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Our local government is in the fight to protect us, but the state offers no sanctions, no oversight, no reasonable planning and no consideration for the communities affected. Unbelievable they can so cavalierly ruin the Beauty of Virginia this way. They will not get my vote again and I'll be working for candidates with enough interest in the welfare of all the people and this land, to deserve a seat in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

It is far from safe, as Dominion claims. The potential hazards are many, from contaminating ground water to drastically altering the ecosystem. We need legislators in office who will act in the long-term interest of their constituents, legislators who are not afraid to speak up to big energy, and do the right thing. The right thing here seems obvious.

Paving Paradise on sale now

If we lose the environment, we lose everything. But current businesses and politicians are too blinded by short-term greed, to see, or admit, that. To our legislators I say: Please consider what your constituents are saying. Once a pipeline is in, it is too late.

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Do the right thing now, and live with integrity the rest of your life. We must learn to use the land wisely for it is beginning to affect our very survival. There are so many better altervatives. We all must remember that this land truely belongs to our childrens childrens children and we have a responsibility to use it wisely. We must do all we can to see that this proposed pipeline does not ever happen.

We have served in the wars. And, now we are being targeted, again, without compensation. We have no place else to go; but surely they can go elsewhere. Our short term hope is that the ACP will be sent along a colocation route along existing easements that Dominion already owns, thus disturbing few people and less of the National Park area. Dominion will claim it is not feasible, only that it will require approval from Congress, and so they lie about the maps to the National Park System to bypass laws passed 40 years ago meant to protect this area from this very event.

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Our long term hope is that at some point the country will look forward more than an election cycle and develop a long term plan for energy. This plan would include saving some our gas reserves for future generations rather than selling it all off to India and Asian markets. You can check out Dominions annual report to see how proud they are of their exporting of natural gas.

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I have my doubts about this energy policy ever getting implemented. For all the talk of hope and change, the current administration is doing its utmost to make Cheney look like the Lorax.

Paving Paradise: Florida's Vanishing Wetlands and the Failure of No Net Loss by Craig Pittman

In our own state, the gas companies have gotten favors from both parties, and it would appear that the rural counties have little value to those in Richmond or Washington other than a place to exploit. Put your pipeline somewhere else Dominion. Praise for Paving Paradise This is an exhaustive, timely and devastating account of the destruction of Florida's wetlands, and the disgraceful collusion of government at all levels. It's an important book that should be read by every voter, every taxpayer, every parent, every Floridian who cares about saving what's left of this precious place.

I am amazed, horrified and delighted that you wrote Paving Paradise! You have uncovered the perfidy that we always knew existed You have named the key figures that led to the loss of thousands of acres of Florida wetlands. Posted on July 13, 9: Paving Paradise on sale now. You guys know I hate to read books my self. Books are meant to be talked about, discussed, educate people.

Bulldozed and buried wetlands underlie the foundations of thousands of mines, highways, golf courses and shopping malls all over our state, despite clear federal and state policy calling for no net loss of wetlands. It was President George H. Bush who first articulated this policy in The prize-winning pair of St. Petersburg Times reporters spent four years researching the state of wetlands protection in Florida. They interviewed hundreds of people, ferreting out political pressure points, cynical numbers games and all the inventive ways we are lied to.

Pittman and Waite are both reporters at the St. Petersburg Times and have twice earned the top investigative reporting prize in the nation from the Society of Environmental Journalists as well as the Waldo Proffit Award for Excellence in Environmental Journalism in Florida. Florida possesses more wetlands than any other state except Alaska, yet since more than 84, acres have been lost to development despite presidential pledges to protect them. Journalists Craig Pittman and Matthew Waite spent nearly four years investigating the political expedience, corruption, and negligence on the part of federal and state agencies that led to a failure to enforce regulations on developers.

They traveled throughout the state, interviewed hundreds of people, dug through thousands of documents, and analyzed satellite imagery to identify former wetlands that were now houses, stores, and parking lots.