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In [9] the Anna Kavan Society was founded in London with the aim of encouraging wider readership and increasing academic scholarship of Kavan's work.

The Unconventional Anna Kavan: The exhibition Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors at Freud Museum London, [11] traced key moments in the history of hysteria and counterpointed these with women's inventive art. The Anna Kavan Symposium brought together scholars and writers to historicize Kavan's work from the post-colonial aspects of Kavan's fiction and journalism to the interwar and World War II period , situate her within the literary and intellectual context of her times, and chart her legacy as a writer.

On Ice and protofeminism , L.

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Timmel Duchamp said "First published in , on the eve of the second wave of feminism, Ice has never been regarded as a significant work of proto-feminist literature, although scholars occasionally include it on lists of sf by women written before the major works of feminist sf burst onto the scene in the s. The novel's surrealist form demands a different sort of reading than that of science fiction driven by narrative causality, but the text's obsessive insistence on linking the global political violence of the Cold War with the threateningly lethal sexual objectification of Woman and depicting them as two poles of the same suicidal collective will to destroy life makes Ice an interesting feminist literary experiment.

Kavan's work is difficult to situate in fixed literary categories; the scope of her work shows her experimenting with realism , surrealism and absurdism. Her work often abandons linear plot and narrative structure and portrays nameless landscapes and nameless characters. Her disruptive narratives are close to the technique of stream of consciousness associated with modernist novelists.

Her best-known novel Ice has been described as slipstream , a non-realistic fiction that crosses conventional genre boundaries, where Borges ' Fictions , Calvino 's Invisible Cities or Ballard 's Crash are cited as 'canon of slipstream writing'. Kavan's writing of madness , asylum incarceration and opiate addiction offer a complex and thought-provoking perspective on early twentieth-century psychiatry and psychotherapy.

Anna Kavan

As well as being treated in private asylums and nursing homes, Kavan underwent a short analysis at the Tavistock Clinic , experienced Ludwig Binswanger's method of existential psychotherapy at the Bellevue Sanatorium, and had a close personal relationship with her longtime psychiatrist Karl Bluth. In her fiction and journalism Kavan promoted a radical politics of madness, giving voice to the disenfranchised and marginalized psychiatric patient and presaging the anti-psychiatry movement. In the exhibition Mad, Bad and Sad: Women and the Mind Doctors at the Freud Museum in London , her work was presented alongside other female explorers of the mind, among them: Both writers lived 'a life of self-invention, in which secrets, sexuality and deep questions of personal identity lurked constantly in the shadows'.

Thalia Zedek is an American singer and guitarist, active since the early s and member of several notable alternative rock groups, including Live Skull and Uzi. It was presented during Les Nuits de la Phaune , a live broadcast event initiated by the Marseille-based Radio Grenouille in In an installation named Anna, the Wales-based artist duo Heather and Ivan Morison investigate the construction of the self based on ambiguous narratives. They developed an allegorical piece of object theatre draws on the life and works of Kavan using performance and puppetry to connect the objects and play out "a brutal tale of love and loss set against the approaching threat of the ice".

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Letters from Kavan and papers relating to posthumous publication are included in the Rhys Davis Archive in the National Library of Wales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the British novelist. For the American actress, see Helen Atkinson-Wood. For the jazz musician, see Helen Jones Woods.

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When the police broke in the door, they found the gold invitation, so Owen was the first person they called. It mirrored her creative approach to first experience a relationship, emotion, or life situation then make a work of art that marked that experience. She considered these memorials a justification for having lived. Women and the Mind Doctors from to the Present, the exhibition highlights the experience of women and their relationship to those who confined, cared for and listened to them.

It also shows how women today conduct their own explorations of mind and imagination in challenging works of art. Retrieved Oct 15, Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

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She began her career writing under her married name Helen Ferguson, publishing six novels. It demands to be experienced. Slippery, bizarre, and meticulously written…. A gripping and uniquely strange work of science fiction.

The Girl in the Ice

One is Anna Kavan. It could be a leopard, that light, or it could be a spot of blood.

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It could be anything. But she hooks onto that and spirals out.

What a perfect book to read in preparation for the end of the world. Fiction Classics Literary Fiction Category: Fiction Classics Literary Fiction.