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We spend most of our time in homes, offices, or vehicles. Yet, God formed mankind from the earth and placed him in a garden. Being connected to nature is a natural and healthy aspect of life and who we are.

Walking on grass or dirt, and eating plants grown in mineral and enzyme-rich soil helps to balance the body and its cellular structures. Getting outdoors, breathing fresh air, and practicing slow deep rhythmic breathing oxygenates every cell in the body. It calms and clarifies the mind, and triggers the release of positive hormones. Our modern world and environment cause us to be lazy. Many of us sit all day behind desks and computers, commute in cars, and find little time for proper amounts of movement.

Yet, the body was designed for movement. With proper exercise our cellular structures are supported, positively affecting digestion, heart and other organs, muscle tone, oxygen levels, detoxification, and mood. Most of us are familiar with external exercise: In contrast to these, internal cellular exercise targets the power of cellular exercise, oscillating every cell in the body, causing them to expand and contract, get bigger and stronger, thus supporting life throughout the entire body.

Cellular exercise is a different method of strength and muscle building that also tones and keeps us flexible.


It increases blood flow and oxygen delivery while stimulating the lymphatic system, cleansing, and assisting in the detoxifying of the body. We are designed for movement every day, and to avoid it, ages us faster and increases the risk of disease, especially cardiovascular and diabetes. Design comes from our Creator and when followed, life and abundance in all areas surges forth. God wants to prosper you.

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So much so, that His Word says, I place before you life and death, therefore, choose life, so you and your family can live in His blessing Deuteronomy Before beginning any dietary or exercise program, you should check with your doctor, especially if you have any pre-existing conditions, take prescription medications, are pregnant, or have any other limitations that should be considered. If you are new to the site, I recommend Starting Here. To approach health from only our physical well-being is to miss the opportunity of complete wellness.

Let go of toxic emotions: Know you are loved, forgiven of your past, and begin to extend forgiveness and love to others. Step away from negativity, embrace the positive things of life, and take time for self-renewal. Pursue personal desires and cultivate healthy relationships. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Health Qual Life Outcomes. Published online Jun Julia Truthmann , 1 Gert B. Received Nov 24; Accepted May Abstract Background This study examined sex-specific differences in physical health-related quality of life HRQoL across subgroups of metabolic health and obesity.

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Results This study included participants men, women. Conclusions Obesity was significantly related to lower physical HRQoL, independent of metabolic health status.

Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Introduction Physical health-related quality of life HRQoL is a clinically relevant predictor of adverse health outcomes e. Data collection and study variables Physical health-related quality of life A validated self-administered German language version [ 17 ] of the Medical Outcome Short Form version 2 SF version 2 [ 18 , 19 ] was used to measure physical HRQoL. Metabolic health and obesity categories Body weight, body height and waist circumference WC were measured by trained staff [ 22 ].

Metabolic health was defined based on the ATPIII definition [ 28 ] as described before for this study population [ 27 ] and as fulfilling three or more of the following criteria: Covariables Covariables were selected to adjust for potential confounders as described in previous studies [ 9 — 11 ]. Open in a separate window.

Principles of exercise, fitness and health

Table 3 Linear regression models for physical component summary SF v2 according to metabolic health and obesity status. Discussion Obesity and metabolic aberration alone and in combination were associated with impaired physical HRQoL in both sexes. Conclusion Obesity was significantly related to lower physical HRQoL, independent of metabolic health status, which underlines previous findings that MHO status is not necessarily a healthy state. Additional files Additional file 1: Availability of data and materials The authors confirm that some access restrictions apply to the data underlying the findings.

Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Consent for publication Not applicable. Footnotes Electronic supplementary material The online version of this article doi: Contributor Information Julia Truthmann, Email: Predictive value of health-related quality of life in progression of disability and depression in persons with multiple sclerosis: Association between physical and mental health-related quality of life and adverse outcomes; a retrospective cohort study of 5, Scottish adults.

Meta-analysis of the association between body mass index and health-related quality of life among adults, assessed by the SF Fontaine KR, Barofsky I. Obesity and health-related quality of life. Race and gender associations between obesity and nine health-related quality-of-life measures.

The day pure energy challenge

Gender-related differential effects of obesity on health-related quality of life via obesity-related Comorbidities: Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. The association of body mass index and health-related quality of life in the general population: Gender differences in the impact of obesity on health-related quality of life. Asia Pac J Public Health. Obesity, metabolic abnormality, and health-related quality of life by gender: Impact of metabolic comorbidity on the association between body mass index and health-related quality of life: Metabolically healthy obesity and health-related quality of life: A prospective cohort study.

Factors associated with health-related quality of life among overweight or obese adults. Obesity and physical and emotional well-being: Factors affecting gender differences in the association between health-related quality of life and metabolic syndrome components: Tehran lipid and glucose study.

Frisman GH, Kristenson M. Psychosocial status and health related quality of life in relation to the metabolic syndrome in a Swedish middle-aged population. Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs. German health interview and examination survey for adults DEGS - design, objectives and implementation of the first data collection wave. German translation and psychometric testing of the SF health survey: International quality of life assessment.

The 10-day pure energy challenge

SF health survey update. Spine Phila Pa ; Quality Metric Inc; Ellert U, Kurth BM. Health related quality of life in adults in Germany: Overweight and obesity in Germany: If you condition your metabolism to operate aerobically, and supply it with proper diet and exercise, you burn fat as your primary fuel. This will also help lower your set point. Once you have a base established, craft a regimen that will take your health to the next level. Add elements to your routine music, friends, a change of environment, a compelling race, etc.

Our daily goal is to consume the foods that will help serve our body. To achieve maximum nourishment, follow these guidelines:. The human body was designed for motion. Yet few of us actually use the full range of movement. This gift, the power of structural alignment and maximum strength, is designed to take charge of the motion-powered musculoskeletal system: Over the next ten days:. Avoid living in a box: Take the stairs, stay active and move many muscles in your body as you can daily!

Get an evaluation and personalized program from Pete Egoscue: For thousands of years, alternative forms of medicine have focused on a natural, internal ability of the body to raise its resistance, fight disease and create health. One of the most potent biological mechanisms that promotes this type of health and healing is found directly in the mind. Condition empowering emotions such as gratitude, courage, faith, determination, compassion and love. Break your pattern and avoid emotions that create stress. Three times a day stop what you are doing and shift your focus mind, breath, emotion to the area around your heart.

The major kinds of fats in the foods we eat are saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and trans fatty acids. The dangers of bad fats or processed fats include poor circulation leading to high blood pressure , poor elimination, excess congestion and toxicity in the body. In addition, the body is not able to perform the functions that good fats or unprocessed fats provide. Countless studies and innumerable amounts of research have shown a direct relationship between an animal-based diet and such chronic illnesses as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Even small amounts of animal-based foods can cause adverse effects. So for the next ten days:.