Lieber Daniel: Briefe an meinen Sohn (German Edition)

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Peacock, Wedding of turkey and p, Pear, Enchanted p tree, Pearls fall from combed hair, Peasant's, King and p son, Peck of grain for each sheaf, Penance, Hard p and green twigs, Penny always returns, Perch, Race of salmon and p, Persecution because of beautiful wife, Picture is painted of dream girl, ; of Beauty, ; reveals identity, , Pif Paf Poltrie, Pigs eaten by monster, Pigsty, Lovers live in p, Pike and snake race to land, Pilgrim, Wife as p rescues husband, Pitch carried on head, Pitfall, Ogre's p, Playing cards as prayerbook, Plowing for ogre, ; of numskulls, Poker, Sticking to p, Poles, Duel with long p, Poverty, Happiness with p rather than wealth, Praying geese escape fox, ; Peter struck for p, Precepts, Good p, — Pretended murder or fight to decoy judge, Princess' hand is won, — Protected by needle, Proud of horns, Pound of flesh, Pulling lake together, ; on shirt, Pulpit sawed, C.

Pumping out whole sea, Pumpkin sold for ass's egg, Pumpkins should grow on trees, Punished pride, ; seducer, B.

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Punishes, God p, — Punishments of men, Pupil of magician, Puppet show recalls forgotten bride, Pushing hole in tree, Puss in boots, B. Quenching burning boat, Question, —; asked to deceive captor, 6. Quilt, Traveling q, Ram, Golden r, Ramrod full of ducks, Ram's, Escape under r belly, Ransom for princess in slavery, ; given by captured animals, Rat persuades cat to wash her face, B.

Ravens, Brothers as r, Raven's, Hiding in r egg, Rearing, Bad r, Rejuvenation by burning, Relative, Supernatural or enchanted r, — Release from captor by asking question, 6. Remedy, Magic r, , , , , — Remembering forgotten bride, Repairing the house, Reptile, —; and man, — Return of prodigal, Revenge of sparrow on man, Rewards, God r, — Riddles, Boy must solve r, ; solved by clever girl, Riding fox acourting, 72; Unheard of r horse, ; over obstacle, Ritual, Inappropriate or stupid use of church r, — Road built by animals, Robbery of bank, B.

Roe, Brother as r, Rolls, Fox eats r, 1.

Roof, Man hidden in r, Root, Fox calls foot a tree r and bear lets loose, 5. Roots, Revival of dead by r, Rowing contest, ; without going forward, Runner decoys thieving friars, ; Extraordinary r, Sacks, Children carried home by ogre in s, , Sacristan's buried treasure, Saddlebag Earthen pot in s, ; Fox in s, 1.

Saint, See the name of the saint. Saliva, Talking s, Salmon grants power to make wishes come true, ; Race of s and perch, Salve, Magic healing s, Sand, Ogre teaches smith to use s in forging, Santo de palo substituted for newborn child, Sardines, Fox eats s, 1. Sausage, mouse, and bird keep house, Sawed pulpit, C. Scalding the ogre, Scythe cuts off man's bead, others imitate, Search for brothers, ; for husband, ; for sister, Second threshing of straw, Seducer punished, B. Seemingly dead revives, Selfrighteous hermit, A. Selling magician's pupil in animal forms, ; soul to Devil, See soul.

Serpent's crown, ; ingratitude, —; White s flesh, Servant's good counsels, B. Sesame, Open S, Sexton, —; carries parson, ; falls into brewing vat, Sham blood and brains, 3; Ogre carries s dead man, Sheets over horses, Shift of sex, Ship, Land and water s, , , ; Ogre pumps out s, Shirt of happiness, ; pulling, ; stays white as long as wife is true, Shroud, Princess in s, Shuttle makes magic road, Sick lion advised to skin wolf, Sieve, Water in s, Sign of guilt, , , Sign, See recognition by token.

Silent, Girl could not keep s, Sin and honor, Sing, Wolf persuaded to s, C. Sinner, Greatest s, C. Siren, Grateful s, Sitting in Peter's chair, ; on ass in stable, Skilful brothers, ; hunter, Slaughter of ox, Slavery, Ransom for princess in s, Sledges turned around at night, Sleep, Must not s, Sleigh, Wild animals on s, Slipper reveals identity, Smith and Christ, ; beats bear, ; outwits Devil, ; Skilful s, Smokehouse, Wolf overeats in s, Snakes, Greedy woman must mother s, B.

Snares of the Evil One, Snipe thinks its own children are prettiest, Snow child, ; Hare lies on s and feigns warmth, 71; White, Soldiers buried by fool, B. Soliloquy recalls forgotten bride, Solomon chains Devil in Hell, Son-in-law, Fated to be king's s, , Sons-in-law, Animal s, B. Soot, Fox covers himself with s, Spanking in moonlight, Sparrow avenges dog's death, Speaking, Disenchantment by not s, ; horse, ; horsehead, Spears grow in garden, , Speech, Neck bite causes loss of s, ; of birds, , , Speechless princess, , , , Spindle brings lover, Spinning women, —; by spring, Spirit in blue light, ; in bottle, Spitting in guard's eye, Splinter in lion's paw, Split, Claw in s tree, 38, ; She bear caught in s tree, Stairs to which Devil sticks, Stakes, Head of unsuccessful suitors on s, , A.

Alles kantelt (Dutch Edition)

Stick from body, , that beats, , Sticking to goose, ; to poker, ; to tree or bench, Stooping backward to enter, Straightening curly hair, Straw house, ; threshed a second time, Strawberries in winter, B. Stretching the beam, Strong John, ; woman as bride, Strongest person in world, Stupid, Inappropriate or s use of church ritual, —; man, —; ogre, — Substitute, Suitor tests by s, Substitution of animal or object for newborn child, ; of corpse, Succession of old men, Such a one, Suit, King's invisibles, ; that might be put into a nutshell, Sultan rescues children, Sunlight carried into windowless house, Sunrise, First to see s, Swan maiden, , , A.

Swats, Fool s fly or bee and kills man, ; Fool s louse and kills baby, Sweat, Bathing in horse's s beautifies, Swim, Goose teaches fox to s, Swimming in flax field, ; match and carrying food, ; match of fish, , Swords grow in dungheap, Swordsman, Skilful s, Table provides food, , Tablecloth provides food, , Tails, Hairs from magic horse's t, A; in mud, Tamborine of louseskin, Tame bird and wild bird, Taming of the shrew, Tar, Covering wagon with t, Tarbaby and rabbit, ; and strong man, Tarred, Crow sticks to t bridge, Task, Superhuman t, — Tasks, Impossible t, ; King's t, Teaching animals to fly, , or swim, ; horse to live without food, Tear falls on dragonslayer, Tearing up orchard, Teeth, Hanging by t to horse's tail, 47 A; Horse kicks wolf's t, 47 B.

Tests of sex, Thank God they were not peaches, Think carefully before you begin a task, C; thrice before you speak, Thistleflower reveals murderer, Thread, Travel till t is unwound, Threat to haul away warehouse, Thresh, Christ and Peter must t for lodgings, A. Throwing golden club, ; stone, Thrush teaches dove nest building, Thrushbeard, King T, Thunder, Ogre afraid of t, ; rolling brother's wagon, Titmouse tries to be as big as bear, Toads drop from girl's mouth, Tobacco, Spitting t juice into guard's eye, Tokens, See recognition, and sign.

Tom Tit Tot, Tongues of dragon as proof, Torment, Soul in t is quieted, Touch of wand recalls forgotten bride, Tournament, Bride won in t, ; won with magic horse's help, Trade of three brothers with Devil, Trading for things of less value, Trained horse rolls in field, Transformation flight, , Travelers, Two t, Traveling animals, , ; carpet or chest, ; quilt, Treacherous brothers, , ; companions, ; mother, Treetrunk, Bear pretends to be t, Trees, Naming t, 7.

Trick, Cat's only t, ; exchange of magic objects, ; race, Troll and christening, Troublemaker, Old woman as t, Truths, Sack of t, Tube, Farseeing t, Turbid, Water becomes t as danger sign, Turkey tender, ; Wedding of t and peacock, Twigs, Three green t, Twin, Beautiful and ugly t, Unequal crop division, 9 B, Unfamiliar, Wild animals hide from u animal, Unhappy with wealth, Unheard-of bird, ; riding horse, Unknown animal, ; King discovers his u son, ; Quest for the u, A.

Upstream, Man searches u for obstinate wife, A. Urinates, Cat u in safety, A. Vegetable transforms its cater into ass, Vengeance of magpie on fox, Vice, One v carries others with it, Vindication of God's justice, Vineyard, Tearing up v, Voice, Parson with fine v, Wages as much as he can carry, Waiting for horse's lips scrotum to fall, Waits, Cat, fox, wolf w and loses prey, Wand obtains dresses, ; recalls forgotten bride, ; restores tongue and eyes, Wardrobe, Lover in w, Warehouse, Threat to haul away w, ; Where is w?

