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Twice a month they come to this rocky jetty to deliver gifts for their poorer neighbors in the North.

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The small group waits for the tide to change. They clasp their hands in prayer, and then they begin hurling hundreds of plastic bottles into the sea. Also inside are medicine to kill parasites -- doctors found worms in the stomach of a soldier who darted across the DMZ last year to defect -- and a USB stick full of videos with information from the outside world.

They hold information banned in the country meant "to wake up the North Korean people," as Jeong puts it. As we watch the flotilla of water bottles carried away by the tide toward North Korea, one of Jeong's colleagues, a former North Korean military officer named Kim Yong-hwa, has much tougher words for the leadership in Pyongyang.

Activists, religious or not, have been informally smuggling food and information into North Korea for years. Tim Peters, an American missionary who has lived for years in South Korea, uses small plastic bags full of seeds. But activists like Peters, Jeong and Kim Yong-hwa face a new hurdle in their efforts: But activists like Peters and Jeong Gwang-il have conflicted feelings about the warming relations between Pyongyang and the outside world, and worry that the allegations of gross human rights abuses are being ignored. Moon and Kim's meeting ended with the two signing a declaration aimed at de-escalating tensions between the two Koreas, neighboring countries still technically at war.

The text outlined two examples of "hostile acts" that each side would cease to ease said tensions -- removing loudspeakers that broadcast propaganda and stopping the distribution of leaflets along the border.

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She caught fire on the 18th, and has burned for two days. The pumps are no use.

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The ship is fast settling down. Publish this when found. A raft is being prepared. I belong to Whitehaven.

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The ship is going down. Skip to content Found November , Deerness, Orkney. Written on a couple of wooden pins: In a bottle, written in lead pencil on rough and dirty paper: Found 26 February , east coast of Isle of Wight. In a sealed medecine bottle, written on the fly-leaf from a Bible: Korotkikh's father knew some German and translated the letter. My dad and I are travelling on a ship to Denmark.

If you find this letter, please write back to me, and I will write back to you. The five-year-old boy who wrote the letter is, Frank Uesbeck, who was 29 when the message was discovered. Eight months later, the bottle was found on a beach near Dingle in Ireland by year-old milk maid, Breda O'Sullivan. What followed was seven years of letters exchanged back and forth across the Atlantic between them.

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The two finally met in August when Hayostek had saved enough money to fly to Ireland amid an international media circus over the story, but the pair were never able to get their romance off the ground. In , during a cruise to Hawaii, Dorothy and John Peckham wrote notes and placed them inside empty champagne bottles, then threw them overboard. In , the Peckhams got a response. Hoa Van Nguyen, a former soldier in the Vietnamese Army, had written them a letter saying he and his younger brother found one of the bottles while floating off the coast of Songkhla Province in Thailand in an attempt to escape the communist regime in Vietnam.

The Peckhams exchanged letters with Van Nguyen, and when Van Nguyen asked whether the couple could help his family move to the United States, they worked with US immigration to make it happen. In while fishing off the Essex coast in England, Steve Gowan found a green ginger beer bottle with a screw-on stopper. Inside, Gowan found a message from year-old World War I soldier Private Thomas Hughes to his wife, with a covering note for the finder of the bottle.

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The covering note read: Hughes, Second Durham Light Infantry. Third Army Corp Expeditionary Force. If it does, sign this envelope on the right hand bottom corner where it says receipt. Put the date and hour of receipt and your name where it says signature and look after it well. Ta ta sweet, for the present. The family later moved to New Zealand, where Gowan was able to deliver the letter to Hughes's daughter, Emily Crowhurst, 85 years later.

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Fisherman Konrad Fischer holds a bottle which contains a message from , that he pulled from the Baltic Sea.

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It is not known where Mary is from, or how she knew Jonathan. Frank and Breda exchanged letters back and forth across the Atlantic for seven years. India bowls Australia out for A ship that sailed into a nightmare — the deadliest pandemic in history, with a toll of 50 million photos 'What did you call me?