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The villagers and animals gathered around. How did the rock rise overnight? And more important - how to get the children down? Can you jump to the top?

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She jumped as high as she could but could only reach a small distance up the side of the rock. Surely you can climb to the top!

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But as strong as Grizzle Bear was, the rock was too wide for him to stretch his arms around it like a tree, and so he could not lift his weight up the sides. One animal after another tried. Mountain Lion went a long way off to get a good start, ran toward the rock with great leaps, sprang straight up - and fell and rolled over on his back. He had made a higher jump than any of them, but it was not nearly high enough. The villagers and animals looked around. Yet all the other villagers and animals were exhausted from trying and no one else had any new ideas, so finally the parents said, "Go ahead, Measuring Worm, give it a try.

With his nose in the air, Measuring Worm started up the side of the high rock, and before long had passed the point where Antelope had reached, and Bear, and Mountain Lion, and then only Eagle was left who could see where Measuring Worm was. He liked to make pictures. He could make all kinds: Lions and tigers, Chickens and cows, Trains and boats — And he took out his box of crayons And began to draw.

But the teacher said: It is not time to begin! And I will show you how.

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It was red, with a green stem. He could make all kinds of things with clay: Snakes and snowmen, Elephants and mice, Cars and trucks — And he began to pull and pinch His ball of clay. It didn't look very exciting. Then she slowly read the book to him. It didn't have many words and the teacher stopped to sound out the letters in the words.

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It wasn't a story like he had had before where he could imagine himself as a king or a big bad wolf. The little boy was disappointed. He missed the stories from his old classroom. He loved to write stories. He picked up a pencil and began to draw his story.

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The teacher gave out a sheet of paper with pictures on it. She told the children to look at the pictures and write the words to make the story. The little boy looked at the pictures.

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  • They showed a boy walking along the road to the shop to buy something. He didn't like this story. His mind was full of tales of pirates and treasure, but the teacher didn't ask him about his ideas. He sat there and looked at the pictures, but he didn't want to write the story. And pretty soon the little boy stopped telling his own stories and learnt to do what the teacher told him to do.