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Death Of The Saints

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Please log in below or if you don't have an account, creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. For those saints that have led the way before us, it is hard to rejoice in their departure. Yet, God says that the death of His saints is precious in His eyes. We need to step back, take a better look at the Bible and try to see why God says that the death of His children is precious in His eyes.

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I believe there are three things involved here regarding the death of His saints as He sees it and when fully comprehended, we can better understand the reason for this solid bit of truth in the Psalms. I have trouble with this theory.

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The aspect of an after life of either being with God or lost from Him is not new, it is as old as that first story of the Bible and David adds a truth here by encouraging the saint of God that with his passing, God is delighted. God is delighted with the death of one of His saints because at last He is able to fulfill His Commitment He made with that saint once that one accepted Him as his God. Coming to God as a sinner, we accept Him to be our God and our Savior in this life and into the next.

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We agree to follow Him, to serve Him, to live for Him, and to be His child and He agrees to Care for us by not allowing more to come upon us than what we can bear. This involves all aspects of our lives: But, when life becomes too hard and we cannot hold on for mere survival sakes, God is aware of our situation and His promise of not allowing us more to endure than we can bear comes into His mind and through His caring for us, He honors His Commitment to us and takes us home.

Our passing on into glory to be with Him is blessed in His sight because He knows He has fulfilled His promise to us. Next, I see a part of this Commitment He has made with His saints has to do with the many Changes in our lives.

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What we start out with God, is usually not that which we end with Him. When it comes time for the greatest Change in our lives-from earth to heaven, it is glorious in His eyes because at last He brings us Home to abide with Him for ever. He views this last Change in our lives as precious, because we will be at home with Him and at last be Changed into the likeness of his Son.