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Sometimes, according to Birbalsingh — one of the small number of black or ethnic minority women heading a secondary school in England — the debate turns sour. The emails are the worst, she says.

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On the inside there are daily challenges. But the detractors on the outside are very time-consuming, emotionally draining. And they are obsessive.

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At the school, a group of pupils prepare to end their break and move to their next lesson. They line up quietly under the eye of their teacher — who stops to ask one of them to pick up a grape from the floor. She says one of the things that is different about Michaela, the state secondary school she founded three years ago, is its unwillingness to let even a single pupil — or grape — go astray. The year 7 pupils file out to their next class, illustrating another Michaela principle: The children walk between classrooms without speaking, in single file, moving quickly.

Anyone who does not gets a demerit, leading to a detention. The reason, says Birbalsingh, is that corridors in schools are where bad behaviour often takes place: By moving in a straight line, the children stay calm and focused for their next lesson. Detention for not having a pen sounds harsh — until you learn that Michaela provides pens to all pupils at the start of the year, that there is a school shop selling cut-price ones each morning, and that parents are given persistent reminders about the equipment their children need to bring every day. Michaela hit the headlines in when it emerged children whose parents had not paid for school lunches were made to eat in a separate room.

But Birbalsingh was unmoved by the criticism.

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Here they still get lunch, a good lunch. The characters are amazing, especially Digby. We all need a friend like Digby! Kind of Sherlock-y, but with teens.

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You have the unwilling accomplice, the very quirky but incredibly smart detective. The minor characters all have their own unique traits too, and the entire novel meshes so well. Rarely do I laugh out loud and feel like I'm at the edge of my seat in the same book. Have recommended it to four people who all have loved it. Will definitely read again! Trouble is a Friend of Mine starts off with 16 year old Zoe Webster.

She and her recently divorced mom move to the very suburban area of River Heights.

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There she meets the mysterious Digby. Yet somehow she gets dragged into his life. Together, Zoe and Digby, go on crazy adventures and end up solving a multitude of crimes, and somehow these seemingly unrelated crimes lead up to one clever and exciting finale. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it somewhat relatable, I found it to be extremely unbelievable at the same time.

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The author depicts high school very inaccurately with the popular cheerleaders staying in the bathroom to do their makeup, the stereotypical dumb football players, and the short, pimple-faced nerd in glasses. Digby and Zoe were able to get into some pretty messy situations, yet Digby was always able to talk them out of it and get them in the least amount of trouble. The plot, which was extremely unrealistic, was comical and made the reader want to keep reading. The story was written in a witty fashion that made it easier to read and helped keep the reader engaged.

The plot made you want to be there in action with Zoe and Digby. Everyone wants to be rebellious at one point in their life, and in a way you could be through Zoe and Digby.


While reading this, I felt like I was doing the crime fighting, rather than Zoe and Digby. Even though I found the plot to be unrealistic, I loved the storyline. This book was really just meant for a good laugh. The characters cracked me up and at times I actually laughed aloud at what the characters said. While this quote sounds weird out of context, it goes along with one of the many hilarious, unbelievable side stories to the main plot.

Succeed at life. Live your passion. Love what you do.

This book is full of ongoing adventures with your best friend. Overall, the book was good. Daniel has really done it again! The unofficial guide to capturing everything and getting things done. In this book Daniel sets out the specific steps required to write, publish and sell an eBook. What is so good is that it really is a step by step guide with plenty of advice and links to additional information. The book starts with a nice motivational section that attacks the doubts that so many of us have that our project is worth doing.

He cites his own success in a very humble manner as proof that anyone with a good idea for a book can write it, publish it, and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Need more convincing that this guide can help? Choose which eBook format is best for you! I first became aware of Daniel Gold with his previous title Evernote: I had just started using Evernote and his book really helped me delve right in and make Evernote really work for me.

When I saw that Daniel had written another book about how to write ebooks, something I have been thinking about doing, I knew I had to read it right away. Gold is an essential primer for anyone who is considering doing the same. For centuries, the publishing world has been scary and uninviting, but the advent and adoption of digital e-readers and tablets has lowered the bar of entry to even the most modest monetary investment. Another good one by Daniel is: