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Namitha and Pradeep S. Nielsen Book Data Publisher's Summary Natural products play crucial roles in modern drug development, and constitute a prolific source of novel lead compounds or pharmacophores for ongoing drug discovery programs. Chemistry and Pharmacology of Naturally Occurring Bioactive Compounds presents cutting-edge research in the chemistry of bioactive natural products and demonstrates how natural product research continues to make significant contributions in the discovery and development of new medicinal entities.

In 21 chapters, this book highlights chemistry and pharmaceutical potential of natural products in modern drug discovery processes, and covers the synthesis and semi-synthesis of potentially bioactive natural products. Written for phytochemists, synthetic chemists, combinatorial chemists, as well as other practitioners and students in related fields, the book features chemical advances in naturally occurring organic compounds and describes their chemical transformations and structure-activity relationships.

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In addition, it provided a strategy to prophetically identify the classification source of the most promising specific biological activities. The database represented more than 12, molecular entities, groups and classes. DrugBank Wishart et al. Other databases related to natural products were also developed, such as PubChem Wang et al. All the databases can be useful for the studies involving virtual screening and the design of new compounds from natural compounds.

The information about structures and physicochemical properties is useful and it can contribute to future drug development. Natural products have played an important role in DM therapy for a long history, especially in Asia, India and Africa. There were massive studies focused on herbal medicines for the development and discovery of antidiabetic medicine.

Many kinds of extracts and bioactive constituents were studied on the hypoglycemic effects. Extracts from natural products have been widely prescribed for diabetic treatment worldwide.

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Some of them were evaluated scientifically and methodically in order to check for their properties Odhav et al. Various plant extracts were traditionally used to DM treatment. In a long-term study, Annona muricata aqueous extract was daily administrated to diabetic rats for 28 days, the blood glucose levels and serum creatinine were reduced, and the MDA, AST, ALT activity, and nitrite levels LDL-cholesterol were also reduced Florence et al. Malvaceae leaf extract could be considered as a kind of prophylactic agent against T2DM and its associated kidney and cardiac toxicity Khanra et al.

There were other extracts used for the DM treatment, such as Hypericum perforatum extract Hasanein and Shahidi, , grape seed and skin extract Oueslati et al. So the herbal extracts can be used for the treatment of T2DM at systematic levels. Polysaccharides are one of the main components of the natural sources and they are composed of more than 10 monosaccharide units linked together by glycosidic bonds. As the main bioactive fractions of natural products, polysaccharides have attracted much more attention during recent years Zong et al.

As shown in Table 1 , polysaccharides from natural products were applied for the DM treatment during the period — According to our previous study , tea polysaccharides TPS were found to increase the body weight and decrease the blood glucose. It had higher potent glucose tolerance.

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And some biochemical indices were ameliorated. Mulberry leaf polysaccharides were reported to effectively improve the hepatic glucose metabolism and IR to the normal levels. The polysaccharides can be applied in the treatment of DM by targeting different signal pathways. Antidiabetic polyphenols extracted from natural products in the period — were listed in Table 2. Polyphenols, the secondary metabolites of plants, are mainly responsible for the flavor and color of fruits and other plant products. They are presented in fresh fruits and vegetables and found in various natural beverages such as red wines, tea and cocoa Quideau et al.

Different polyphenols have different action mechanisms. It was reported that polyphenols from black soybean seed coat improved hyperglycemia and insulin sensitivity via regulating AMPK signal pathway both in vitro and in vivo , and anthocyanins [cyanidin 3-glucoside C3G ] and procyanidins PCs were the main antidiabetic polyphenols, which could also enhanced glucose uptake Kurimoto et al.

Polyphenols from Vernonia amygdalina were reported to possess antihyperglycemic effects, most probably via increasing GLUT4 translocation and inhibiting hepatic G6Pase Ong et al. EGCG, a kind of green tea polyphenol, could improve endothelial dysfunction and ameliorate metabolic IR in skeletal muscle and liver. Therefore, the polyphenols could be a promising therapy to treat T2DM, obesity, and cardiovascular, in which there were reciprocal relationships between IR and endothelial dysfunction Keske et al. Besides polysaccharides and polyphenols, there are other constituents from natural products related to antidiabetic effects.

Several reviews provided summaries of the natural constituents for DM therapy, such as terpenoids, tannins, saponins, alkaloids, and lignans Tundis et al. Traditional herbal medicine has been used to treat DM for decades. Recent studies of antidiabetic compounds from to were categorized here. According to structure-activity relationship, these action mechanisms of natural products are quite different from those of the currently antidiabetic drugs. Natural products might be the promising sources to provide multi-components with multi-targets and new therapy for DM.

