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When he returned, he was at first greeted warmly, but then rejected and violently expelled from his own home town. What are we to make of these two stories? Layout of a middle-sized house in 1st century Nazareth. Nazareth at the time of Jesus may have looked something like this 19th century photograph of a Middle Eastern village. This event was called the Annunciation. A modern writer might say that a profound conviction settled on the person, so profound that it seemed God-given.

Honor killings are not a modern invention. When Mary and Elizabeth met, there was a moment of mutual recognition, where each woman realized that the child of the other would be a person of great importance. Mary spoke the words of a beautiful prayer, expressing her wonder at what had happened. This census may or may not be an historical fact: In traditional pictures of the birth of Jesus, Mary and Joseph are the only family members present.

In fact, Mary would have been helped during the birth by a group of her female relatives. You can read about giving birth at Childbirth in the ancient world preparing for the birth, midwives, the delivery, care of the newborn baby, and ancient forms of birth control. Their message is that Jesus was more than an inspired teacher and thinker. While he was fully human, he also came directly from God, and represented God in a unique way. A religious ceremony for the woman followed the birth of a Jewish child. This marked the end of the post-partum period, and the resumption of sexual relations between wife and husband.

As a devout Jewess, Mary observed the rituals surrounding the birth of a child Leviticus After this, Mary and Joseph returned to the little town of Nazareth , where they lived with their family. During these years, Mary lived the normal life of a Galilean peasant woman. They travelled with a group of pilgrims to visit the great Temple and make sacrifices there. For a woman from a small town in far-off Galilee, Jerusalem would be confusing, noisy, full of strangers, but also exciting, with strange sights and new experiences.

Think of an intelligent twelve-year-old in a provincial village. He frequently travels to Jerusalem because his parents are devout Jews. Each time they are in Jerusalem, the boy is taken to the Temple.

Who was Mary of Nazareth, mother of Jesus?

He wishes he could join them. While his parents are busy elsewhere, he goes into one of the academies to listen. He finds himself drawn into the discussion. He is so absorbed in debate he does not notice his parents have left… Reconstruction: His absence was not noticed for some time. It doesn't conform to the gospel stories, you won't learn anything about his year's with the disciples, but you will see Jesus as God's beloved son, full of wisdom, love and kindness. You will see God in a human form as the Messiah sent to teach and model a life of love and forgiveness and to sacrifice his own life to redeem those who would believe He was God's son and follow His example of living a holy life marked by love and forgiveness.

What a wonderful story from a mother's point of view! It was very touching and I'm sure not just mothers, but other family members will relate to the straightforward way in which the author approached the subject. It is a keeper! What an absolutely beautiful book -- so moving and from a very unexpected perspective. The author draws you in and you feel as though you are there, living the story with the characters.

Whatever your faith or creed, this book will not dissapoint. I highly recommend Tears of a Mother -- very inspirational! This is a wonderful book. The writer captures the ture meaning of pure sacerfice and love. This book needs to be shared with everyone.

Saint Joseph

It is a blessing to read Thank you. What a wonderful story and beautiful lessons. The way everything unfolds feels so right. The wooden bowl is my favorite of the lessons See all 5 reviews. Could've been better mu5iclover 15 October When I watched it, I was filled with expectancy of a well-written and well-acted movie. The movie was well acted. The actors and actresses did a good job, especially Christian Bale. But the movie itself struck an ill-placed chord in me. The producers and directors made this movie the Hollywood way. There were many things that wasn't right, that didn't come from the scriptures.

They could've followed the biblical story of Jesus and Mary and Joseph better. That's just my opinion. The movie was decent. Christian Bale seemed a little too young to be 33, or a little too emotional to be Jesus.

Mary, Did You Know?, a bible fanfic | FanFiction

The main thing that bothered me, though, was the emphasis on Mary as being perfect. She should be more emotional than Jesus. She should not always have this great perspective about why he does or says things. In the Bible, she doesn't say much at all. It is wrong to give her all these lines that make her out to be something the Bible never implies that she is: The only person who was ever without sin is Jesus.

I think it would be much more interesting if someone made a movie in which they tried to show the difference between the perfect and imperfect by showing Mary as a fallen being and her son as perfect. How great would it be to see Jesus honoring his father and mother who could not fully comprehend his wisdom? I was truly blessed by this movie The characters were instructed and did a wonderful job with their roles.

Then as I followed the movie I could mark in my Bible the events as they took place. I want to see more. A Jesus for the new millennium! Hard to know what to make of this. I'm inclined to say overall I didn't like it, but only because it doesn't sit right with me. Production wise its an earnest enough little affair, obviously trying to give Mary a bit more of the limelight here, in fact Pernilla August is downright excellent, just the right blend of strength and humility - she simply doesn't look like the mother of Jesus!

Christian Bale emotes and gives us a hands-on Jesus, but the "know wot I mean" Brit accents for me at least totally sink it, Michael Mears as John the Baptist especially. OK KING OF KINGS was syrupy, Hollywoodesque, whatever you want to believe, but in the minds of little children throughout the world and mine too if the truth be told , Jeffrey Hunter will be there waiting patiently for us in Heaven with outstretched arms, not Christopher Bale or any one of the other two dozen or so actors have taken up the cross in the name of acting.

Odd dust-7 10 March Another Costco special, as it were. The actress portrays her as petulant, defiant, confused, and so on. It just seems like one of Mary's sisters, rather than Mary. Joseph seems about right, physically tall Mary was prob. The Bible isn't quite consulted so much; surprizing for an evangelical type of film, perhaps. Mary was supposed to shelter in a cave used as a shepherd's stable outside of town, not in a livery.

