Lieber Daniel: Briefe an meinen Sohn (German Edition)

Read "The Feather Kiss" by Rachel Rager with Rakuten Kobo. Lydia has loved Brett from afar since high school. After an accident left his sister in the hospital.

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Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. A book that has been read and does not look new, but is in excellent condition. No obvious damage to the book cover, with the dust jacket if applicable included for hard covers.

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No missing or damaged pages, no creases or tears, no underlining or highlighting of text, and no writing in the margins. Some identifying marks on the inside cover, but this is minimal. Very little wear and tear. See all condition definitions - opens in a new window or tab Read more about the condition. Consumers can use the platform to settle their disputes. We are generally willing to work towards an amicable settlement out of court. Jakob became an alcoholic as a teenager, left school, broke off different trainings and jobs, landed in the psychiatry, attempted suicide several times, and then became a Christian, suffered several relapses, till he realized that solving his addiction only by total abstinence.

Easy, simple language, but a gripping story of downhill life of an alcoholic. Oct 23, , 4: Roman by Katryn Berlinger - Der unschickliche Antrag: Roman by Vonne van der Meer - Kein Sterbenswort: Roman by Harlan Coben - Lockruf der Vergangenheit: Roman by Barbara Wood first lines: Oct 24, , 4: Roman by Tina Grube - Das Leben geht weiter: Roman by Catherine Guigon - Annie John: Roman by Jamaica Kincaid - Auf kleinen Spuren: Roman by Yaakov Shabtai - Eva: Roman by Marianne Fredriksson - Die Brillenmacherin: Oct 24, , 6: Alban is part of a wealthy, but dysfunctional family who owns a large game company.

He left the firm and the family and settled in Perth, Scotland. But his cousin Fielding tracked him down and asks him to come back to the family, they want to sell out the firm, but there are some secrets surrounding Alban's back ground and he tries to figure it out. A well composed plot and a bunch of difficult relationships. Oct 24, , 9: Oct 25, , 6: My camera is in Lithuania at the moment to be cleaned and the one I used at the Korean music event isn't so good.

Oct 26, , Happy belated Thingaversary, Paul. I hope you do find the time to also actually read the boxes of books: Oct 26, , 5: Hej Monica, yea, that's the problem. I always look into the books and hope to find some slip with a bonus for reading time, or an out-of-time-reading-period or something like that. Roman by Anne B. The father of Torunn commits suicide and she is now left alone on the pig farm. Friends come over and want to make a tourist resort out of the farm. But it's getting all too much for Torunn I wasn't aware of the fact that this was the last part of a trilogy.

Shame, but I don't like to read the first and second part knowing the end makes the other volumes less interesting. Dysfunctional family tale from Norway. Oct 27, , 3: Let me know if you find the recipe to create extra reading-time. I'm sure you'll be a rich man if you find it. Btw, I read the first of the Ragde-novels. We should find someone who read the second one, so the series would be complete Oct 27, , Oh, how did you find the first Radge part?

It's been a while since I read that one, but I remember I rather liked it. You can find my review here. I notice I had intended to read the next book too, but it slipped my mind. Oct 27, , 4: Thanks for the link, maybe I'll have a look in the library and, if I find volume I, I might read it Oct 27, , 5: A man visits an elderly prostitute and after or instead of sex, he wants a story. So, she tells him one after the other like in nights. Very different stories, historical, surreal, everyday life Good stories, rich in variety, entertaining. I put the book on my wishlist.

Oct 31, , 5: Another volume of Capus' columns in the local newspaper about life in the Olten. It's more fun when you know the place. Oct 31, , 6: A patron is doing some research on prostitution and I found this speech by Ragaz from quite interesting. He wants to abolish prostitution altogether since it destroys the sanctity and honor of the sexual life. He calls man and woman prostitutes who sell or even worse for him, buy sexual acts. He sees prostitution as one of the worst ethical and cultural evil. He trusts, that the different movements for women will free women from social oppressions and prostitution.

He aims at the education of our children - the change has to start there.

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Sexual life is nothing to be ashamed of, but also nothing to denigrate either. An honorable attempt at his time. But world war II showed that humanity died then and there. To base any hopes on humankind is a vain venture. I read two books by the same Swiss author. Nov 2, , 7: Die Prostitution in Borodino zog sie an. Sie wollten die Bittere Lippen der Heidi schmecken. Aber Heidi flieht unter The weight of glory um ihre Ehre zu retten. The prostitution in Borodino was their aim. They wanted to taste the bitter lips of Heidi. But Heidi saved her honor and, under the weight of glory, run away.