Wash, Must not w not comb, , Wasp, Bear in nest of w, 49; forces monster to give up devoured victims, We three, -for gold, -that was right, ; three, -for money, Weak, Help of w, Weather controlled, B. Wee Wee woman, Well, Moon's reflection in w, 34; Trick escape from w, Wet, Salt in w bag, Where did you leave the Son? Whiskers, Cock's w, Whistle, See pipe, and flute. White serpent's flesh, Who ate lamb's heart?

Widowed fox's suitors, Wild and tame birds, ; man, ; Shooting w boars, Window, Breaking magic w, ; Wound on w ledge, Wineskins, Devil stabs w, Wings of prince, Winning princess' hand, — Wise brothers, ; through experience, A. Wit contest of princess and hero, With whole heart, Wolves in stable, ; kept off by army, ; on top of one another frightened by lizard, Woodpecker, Greedy woman turned into w, A.

Wren, Clever w becomes irdking, Wrestling contest, , Youth and pretty shoes, ; Clever y, —; Water of y, Dean, A comparative study of certain Spanish American folktales , M. Indiana University Unpublished. Mitos, supersticiones, costumbres , p. University of Chicago Unpublished. Dean, A comparative study of certain Spanish-American folktales , M. I include these references under type headings without checking or attempting to analyze them.

Public domain Public domain false false. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other languages Add links. This page was last edited on 9 August , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Titles encountered incidental to the search for Spanish folktales which may pertain to the study of Bask, Catalan, Galician or Spanish-American folktales. There is a bibliography at the end of volume III, but many more titles are cited within the work.

I have included all the BP Spanish references. Origenes en todos los paises hasta The most extensive folklore bibliography I have seen in Spanish, although poorly arranged. Section on Spanish America pp. I shall not list here any titles cited by Lesser, but only a few that he does not include.

Pedro M Cátedra | University of Salamanca -

Bibliographic note on Spanish folklore, citing especially periodicals. In a letter from Seville, dated March 7, , Alejandro Guichot y Sierra informs me of this work, " On pp —61 is found Spanish text of one tale from CPA p Badenes Dalmau, Cuentos populars , Barcelona Describes Spanish customs but apparently contains no folktales. The full title does not promise exclusively Spanish material, nor does it designate which part of the material is Spanish.

However, several of its selections fit in quite closely with the current Spanish material, so I have included BLC references but grouped them with the literary references. Boletin de folklore andaluz , published by A. Guichot y Sierra in the Sevilian daily, El porvenir , on the following days: October 31, ; December 15, ; January 11, ; February 15, ; April 15, ; April 29, ; June 10, Organo de las sociedades que constituyen El Folklore Nacional.

I saw vol I no 1, January 15, to no 8, April 30, , with continuous pagination 1— They contain no texts of folktales, but chiefly articles on folklore method and science, some scattered materials and current bibliography. The librarian at Cornell, however, informs me that the Cornell library has only nos 1—8. Was published in five numbers from July to November Sevilla, Guichot y Sierra —6, 11 vols.

Iriarte, Tomás de 1750-1791

Extensive review by G. May yield an occasional parallel. Like Buchanan, may yield an occasional parallel from the Spanish drama. Machado y Alvarez, Cuentos, leyendas y costumbres populares , Sevilla, Gaditana Caballero, The bird of truth, and other fairy tales , transl. Ingram, London, Swan Sonnenschein []. The text and pagination of this book are identical with those of CST. Citations are made only to CST, which is more accessible. Caballero, Cuadros de costumbres populares andaluces , Leipzig, Brockhaus Text in German of one tale X Cabal, Del folklore de Asturias.

Cuentos, leyendas y tradiciones , Madrid, Voluntad []. Caballero, Cuentos, oraciones, adivinas y refranes populares e infantiles , Leipzig, Brockhaus Contamine de Latour and R. Caballero, Relaciones , Leipzig, Brockhaus One tale on p. Caballero, Spanish fairy tales , transl. Ingram, New York, Burt []. The text and pagination of this book are identical with those of CBT. Contains 33 tales, two of which are from A. Diaz Cassou, La literatura panocha. Leyendas, cuentos, perolatas y soflamas de la huerta de Murcia , Madrid, Fortanet Diaz Cassou, Pasionaria murciana.

La cuaresma y la semana santa en Murcia. Costumbres, romancero, procesiones, esculturas y escultores, cantos populares, folklore , Madrid, Fortanet Diss, Indiana University Unpublished.

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