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Why is this triggering? Your protective Programming is counter acting a threatening situation. See, the issue here is that your Programming is working against you.

The physiology behind mental conditioning

Your Programming is doing its job. This is why you are stuck. You are Programmed not to see distinguish yourself from your Program! Programming does not let you perform, grow, or access excellence beyond its Programmed capabilities; it sees such success or possibility as a threat to its existence. For example, if you programmed yourself to be broke, then your Programming will fight for you to not get a job.

Your current reality is an extension of your programming.

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Are you starting to see the nature of Programming? Perhaps you are starting to see why you are where you are in your life!?

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  • During the meeting he interjects out of turn and disrupts the meeting. Then he misses a training session with a new hire. And because of this you feel overwhelmed and you tell your boss that Wakeem cannot be trained. I also got that you see Wakeem as a natural sales person but he cannot train others and there is no way he can be a manager.

    Programmed to succeed: ND-GAIN intern “MacGyvers” his own solutions

    Is that about right, BJ? Yes, you felt uncomfortable and decided from that place. You decided to protect yourself not Wakeem. Is that what we just discovered. Okay, yes I see. Are you interested in this?

    We moved forward in the coaching conversation to create an agreement that empowers BJ and Wakeem both. This possibility showed up when BJ got in touch with the possibilities that are available for him and his team though taking on his own Programming. As BJ came to see how he created the negative consequences for Wakeem by not managing boundaries and setting agreements, he got committed to making and managing agreements.

    He will tell the truth about his decisions versus trying to be safe or look good. The interesting part for me is what is now possible for BJ and Wakeem. Wakeem gets an effective boss that empowers him to perform and BJ gets an effective team member. As BJ works on making and managing agreements, he gets the opportunity to transform his Programming while Wakeem gets the opportunity to create breakthrough results.

    for conscious and creative working and living

    BJ has created a symbiotic relationship that is empowering through learning how to be responsible for his own Programming. TBD shows how authenticity, accountability and radical honesty moves people through limiting programmatic reactions and into an unreasonable stand for excellence. TBD sees the Self as the whole; the Self is the source that transforms the corporation. This is what inspires me to take on Business Coaching. Through creating a Transformed Corporate Culture people learn how to see their Programming, they can choose to learn new skills that empower the self, others and the organization to create, thus overcoming the resistance that disabled them in the past.

    Thank you for considering transforming your Programming, your Corporate Culture! TBD shows how authenticity, accountability and radical honesty moves people through limiting programmatic reactions to create a way of being that causes results.

    Are you programmed to succeed?

    The Power of Programming and How to Transform! Yes, your future is predetermined.

    You have 3 Brains: Programming limits you and others from creating powerfully! Or you run the program to be admired because you seek validation for self-worth. I am right now giving you an opportunity to enter into a process with me: Begin by getting in touch with your limited self. Notice all the ways you stop yourself from achieving.

    Now, get in touch with the reality that your life is predetermined. Not by a god or goddess but rather by YOU. You have no control over which direction your life goes. You have already created it, and yes it will play itself out.

    Programmed to Succeed – CUNY Newswire

    Are you noticing resistance? What are you thinking right now? Then the team member looks at the rest of the set, tackling ones he or she can do alone. For difficult problems, the team members discuss how to approach a solution. The easiest problems might require 15 minutes to solve; the toughest, an hour and a half.

    Pankratov notes that not even the best teams in a competition can answer every question in the allotted five hours. A typical Saturday session can last two hours, but some last the full five hours of a real competition. This academic year marks the third year in a row that a Chicago programming team has qualified for the world championships. Last year Works in Theory also won second place at regionals and earned an honorable mention at the finals in Harbin, China.

    As hard as the team members have been working to place high, and maybe even win, they know they face a big challenge—the world finals tend to be dominated by Chinese and Russian teams. Programmed to succeed Works in Theory qualifies for the computer-programming world finals. Campus events For the record: About the Magazine Advertising Archives Contact.