Full of H as hatred, the others were fighting the Ghost from the Mountain for 10 and one day. Only the King of Olten returns and goes from the pub to the House of Parliament. Nov 2, , Paul hope you have a lovely weekend amid those alpine mountains and the book one too of course. Nov 2, , 1: Thanks Paul, same to you. Ursula was stitching a piece of brightly-coloured embroidery, and Gudrun was drawing upon a board which she held on her knee. They were mostly silent, talking as their thoughts strayed through their minds. Nov 7, , 6: Roman by Lara Adrian - Evas Auge: Galeano - Tagebuch der Armut: Juni in ihrem Elternhaus in der Luthergasse von Weimar abends gegen halb neun das Licht der Welt erblickt, steht fest, dass sie es im Leben nicht leicht haben wird.

Nov 7, , 7: Hey Paul, lots of good reading done in October, I see! Looks like I will be going through your country yet again Nov 7, , 8: Hej Ursula, shame you have stopping somewhere in Switzerland I hope you don't get jumped on after the trip sprung on you Nov 10, , 8: Another mystery with Thomas Lynley and Barbara Havers.

Nov 12, , 3: May wrote his first biiger novel in deliveries But the publisher put in some erotic and other stuff which May later learned and then sued the publisher. This re-edition was done in in a revised and shortened version so, all the parts which are obviously not May's were left out. But the owner of the hacienda, Graf Rodriganda is taken hostage and put on a boat off the shore of Mexico Typically Karl May - with all the ingredients of the later Wild West stories in it: Fun and short reading - in a style and of a time long gone.

Part 1 of 6. Nov 13, , 3: Roman by Henning Mankell - Das Wunschtal: Roman by Ursula K. Roman by Alice McDermott first lines: Nov 12, , 6: Some more new books alright! Your pile is growing so fast these days!! Hej Megan, it is exciting, I had my thingaversary last month We met in the Jewish Center, enjoyed a kosher meal there with soya instead of milk for coffee and then visited the synagogue.

They have a part of the old Rabbinat's library from Breslau. The Nazis stole and partially destroyed this impotent library. Nov 13, , 6: Clair Robson - Der Ketzer der Shonyn: Roman Caitlin Sweet - Route Roman Petra Durst-Benning - Emma: Nov 14, , 5: Traven - Ein General kommt aus dem Dschungel by B. Traven - Die Rebellion der Gehenkten by B. Traven - Das Mysterium: Nov 14, , 7: Where do you put all these books, Paul?!! Also, as it turns out, it was a false alarm about passing through your country again.

Our route took us through Austria instead. The driver said it cost too much to cross Switzerland. Nov 14, , 1: Hej Ursula, there is this book box in Loerrach, just across the border, where they have this bring-and-take book 'house' it's actually located in an old railway station , 5 rooms full of books. And I went there twice last month Anyway, Austria has nice sceneries, too, and driving though South Tirol is also appealing.

I hope you enjoyed the trip. Nov 15, , 6: Roman by Christoph Hardebusch first lines: Dec 19, , 5: Roman by Jochen Rausch. Peter's girl friend Astrid suddenly disappears without any trace. Years later he comes back for his father is dying and he wants to unravel the mystery of the recently found skelet on the German-German border and the disappearance of his lost love. Nov 16, , 6: Clovis Andersen, the author of Precious Ramotswe's favourite text book about private investigation, shows up and helps her to to solve a case, and Grace and Phuti are building a house.

A comfort read, light and fun. Nov 19, , 4: Roman by Ruth Rendell - Anitas Tochter: Roman by Judith Rossner - Die keltische Schwester: Nov 22, , Steiner got the Swiss book prize He describes some people of a village, waiting for the inevtiable disaster, the three youngster who plan their summer holidays but expecting nothing , the troika a group of three elderly men who meet every-so-often to play carambole carrom and discuss Gramsci and life.

A story of dysfunctional persons waiting, know they should escape but just can't. Not much action, but good descriptions of the inner feelings of the characters. Nov 22, , 1: The theater intendant of the Basel theater is murdered - is there a connection with Sophocles' drama about king Oedipus, who blindet himself? The coprse's eyes are missing, too. Hunkeler is six weeks short of his retirement and so takes the chance to take some days off and investigates privately in the harbor aerea of Basel. Fun mystery, with some local charme.

