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I cannot understand how any mother can turn a blind eye to any pain and suffering her child is going through, but unfortunately it does happen: My Interpretation I think its about general abuse in your family.

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No matter if its physicaly or mentaly. General Comment it does not have to be about abuse, in fact i think it isn't because for that it's too weak an emotion displayed here. Flag MelodyPowers on February 27, General Comment yeah i think its a safer bet to go with the second opinion here. General Comment If you don't want the father to be the bad guy, the song could just mean a run away, rebellious son. He was going through standard teen issues and decides to run away.

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The mother crying is just her disappointed with her son, probably because he has been in trouble. The father just refuses to accept the son back for abandoning the family and running away from his problems. General Comment Something did go wrong there, how can you explain "I didn't think much about it til it started happening all the time soon I was living with the fear everyday of what might happen that night" with the last explanation?

General Comment I totally agree with you, Timboh. I think it's about a father abusing his son; but it could just as well be a husband abusing his wife. The radio edit fades out the song's extended outro a minute in advance and deletes part of the second chorus. The music video makes use of the complete album version.

Meaning of "No Son of Mine" by Genesis - Song Meanings and Facts

Former one-time lead singer Ray Wilson who replaced Phil Collins continued to cover the song on his solo live albums after his departure from Genesis. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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No Son of Mine

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