The cousin, Elizabeth, knew when Mary walked up she was pregnant, not afterward when they were in the house.

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  • Who was Mary of Nazareth, Jesus’ mother?!
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  • ‘Mary of Nazareth’ shows Mary, Joseph as saintly but human;

The wise men showing up before the birth, when it's more likely they went to a house that Mary went to after the census crush, and only later she fled to Egypt and the whole Egypt thing is missing, of course - which might have been very interesting. And things like that. And of course there's the British accent thing - associated with Shakespeare, 'high drama'. It probably sounds like nit-picking, but too much melodrama, in this way, too much silence, too many 'meaningful' gazes, makes everything look and sound too scripted and too forced.

It's not a story, but a film about a story. It's self-consciously a collection of scenes, and that's what comes through.

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Not a movie to recommend. Even the old Biblical quick-cut epics had more character development and plot. People complain of the Hollywood treatment of good stories, and the resulting middling to bad films. But you can give a story a bad religious treatment, too, even if it's not Hollywood. And if you don't have even basic Hollywood screenwriting to fall back on, for what it's worth, it can really wind up - sort of like this film. This is quite simply, a movie that never should have been made. At the onset it states "While dramatic license has been taken, we believe this film reflects the spirit and historical significance of the biblical story of Mary and Jesus.

Joan of Arc and Helen Reddy, more closely favoring the latter. Herein we are treated to scenes of Mary verbally confronting Roman Soldiers on one occasion, confronting Pharisees stoning an adulterous woman in another; questioning why God would allow suffering, among other examples unbecoming of a woman of faith; giving orders to Joseph and the apostles; among numerous other anachronisms that left my wife and I exhausted from incredulous laughter.

Mary Mother of Jesus Documentary pt 1

Speaking of Joseph, he is portrayed as questioning Mary "Are you insane?! Rather than continuing the litany of outrages, one can summarize the problem with this movie as a serious portrayal of Mary by one example. Can you imagine a biography of Abraham Lincoln without mention or recitation of the Gettysburg Address, for example? Yet, with all of the made up orations of Mary out of character with her portrayal in the Gospel in this film, there is not an excerpt or reference to her central statement of faith, the Magnificat?!

Such an "oversight" gives clear insight into the motives of those who through this piece determined to make Mary in their own image, irrespective of historical fact. One may wish to envision Mary as a bold, brash, outspoken, leader of her Jewish tribe, but any objective reader of the Gospel would clearly have to recognize such an idea as pure fantasy, and promote this movie as such. The Executive Producer, Eunice Kennedy-Shriver God rest her soul , admitted that her niece Maria Shriver, as well as none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, had a part in writing the script!

Theologians not, are they. Also, as the trivia section here on IMDb indicates, the perverse entertainer who dares to name herself after the Mother of God was originally cast to play the title role! By all reasonable appearances, this movie did not miss the mark with a few extended liberties with the biblical events by the writer, but was in fact a conscious attempt to re-fashion a central character in Christianity into a more appealing modern type, devoid of reality. Anyone approaching this movie as a devotional tool, or as a rendering of the Gospel story, will be sorely disappointed to say the least.

Please, do not waste any expense or time on this piece of artistic garbage. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Scaramouche 21 March I am in no way a religious bigot nor do I try to preach my own personal religious beliefs onto others, but when it comes to a film with a subject matter like this, then I am prepared to comment and offer my views, whether tainted with my own beliefs or not. I am an Anglo Protestant Church of England and a regular church goer, and relish the chance to watch a film like this which I feel not only appeals to me with its inspiring and powerful story, but it has a personal message to give to all of us.

Firstly, if I can set the record straight, this film is not about Jesus Christ as many people seem to believe, it is about Mary, his mother. Her sense of spirit and duty and of her strong belief in the spirit of God, a spirit which was so strong it led her to her being God's chosen vessel for Christ's entry into the world. This should put straight the reviewers who have stated that there are many chapters in Christ's life which seem to be overlooked. The young Mary is played wonderfully by Melinda Kinnaman, an under rated and largely unknown actress, but none the less an actress who seems to understand her part and delivers what I believe to be the most powerful performance in the film.

She is one of the most talented and beautiful woman I have seen on the screen in recent years. It charts her struggles through Roman occupation, the scorn and ridicule given my her kinsman after the immaculate conception, the Birth in Bethlehem and the part she played in Jesus' upbringing and his later teachings and death. The nativity, the crucifixion and many other chapters of The New Testament are recreated here, in a truly inspiring story which never ceases to fill my heart with the strong messages it gives to us.

Christian Bale plays Jesus well, and I think he stands out as one of the better screen Christ's. Strong support and for once well researched authenticity, makes this a must for fans of all things Bilical. AmethystAve 10 December Mary, Mother of Jesus was interesting, but as a Christian I just couldn't stomach more than an hour. In the movie when Mary told Joseph she was pregnant, Joseph replied, "you are dead to me".

That just sounded inappropriate. Soon after there was a scene with Jesus as a boy. Of course little is known about Jesus as a child, so I wasn't surprised when artistic liberties were taken for that period of Christ's life.

During this time of the movie a boy began to bully the young character of Jesus. The larger boy said something such as "You think you are so much better than everyone else", and then punched 'Jesus' in the nose. His face was bloody. That too, was inappropriate. In the Bible it is written about Jesus, "He shall give His Angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone". If God would protect Jesus even from tripping over a rock, then most certainly He would have protected Jesus from getting punched by some little punk.

Jesus suffered as God ordained it so scourging, crucifixion. I have a problem with films that try to portray Christ and just make a mess of doing so, always adding in something distasteful. Any movie that would attempt to punch the face of God