a few months you still really want that tattoo because it symbolizes something important, go for it then. Distraction is only a temporary cure, but it can really help take your mind off the pain from your breakup.

Join a book club so you can talk about it with others!

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Take a class, learn a new skill, pick up a new hobby. Exercise is a good way to vent your frustration and pain. It releases endorphins, those chemicals in your brain that make you happy. Regular moderate exercise can help you fight off anxiety and depression, too. If you think your schedule doesn't allow it, think again. Look into high-intensity interval training where you only need to work out in small, minute chunks. Alternatively, do a bit in the morning and then at night. It doesn't have to be all at once. Make less noticeable efforts, too, like parking far away from the entrance of where you're going or washing the car by hand.

This is an unhealthy way of approaching it, and can lead to body image distortions and other mental health issues. However, having fun is great medicine for your brain. It reduces feelings of anger and increases your feelings of positivity. Do things you enjoy and let loose a little. Laughter, it turns out, really is the best medicine. Research shows that when you go shopping after rejection, you tend to envision how your purchases will fit into your new lifestyle.

Allow yourself just a few treats. Get engaged with your community. Make yourself a better member of a better community. Volunteering is a great way to get involved. Check with your church, school, or local volunteer organizations to see how you can make a difference. Serving or giving to other people can also give you a sense of purpose.

Focus on being positive. Just because they broke up with you or doesn't want you back doesn't mean that you're worthless. There are plenty of other people who want you and would be willing to treat you even better than your ex. Find things that make you smile and laugh. Surround yourself with friends and people who care. Happiness breeds success, after all. When you forgive your ex for everything that happened, the forgetting can start. Recall how it made you feel. Notice your thoughts about yourself and about your ex.

What can you learn from it? Perhaps there are things you would do differently. Perhaps there are things you hope the other person would do differently. What will you look for in the future? How will you use this experience to grow? It means letting go of the burden of anger. Forgiveness makes you free. Remind yourself that you cannot control how others act. The only thing you can control is your own actions and responses. Tell yourself that you forgive the other person for his or her mistakes. Reflect a little, then think forward. What if you thought about the future?

That would definitely make thinking positive much, much easier. What will you do differently? Then write down the attributes you would like your new partner to have, what type of person he or she is, physical attributes, characteristics, and so on. Consider whether you can see a pattern in your past relationships. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including how you interacted with your parents as a child.

Think about how you can break this unhelpful pattern next time. Treat this as a learning experience. But they can also make you a stronger, more confident, more compassionate person, if you let them. Look for things you can learn about yourself and your needs. Find who you really are. In a serious relationship, we often become half of the other person instead of a full and unique version of ourselves. This is often why breakups are so hard. Take some time to figure out what you value and who you want to be.

Now's the time not to make compromises and to listen to you. Have anchovies on your pizza if you like them. Sleep in on weekends if your ex was an early riser who always had plans. Wear favorite clothing your ex didn't like. Hang the art or posters your ex didn't like. Listen to the music your ex didn't like. All these are ways of regaining yourself, rebuilding your sense of self as a separate individual rather than half of the couple What fell by the wayside when this relationship started?

What time got taken from another aspect of your life and given to focus on this person? Think back about what you gave up. Is it still there waiting for you? Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Too much comfort kills your motivation. Use it to transform the areas in your life that need a little work. For example, taking reasonable, controlled risks makes it easier to accept that vulnerability and the unexpected are just facts of life.

Start with smaller challenges and work your way up. You can go to school, live somewhere else, or finally get that kitten you wanted. You can spend your Friday nights in that art class you've always wanted to take. You need time to get perspective on things. People don't fade automatically, so don't be hard on yourself if the grieving process doesn't seem to go away. But have faith that it will.

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You'll wake up one day and realize that you haven't thought about this person for weeks. It happens slowly and under the radar. So just when you think nothing's happening, bam. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other.

Quick Summary To stay strong after a breakup, cut off ties with your ex, no matter how hard that may seem. Did this summary help you? Tips Make a playlist of songs that inspire you. Include songs that make you feel confident and strong! When you start feeling lost or alone, start this playlist to get your focus back.

Remember to enjoy your life. It's good to move on and embrace who you are as an individual. Take this time to spend even more time with the people who really matter: Your family and your close friends. Lay back and relax! Listening some nice music to keep your mind off it. If you feel the strong urge to change your appearance after all, make sure to use things that don't last, like hair dye that fades gradually in a few weeks or maybe even clip-in extensions with bright colours.

How to fix a broken heart

Stay busy, being around friends is the most helpful way to stay distracted and be sure to choose wisely who you talk to about the situation. You don't have to satisfy every person in the world with why or how the break up happened. Being selective with who you share your vulnerability with will benefit you, you don't have to please everyone.

Never hold on to past and let it ruin your future. You should try to let go and forget of things if they make you sad, miserable and unfocused. When you're going through a breakup, it can help to express your feelings to your loved ones and friends so that they can support you! Warnings Remaining "just friends" is a big no-no if you are still romantically attached.

Why are breakups so painful?

Accepting that your relationship is over is the very first step after a break up, and without this realization you'll be hard pressed to move on. Now is the time for renewal, not hopes for reconciliation. Sure, there may be a slight chance the two of you will get back together, but even the most astute "get your ex back" manuals start with this first simple step: It should be a long break, like a year or two. It's not emotionally safe to resume the friendship until you've stopped feeling romantic about your former partner completely — till you feel happy about it if they're dating someone else.

Effects of expressive writing on mood, cognitive processing, social adjustment and health following a relationship breakup. Psychology and Health, 17 5 , Surviving and coping with loneliness.