Nov 22, , 3: A comic about electricity and how to use it. Inspector Volt has to investigate a break-down in the Alps in Who or what is behind the break down? Nov 23, , 9: Roman by Ernst W. A Templer was sent out to infiltrate the Assassins in Persia.

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But somehow he became an Assassin himself and assassinated the Duke of Bavaria. Now his twin is sent out to go and understand what happened. He is accepted by the Assassins because he is mistaken for his brother. What does he find out? And does he succeed where his brother has failed? A historic mystery with a lot of references to the different religious beliefs of the Middle Ages.

Nov 23, , 3: Puchinello wants to be like the others and have many riches. But what are the consequences of his longing? A great children's book. Nov 23, , 4: Nov 24, , 9: Lucado's book is going to be used in a seminar on counselling in Slowakia, a friend of mine asked me to scan the pictures for her so she can use them in a workshop. I love his children's books, they all describe little truths in a simple way.

Nov 24, , 5: Roman by Anne Fine - Louisa Elliott: Roman by Eleanor Cooney - Sackgasse Freiheit: Teil 2 by John R. September — an einem Donnerstag. Das war gewisslich die schlimmste Tat, die er jemals vollbracht hat. Nov 24, , 7: Paul, I really like the way you list the first lines of the books you acquire, even if I can't read most of them.

There seems to be something about the name Paul and the begetting of books this year, Paul. Between the two of us we have added 1, physical books this year so far! Hope your weekend has been a good one. Nov 25, , 3: Hej Julia, I like the first line feature of LT and I occasionally check out the first line in a book in th library before I take it out.

I prefer rather short opening sentences. Tolkien's story "Der Fall von Gondolin" starts with: An interesting start - the end of a story as the beginning of a new one. Yes, you're right, Paul. We had a quiet weekend. My daughter came over and was cooking for us my son and me , she made lamb ribs, delicious. Ruth Bai-Pfeifer was leading our church service telling her life as a handicapped she suffers from a muscle disease, she describes every stair as the Eigernordwand who prayed for healing but was not healed bodily but spiritually and now works for a handicapped persons organization in Switzerland.

Nov 25, , 9: Roman by Anita Shreve - Der unvollendete Walzer: Roman by John Grisham - Die Kammer: Roman by John Grisham - Der Regenmacher: Roman by John Grisham - Die Akte: Roman by John Grisham - Die Jury: Roman by John Grisham - Der Klient: Roman by John Grisham - Die Begnadigung: Roman by Arthur Hailey first lines: Nov 26, , 4: I just bought an Adventskalender for my son: Number 3 is Ueli Bier and number 6 a Samichlausbier Saint Nicolaus , both local beers, the rest is foreign.

Nov 26, , 8: The FC Basel beats Chelsea for the second time!!! Hej Ursula, I will check the beers at the weekend and then publish the countries here. Nov 26, , 5: Roman by Michael Peinkofer - Und manchmal liegt im Abschied ein Geschenk. Roman by Doris Eicke - Schluss mit lustig! Thriller by Frederick Forsyth - Suche nach Einklang: Nouwen - Seelsorge, die aus dem Herzen kommt: Nouwen - Du bist der geliebte Mensch: Nov 28, , 4: Keller writes about the relationships of parents to their children included 'spiritual',not biological children.

He takes the story of Josef and shows how his life, Andreas' own life experiences with his own father, help to see the importance of a good father-son relationship is. A good father mother, mentor can be an important help and sponsor for one's success and well-being. Andreas himself is a son of a 'famous' preacher and so had to come to terms living as 'a son of'-person. What he writes about Josef and his relationship to his father Jacob is very good. Nov 28, , 5: Paul, I think your calculation of add-ons is awry mate.

In post you are up to and in post you add 15 books but go down to books?? Should be I think. Nov 28, , 8: Hi Paul- Just checking in. Have not been by in awhile.

Schrei in der Dunkelheit: Psychothriller by Vilshöfer, Claudia | Book | eBay

Hope all is well in your part of the world. I love the Adventskalender. Now, that is perfection.

