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Zombies allow characters, quite literally, to be eaten alive by their past or chased down by the inevitability of death.

What 'Fear The Walking Dead' Got Right — And What It Got Really, Really Wrong

The zombie episode is focused on the first days of the dead rising and our heroes stopping—often after causing—a zombie outbreak. And this episode is certainly full of chuckles, from Homer Dan Castellaneta killing zombie Flanders to zombies arguing about which grave belongs to who. The horror starts when Bart Nancy Cartwright picks a book in the occult section of the library to do a book report on.

In Cardiff, a dead woman breaks out of her coffin and strangles her grandson before catching a show. This episode is a zombie outbreak, a ghost story and an alien invasion all in one.


The production values are cheap and its story pace is slow, but that all adds to the Masterpiece Theater -meets-B-movie horror experience. The Legends land in the Civil War-era south amid a zombie outbreak, and everyone faces their worst fears. Jax Franz Drameh and Amaya Maisie Richardson-Sellers have to go undercover as slaves on a plantation to steal secrets for the Union army. They even burn down the plantation for good measure, in case anyone missed that zombies and slave owners deserve equal treatment.

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This one-episode departure into the zombie genre exemplifies the best of Misfits. This creates some problems. These two plots play off of each other incredibly well, balancing a gory zombie adventure full of demonic cats and undead cheerleaders with the quieter dread of a clearly dead relationship that came back wrong.

The 13 Best Zombie Episodes of Non-Zombie TV Shows

This episode also contains one of the best scenes in the series, in which, at the very last moment, a new probation worker walks in and is immediately bitten by a zombie. His ex, Cordelia Charisma Carpenter , helps by reminding Xander he is not at all cool.

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What ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Got Right — And What It Got Really, Really Wrong – TV Insider

The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Instead, Fear opted to tell, not show, how Madison managed to locate the people she loved.

The Walking Dead Pop-Up Book - Review and Close-up

Apparently, Madison somehow found Alicia and Nick, Nick went out and found Luciana, and Madison nursed Strand back to health in a cave. There are several logical inconsistencies with that explanation, but perhaps the biggest insult is that none of it was shown on-screen. Fans had clamored to see how everyone reunited after such a literally explosive finale, and instead, they were given a few sentences that did little to meet expectations or alleviate confusion.

His gunslinging abilities come in handy, and his genuine kindness and generosity make him a rarity in a world that turns good people selfish and cruel. It only took a few minutes in the opening episode of the season for fans to start falling in love with him, and his bottle episode really solidified that. As if he needed another trait to make him incredibly endearing, John is in love with a woman whose life he saved — and who eventually saved him in return.

He manages to find her again in the middle of the season, and if the final eight episodes feature a few more chapters of their love story, it might be worth tuning in to see it.

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In Season 4 he is suddenly afraid of the walkers, and dislikes leaving the baseball stadium. Alicia is also different than she was in seasons past. Her decision to keep Charlie, the girl who killed her brother, alive is probably the most glaring example. The Alicia of Season 3, who had to mercy kill dozens of people to survive, would not have allowed someone who shot Nick in cold blood remain at her side.