Network pharmacology is a new strategy to find the bioactive constituents as well as the molecular targets and the interactions. Nowadays, there are more studies and knowledge of DM from published literatures and the protein—protein interaction PPI databases Liechti et al. T1Dbase was a public website and database related to the molecular genetics and biology of T1DM.

T1Dbase integrated the data from assembled genome sequences, derived gene and transcript models, publications linked to genes, T1DM susceptibility regions, genetic linkage and related studies. It provided integrated data and opportunities for researchers to explore the complex pathogenesis of T1DM which was affected by various factors Hulbert et al.

T2D-Db collected candidate genes from the Pubmed literatures and provided their corresponding information on almost all known molecular components involved in the pathogenesis of T2DM. Information on candidate genes had been established in this on line database, including SNPs single nucleotide polymorphism in candidate genes or candidate regions, GWA genome wide association studies , pathways, PPI and diseases associated risk factors or complications Agrawal et al.

It aimed to provide specialized information on the genetic risk factors involved in the development of T2DM. It contained 1, T2DM related substances including proteins and its complexes, drugs and the interactions. From the perspective of system biology, it established a basis for the further research of T2DM, which was contributed to the elucidation of the action mechanism and related drug development. Furthermore, this database could also promote the T2DM-related studies of network pharmacology and multi-targets therapeutics Yang et al.

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The high availability of the DM databases plays a significant role in integrating related complex data. They can be used to predict the target network of the bioactive constituents. After experimental validation of the molecular network, they can provide a new perspective for researchers to better understand the pathogenesis of DM and action mechanisms of associated drugs. A large amount of studies have indicated that natural products showed antidiabetic effects via a variety of mechanisms.

The present review summarizes and discusses the related antidiabetic mechanisms. It results from inadequate glucose sensing to stimulate insulin secretion.

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There are various sophisticated signal pathways related to DM that can be therapeutically targeted. By targeting these signal pathways, the bioactive constituents can produce multiple effects including glut translocation, glut trafficking, glycogen synthesis, glycolysis, lipolysis, microtubules, gluconeogenesis, lipogenesis, and autophagy. Summary of signal pathways related to diabetes mellitus.

Direct stimulatory modification; Direct inhibitory modification; Translocation; Multistep stimulatory modification. The gut microbiota was hypothesized to play a critical role in metabolic diseases, including T2DM Xu et al. GQD treatment conspicuously modulated gut microbial metabolism by degradation of choline into methylamines, together with a decrease in FBG and an expansion of islets in STZ and high-fat-diet-induced diabetic rats Tian S.

In addition, GQD could modulate the composition of the intestinal microbiota during T2DM clinical treatment, especially enrich the quantity of beneficial bacteria such as Faecalibacterium spp.

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Because most of the herbal drugs were usually orally administrated, the modulation of the herbal drugs on the intestine microbiota has been new mechanistic understanding of the natural products in DM treatment. Compared with initial time-consuming laboratory experiments, network pharmacology approaches for well-known pathways with various natural products will be more efficient for antidiabetic drug discovery.

Based on combining the network, chemical, pharmacological, biomedical and computational results, we can achieve multi-components and multi-targets therapy for DM. Network pharmacology, as a powerful tool to elucidate complex relationships from a systematic and biological level, has been more and more popular in recent years. It has been applied to various complex chronic diseases, such as cardio-cerebral ischemic diseases Gu et al. For DM therapy, network pharmacology has been widely used in the mechanism studies.

According to the study of Liu et al. Their results also indicated that integrating high-throughput microarray studies together with PPI networks was an effective method to prove the existing biological processes associated with a complex disorder Liu et al.

In the study of Li et al. They collected available chemical components, with 42 of them found in Ge-Gen, 57 of them found in Huang-Qin, 22 of them found in Huang-Lian, and of them found in Gan-Cao.

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In this study, network target analysis was applied to elucidate the relationships between herbal ingredients and bioactivities. And the network pharmacology method also contributed to better understand the action mechanisms of GQD formula. It was also found that 4-Hydroxymephenytoin, a novel compound from Puerariae Lobatae radix Ge-Gen , could increase the insulin secretion and improve IR Li et al. The network pharmacology approach had been an effective strategy for the modern research on herbal drugs on the DM treatment, and the multi-active compounds could be identified and the multi-targets action mechanisms could be elucidated.

As the second most consumed beverage in the world next to water, Tea Camellia sinensis L. Different GTPs could act on different targets in the signal network of complex diseases diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, etc. Study of network pharmacology approach on GTPs identified three pathways, p53 signal pathway, neurotrophin signal pathway, and T2DM pathway, which related to DM from all pathways. And they established a diabetes-related pathway by integrating these three pathways Zhang S. A total of 2, non-duplicated compounds from these 32 Chinese herbs of 52 classical TCM formulas were found from two databases.