Nov 28, , 9: Basel is doing great! My team Juventus has finally pulled it together, seemingly. Nov 28, , 1: Welcome Mark, my daughter makes her own adventskalender and buys the beer bottles by herself in different shops and wraps them in gift paper. The one I bought is an adaption of the 'half-meter-beer-board' - it contains 8 bottles each, easy.

Oh, Ursula, ho come you're a Juve fan? Your love to Italy must be quite strong. Basel is playing strange sometimes: Roman by Gerbrand Bakker - This is service design thinking: Finn usually waits for me in bed, or leaning up against the side of the door with his eyes closed. I don't have a really good reason, I just started years ago watching Italian Serie A through satellite feeds in the US and eventually Juve became my team.

Nov 29, , 5: Agatha wants to settle down in married life. But her husband James apparently cheated on her and she struggled with him. And then James disappears after a row, leaving some blood stains in the house. Who hit him and where did he go? Then his lover gets murdered Light, readable detective story. Nov 30, , 3: For a change I read a French comic: The story of a dying love. A romantic beginning and then they start to hurt each other Nov 30, , 5: Roman by Karin Fossum. A Norwegian mystery with a 'normal' inspector who is not so addicted to work, alcohol, or women.

A man is found drowned in the river. It is established that he was murdered just a few days after the murder of a prostitute - any connections there? What's it all about? Dec 1, , 1: Dec 1, , 2: Verse of the day: Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. Dec 1, , 5: Der Opfertod Jesu am Kreuz. Peter Marshall's death from a heart attack at age 46 was a devastating blow. Dec 2, , 6: The Lord had said to Abram , I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.

Dec 2, , 9: It is grey and overcast in NE Pennsylvania. My partner Will living in Germany for a few years. He compares a grey Pennsylvania day to Germany. Dec 2, , Roman by Michael Peinkofer - Das dunkle Feuer: Roman by Michael Peinkofer - Die Hexen: Roman by Lea Nicolai - Die Halblinge: Roman by Mel Odom first lines: Hej Linda, it is grey and overcast here, too. We had some sunshine in the morning, but now it's more cloudy.

It may be snowing tonight. So comparing Pennsylvania with Germany is quite okay. Where in Germany did he live? The Black Forest has pretty much the same weather as we have here. Dec 2, , 1: The oldest book was published , the most recent this year. Roman by Maarten 't Hart. Two boys grow up together and since kindergarten they seem inseparable.

But one is always taking his friends girls away. Easy read, but not much more. Dec 3, , 3: A children's book about Christmas. One part tells the story of a supernova assuming that the star of Bethlehem was one and the other salvation history from creation to Abraham to Jesus Christ. Well told and illustrated. Then a day-odyssey in plastic rafts began - what they experienced in that time and how they met God during that time is thought provoking.

A true and well told survival story. Dec 3, , 4: May the Lord cut off all flattering lips, the tongue that makes great boasts Psalm 12,3 Beer of the day: Badke , Research strategies. Roman by Archibald J. Cronin - Urwald, Liebe, Diamanten: Bosse - Die Germanistin: Roman by Kerstin Ekman - Alles ist erleuchtet: Roman by Jonathan Safran Foer - Kristallzucker: In einem verschlafenen Bergdorf im Wallis Dec 3, , 7: Oh, I see that the Ueli Bier is local to you!

Interesting, I'd like to head over to our local beer store and see if I can try it. Dec 3, , 9: Hej Ursula, so would Ueli Beer be a reason for a stop over in Basel? Dec 3, , 1: I see it's an older book. I found some additional reviews on Amazon. I need to read some more Karin Fossum books.

I have several downloaded on my Kindle. I just need to make time to read the next one!

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Whittaker's book is really interesting - it is no thriller, nor a mystery. But the author makes an interesting tale of survival - imagine to float in such a pancake-size boat, no water, no food Roman by Michael Peinkofer. A well written fantasy. The sorcerers became advisers to the king of Erdwelt, but one of them intrigues against the others and brings the old sorcerer back who 'created' the orks.

War starts in Erdwelt again and sinks in chaos. The former sound studio of the Queen Freddy Mercury in Montreux at the lake of Geneva opened today as a museum. Good-bye to all my friends, my beautiful and lovely friends.

