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Recordings - Chamber works

Tonger Musikverlag , PJT Haydn, Michael - Quartett D-Dur. Robert Lienau Musikverlag , RL Allegro Rondo presto assai. Hoffmeister, Franz Anton - Quartett op.

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  6. Cimarosa, Domenico - Quartet No. 2 in G Major for Oboe (Flute), - Ut Orpheus Edizioni;

Allegro Andante Allegro non molto. Musikverlag Hans Sikorski , Ed.

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Allegro Poco Adagio Allegro. Holmboe, Vagn - Quartetto op. Edition Wilhelm Hansen , Nr. Allegretto Adagio ma non troppo Allegro.

Quartet for 2 flutes (or violins),… | Details | AllMusic

These are the parts. Jacob, Gordon - Four Fancies. Emerson Edition , Emerson Janitsch, Johann Gottlieb - Quartett Nr. Adagio Allegro moderato Vivace. Kreutzer, Joseph - Quartett op.

Moderato Andante Rondo - Moderato. Edition Kossack , Thema - Moderato 5 Variationen. Edition Kunzelmann , GM Allegro moderato Minuetto - Allegretto Adagio Alla pollacca. Kummer, Kaspar - Quartett in G-Dur op. Lessel, Franciszek - Flute Quartet op. Quartett in D KV Simrock Original Edition , Elite-Edition Parts and score, the duration is given with 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

Two of the four parts are virtually non-playable. Printed on both sides of one sheet of paper, copy denied and no break for turning the page. Reicha, Anton - Tre Quartetti op. Ries, Ferdinand - Quartett op. Accolade Musikverlag , ACC. Allegro con brio Larghetto cantabile Scherzo.

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Really beautiful and very fancy. Everybody will need to have some practising. The last movement convinces with a really Spanish sound as the title already promises. Andante Allegretto Adagio con moto, cantabile Allegro vivace. Allegro Scherzo, Vivace Adagio Allegro.

Allegro spiritoso Andante assai Allegro tempesta. Also, a basso continuo can be added to one of the trio combinations to make a quartet.

J. Haydn - Hob II:1 - Flute Quartet Op. 5 No. 4 in G major

The second bass part often only doubles the first, thus making the quartet renditions marginally preferable. The collection consists of two separate sets of three works each: This G major work opens with an elegant, somewhat playful Largo, with the flutes or violins presenting bright and dreamy melodic material. The bass line contributes only harmonic support, but to good effect.

The first Divertimento is a bouncy, chipper piece whose busy manner and infectious main theme immediately catch the ear. All is effervescent here, the music, if in a sometimes circuitous way, seeming ever on the rise and sparkling joyously. The ensuing Divertimento Giocando is relaxed in its elegance, but still spirited and playful. Schnittke Viola Concerto R. Walton Viola Concerto H. Viotti Violin Concerto No. Beethoven 10 Sonatas for Piano and Violin H. Carter "Elegy" for Viola and Piano A. Handel Sonata in D Major, Op. Hindemith Sonata for Viola and Piano, Op.

Ives Sonata for Violin and Piano No. Lutoslawski "Subito" for Violin and Piano C. Rochberg Sonata for Viola and Piano C. Schubert "Arpeggione" Sonata trans. Schumann "Marchenbilder" for Viola and Piano R.