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But let me be the first to tell you, you CAN do it on a lot less, and I know people who spend a lot more.

These are only my experiences — everyone will be different. How do your spending habits compare to our sailing costs? Please comment so we can all learn!

Living On A Sailboat in the Caribbean in 2017: The Cost

Awesome read, thanks for sharing. I used to think I wanted to buy a sailboat and do the liveaboard lifestyle when I early retired. Then we had a bunch of kids and I realized I am totally clueless about sailing, and there is way more to learn before I could ever even think about living on a sailboat!

Oh, you can still do it! It sounds silly to say I retired from being a cruising instructor but I did. My wife is a retired IT executive.

Family Has Been Sailing Around The World Non-Stop For 9 Years

Over the past few years, I have been studying the cost of cruising. You are right, it pretty much matches what you would spend ashore. The variable is the local cost of living. And you are so right about local cost of living being a major variable.

This Website is about Living on a Boat, Although Many Liveaboards go Cruising

My goal would be so spend most of our time South of Florida and the Carribean Islands. It would be just me and my wife. Hi Tony — thanks for writing! If you stay at marinas all the time, it will be more expensive. Your boat insurance will also be more expensive with a more expensive boat, too. Will you need health insurance? That can add to your costs. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Yor expenses are about the same as mine once she was re-built and sailing.

The cost of re-building certainly was a bigger cost but Idid most of the work myself. Once she was blue water ready I spent most of the time at the islands and the expenses dropped significantly.

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Ifyou write and get paid for the work all the better. What would I do if I met someone who hated the water?

The World - Luxury Residences at Sea

There are more serious issues, too. But unlike bricks and mortar, she will not appreciate in value beyond that. So this is about an affordably high quality of life now rather than an investment that will grow. And that feeling of space outside? I have a beautiful little aft cabin, with a double bed, plenty of drawers and hanging closet. Up some steps is a wheelhouse, kept empty, just for the luxury of space. Down more steps into a relatively roomy living space, about 12ft wide at its beamiest. Not hugely practical, but the hatch above means I get to bathe under the stars and shower under the sun.

Often, liveaboards will be converted barges, relatively flat bottomed for navigating canals and rivers. Many particularly in London have more square footage than a flat. Some have swimming pools on deck.

Our Cost of Sailing Broken Down

But, the bigger the boat, the more it costs to buy, berth, and of course, maintain. You can, of course, pay other people to do the work for you — many people do. But there are maintenance costs with character properties, too — those old Victorian windows can cost a fortune to fix up, I hear. I cross the Thames daily, cycle up the towpath to work, and have seen it transform. All the signs are there — ironic graffiti, pop-up supper clubs, skateboarding adults. The air is heavy with the whiff of moustache wax.

The Best Places to Live Aboard a Boat in the United States

But the waterway network is congested. Every other day near the lock gates, there are baffled boys in flat caps with ropes hanging from their hands. The canal network was designed for free-flowing traffic, not as a pretty spot for a cheap home. Coggins is keen to emphasise the importance of research to anyone considering the lifestyle: But the romance of boat life has always attracted a disparate crowd, the original hipster artists — musicians, actors, writers.

Malcolm Hardee, the infamous comedy promoter , ran a club on the Wibbly Wobbly, his floating pub next to the boat he lived on in my marina until he drowned after his nightly row from one to the other. Put simply, the cost of living in the Caribbean on a sailboat depends on your lifestyle, just like house living.

I can definitely vouch for this. When I was in Anguilla, St. They even import your personal items and car tax free. Fancy spending some time on English-speaking Ambergris Caye, the largest island in Belize? Food and drink costs can be minimized by eating freshly-caught fish on board, and maximized by dining out.

One to watch out for! I mean, you can certainly go sustainable and find ways to minimize this cost. But you will probably need to spend at least some time at a marina.