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Dec 4, , 4: And you will say in that day: Isaiah 12,4 Beer of the day: Dec 4, , 6: Beer is a good excuse to visit anywhere, Paul. Unfortunately, though, we just got our plane tickets back to the US. We leave on 29 Dec. Weil eine junge Frau telefonieren wollte, wurde sie polizeilich misshandelt. Der Griff zum Handy war der Polizei zu viel. Frau Conta beschreibt unfassbare Dinge im Krankenhaus. Sie hat die Geschehnisse gut beschrieben. Polizei im Saarland mit automatischen Waffen unterwegs!

Mit Maschinengewehren kamen Sie und entsorgten daher die ganze Familie in die Psychiatrie. Sie sind jetzt schon alle tot. Die Polizei im Saarland will an sein Leben. Sein Leben ist nur noch kurz. Auch Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel meldet sich zu Wort. Ein Anwalt verlor seine Zulassung, mehrere unschuldige mussten in Haft. Herr und Frau X. Maschinengewehre waren im Einsatz! Herr Wagner wurde bei den Demonstrationen Stuttgart 21 schwer verletzt.

Ein Minister wollte sich bei ihm melden. Mit solchen politischen Verbrechern will er jedoch nicht reden! Ihr Leben ist dahin. Je kranker der Mensch, desto ertragreicher ist er. Gier ist im Spiel. Vor Jahren konnte er hunderte Kilo stemmen und wurde Mr. Nun ist er im Rollstuhl gefangen. Eine Machete wurde ihm an den Hals gehalten und eine Pistole an den Kopf. Eine mutige Frau aus Deutschland hatte einen Hundehandel. Eines Tages deckte sie einen Drogenhandel auf und die ersten Mordversuche begannen. Im Ausland versuchte man sie zu ermorden. Eine Explosion zerfetzte ihre Kollegen zu Asche.

Seine Familie wurde Jahre lang terrorisiert. Kinderpornos aus der Heimwerkstatt? Der Vater ist Staatsanwalt, dessen Vater Oberstaatsanwalt. Der Bruder Polizeibeamter in Bielefeld usw. Herr Staatsanwalt hat ein sonderbares Hobby. Was wollen wir mehr? Das Jugendamt und das Gericht entschieden: Spanische Polizei beim Handel mit gestohlenen Autos erwischt. Er hat es satt. In Spanien wurde er von der Polizei mit Mord bedroht, als er sich auf der Strasse in eine Zivile Sache einmischen wollte.

In Deutschland hatte Herr X. Die schlimmsten Ereignisse wurden ausgelassen. Das gab es doch schon im Mittelalter. Jugend-Richter bot schwule Kinder-Nacktfime an. Er wurde nie bestraft. Auch Bombendrohungen waren angesagt. Seit meiner Zeugenaussage vor dem Landgericht Magdeburg als einer von Man nimmt mich nicht ernst.

Anzeigen bei der Polizei gehen unter und werden nicht weiter verfolgt. Repressalien von Amtswegen, weil Herr G. Bald konnte Herr G. Der Mann in den Bergen: Pflegeheime sind oft keine und schon gar nicht zur Heilung berufen, sondern zur Vernichtung menschlichen Lebens.

Was das Hitler-Regime angerichtet hat, wird im verborgenen nachgeahmt. Ein anonymer Hinweisgeber hat es verraten: Viele Menschen starben im Wasser beim Baden. Die Ursache ist aber ein Staatsgeheimnis. Der Mann bekam Polizeibesuch und wurde im Wald gefoltert. Jetzt schweigt er aus Angst vor dem Tode.

Das Teich-Wasser bleibt deshalb verseucht. Die Bielefelder Polizei gab eingereichtes Beweismaterial fast nur vernichtet heraus und sorgte sich sehr um das Wohl der Verbrecher aus dem Amt. Der Amtsrichter macht mit. Erlebnisse aus Gerichtsverfahren, Psychiatrischer Folter an eigenem Leib und barbarische Machenschaften falscher Medizin werden offenbart. Kindersex in dunklen Kellern auf Bestellung und die Polizei schaut zu: OCF ist ein Begriff, den Sie sich merken sollten.

Diebe im Gesetz gibt es auch hier in Deutschland! Bei Dieben im Gesetz russisch: Vor v zakone handelt es sich um Mitglieder krimineller Organisationen, die seit Beginn des Dieser Ehrenkodex verpflichtet sie u. Streitschlichtung zwischen Mitgliedern der OCF 6.