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My daughter remained completely free, and there was no epidemic at the school. I resolved to obey these words of Jesus more faithfully: What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch. In Science and Health Mrs. Eddy explains how the quality of our thought affects the body. In one passage she makes this statement: We should prevent the images of disease from taking form in thought, and we should efface the outlines of disease already formulated in the minds of mortals.

By obeying them and cultivating Christlike qualities it becomes easier for us to reject images of disease.

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Fear of contagion: a response to stress?

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  7. Share this article Copy link Link copied. The logic of quarantine in the Williams example is impeccable. The examples above captured the headlines or at the very least made the news. They are the kinds of controversies that unfold in public spaces and forums—newspapers, academic journals, quads, lecture halls, student centers, museums, social media and the blogosphere. While there is cause to be seriously concerned about the high-profile cases that make the media rounds, we should be even more worried about what happens behind closed doors in thousands of college classrooms across the country.

    As the contagion concept worms its ways into the classroom, the stakes are very high indeed for teaching and learning in the liberal arts tradition. As an implicit theory of education, contagion is extremely problematic. It assumes that we are intellectually and emotionally defenseless when confronted with challenging content. Like it or not, a dangerous pathogen will infect you. The mere exposure to, say, prejudiced, sexist or anti-immigrant ideas will not only be hurtful—it will also be corrupting, as students simply internalize the racism, misogyny and xenophobia of the material at hand.

    The fear of contagion encourages hyper-vigilance: Just as individuals, homes and neighborhoods must be closely watched for signs of infection, so too must classrooms be monitored for signs of contamination. In an atmosphere charged with the potential for contagion, learning proceeds from the position of a defensive crouch. Withdrawal and retreat are more likely outcomes than serious and spirited engagement. This safety-and-security model of education poses a challenge to teaching and discipline or field that includes the study of human behavior. We are contentious animals and conflict, pain and suffering are central—and inescapable—elements of any serious study of the human experience, from evolutionary psychology and political economy to law and English lit.

    According to scripture, the truth sets you free. As generations of black historians and activists have insisted, it is not possible to teach an accurate portrait of U.

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    If you pick up any of the best-selling U. This omission may have reflected a basic blindness to the black experience, a casual indifference to the significance of black lives, or a calculated effort to scrub the past clean of some of its most disturbing stains. Woodson who wrote the first textbooks that documented and analyzed the history of violence against African Americans. Brawley and Woodson both maintained that racial violence was not an anomaly but rather a concerted, consistent strategy to enforce the boundaries of the color line by any means necessary.

    Historical narratives that left out racial terrorism were either fairy-tales or propaganda. When I teach the history of Jim Crow segregation, my students are stunned to learn that lynching postcards were widely available in the U. The grainy photographs of mangled bodies hanging from trees and lamp-posts enjoyed enormous popularity.

    Looking at lynching postcards, many of my students have the same reaction as this early anti-lynching activist in a issue of American Magazine:. It is the faces of the spectators [in photographs of lynchings] that shock our very souls. Leave out the grim wreck in the center and the picture might be taken for an ordinary cheerful gathering at a country fair. Leave it in, and oh, my brothers, it is not the dead but the living that terrifies.

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    In addition to lynching postcards, we also look at other examples from the tens of thousands of racist images and artifacts that circulated throughout the United States during the Progressive Era, including the ubiquitous Sambo and Mammy images that were used to sell everything from shoe polish to pancake mix.

    Contagion means that economic concerns move from one country to another, bringing down currency values and stock markets.

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    Contagion could affect every country in the world. The value of Argentina's money, the peso, fell 29 percent against the U.

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    Next, Turkey's currency lost 25 percent of its value. South Africa's rand had an almost 10 percent drop. The Indonesian rupiah fell to its lowest level since India's currency also fell. Now September has arrived, and those currencies are still down. The Turkish lira is now down 40 percent against the dollar. Foreign exchange markets are nervous. Traders are worried more countries may be added to the list. Another example is Iran. The Iranian currency has fallen more than percent since the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal four months ago.

    Oil companies and other industries have been forced to leave Iran and the economy is in trouble. Financial experts are closely watching Chile, Poland and Hungary. Private, non-government, debt in emerging and developing countries is larger than it was during the financial crisis. The bigger the debt, the harder the fall.